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Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

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Thread Contributor: RaaniRaani

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Age:2000 ish
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full name: Raani
nicknames/aliases/code name: Eshe, Rana, Hauhet, Goddess of Renewal, Goddess of Resurrection, Goddess of Razing, Goddess of Ruin. Noodle.
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: God.
gender: Female
age: Approximately 2000
date of birth: N/A
place of birth: Ask Adhira
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: OC
fandom universe: ^^
pronouns: She/Her/Snake
occupation: God
languages: Any/All
playby: Priyanka Chopra
height: 165 cm/ 5’5~
weight: 140 lbs of Muscle
hair color: Black/Brown
eye color: Black/Brown
distinguishing features: A calming aura that speaks of the realm of eternal slumber that awaits all mortals. Until the day she comes to awaken them. Or she’s a snake.
sexual orientation: Much like her father and brother- Raani holds no hang ups about sexual orientation.
family: A Mother, and a Brother, Bes. A Father who she does not know, save for her mother’s tales. Seth.
relationship status: Single
powers: On top of possessing the abilities that many gods do, Raani had some that are specific to her domain. Her first friend outside of her family told her that the four of them were the cycle of the day. Her mother was dawn, the birth of new life. Her brother, had the domain of the day, warming all under the light of his sun, and leading them through it. Her father was sunset, the closure on a life.

Raani was the night. The cooling down, the wiping clean of the slate, and the guardian of rest. She closed the circle of the four of them. She took the dead and cleared them away. Destroying souls if necessary, but otherwise giving them a long restful sleep as everything they once were washed away in the oceans of time- where she gave them new purpose. There was very little that her blessing gave. If you were alive, neither Raani nor you had much purpose for each other.
strengths: Unlike her brother, Raani has not contented herself with the status of child of a god. She has strength. Not necessarily at the level of her parents- but she is a god. Through and through.
weaknesses: Pride, for one thing. She is of course also affected by belief, though her belief is separated across so many realities that at this point it would be hard to take her out in one fell swoop.
equipment: A bracelet of snakeskin and jewels. (Her most distinguishing features in snake form, a line of jewelled scales along her belly.)

Raani was born to the goddess of motherhood as the second last of the children of Seth and Adhira. Adhira loved her children, truly, instinctively, and she raised them as well as you would expect from someone born to do the job. Raani- at the time ‘Eshe’- loved her brother. Loved her mother.

But she did not love her mother’s temples. Nor her mother’s teachings. Eshe may have been named for life- yet she was everything but. The touches of her mother and brother would ensure safe birth, healthy children-
The touch of Eshe brought those who never lived. Children who did not take breaths. Eshe learned not to reach for anyone when she was not within reach of her mother or her home. Those were strong enough to counteract the darkness that she carried within her. But she could never be the nurturer her mother hoped her to be. Eshe’s nature was far too in line with what her father was, the side of life that was characterized by it’s ending rather than it’s start.

Her mother was kind enough to not ask where Eshe went when she started her trips. To allow this bearer of ruin the chance to unleash her power in realms far away from those of her parents. She hummed for a brief moment before accepting the change of name, but almost all Gods went by many names, and it was not much longer than the span of a thought for Adhira to begin referring to her as Raani.

Raani didn’t need to tell her mother than she began to amass worship in other realms. Raani didn’t need to share that she was growing more powerful- though she doubted that it went beneath her mother’s notice. It certainly wasn’t missed by her brother, or by the other priests, that her control had grown. That her touch no longer brought stillborn, but rest. Putting children to sleep when their parents could no longer tolerate the exhaustion. Helping a pregnant woman take a break from the pain of labour when it dragged on.

Her free time made her more than someone who existed to take away. Though she still felt ill at ease in her mother’s temple. An oddness for a high priestess to know they were not supposed to be at the place of worship at all. She served her mistress in all things, as instructed, but she certainly preferred being amongst the snakes and the chaos. Even now, at the highest level of power she had ever reached- there were times when it was all too much.

Working in her father’s temple was easier. Her nature of completing the circle, she was well suited for work in the temple of death. But then the parts of her meant to move to bring about new life would long for her mother’s temple and the stress would eat away at her again, for different reasons.

Raani seeks solace from those strains with her brother. The two of them as different as sun and moon, and yet, nothing made her feel more at peace than to become a snake and wrap around the shoulders of her matching pair.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: N/A
knowledge level of multiverse: Full
fandom specific information: N/A
RP Sample
Raani is equal parts calm and anxious. She wants desperately to be loved by her father, and she also wants to be able to stand on equal footing with her parents. She has enough power now to conceal her nature, though she still offers a calming restful radiance. She is a balm to insomniacs. She does not share her parent’s obsession with song and dance.

She has a lot to offer, and it’s kind of all over the place- so she’s pretty open for plotting right now.

nicknames: Moon, Alex,
age: 23
pronouns: They/Them but notoriously bad for remembering that so she/her is also accepted.
timezone: EST
contact: Discord
triggers: Don’t think I have any, but ask if you’re worried. Better safe than sorry Wink
mature threading: Bring it. Or don’t if you aren’t interested.
other characters: I might actually not remember them all at all times. Whoops.
about: I’m the greatest weirdo you will ever meet.
2000~. Goddess. OC. Priyanka Chopra.
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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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