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Thread Contributor: NalaDefine 'Cursed' Tag Kaalth
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Nala had been working from the backroom for more time than she wanted to admit to. She was going running in her spare time, but nothing was a good replacement for the exercise of dancing. If she hadn't been blessed with flexibility from the trip to the magic shop, she imagined that she would be rapidly losing her skills from her time spent sat in a chair.

It felt more than a little annoying to put the effort into her appearance- and then not be able to show off in any way shape or form. It felt more than a little pointless- but she knew that she wouldn't be doing any front room work until she could keep from dropping every bottle she touched.

Or what felt like every bottle- though obviously there were ones that escaped her sphere of incapability. Even Kaalth was distracting her from the funk less and less. There was only so much that mind blowing sex could do- and the cuddling, sweetness, presents, food... Kaalth was an absolutely incredible guy, but she appreciated it less and less when she didn't feel worthy of any of it.

She half heartedly twisted her hair over her shoulder, sighing as she smelled the distinct lack of her own pheromone output. Her scent hadn't disappeared- but there was no reason to push it where it wasn't useful for more than seducing her almost always pre-seduced boyfriend.

She glared and tapped violently at her calculator.

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Kaalth had noticed Nala's depression, and knew that it stemmed from the way that for the past few months she'd been clumsy, and inclined to drop or spill everything she touched. He'd done everything he could to get her out of her funk, and nothing had worked, and she started to withdraw from him. Kaalth blamed himself for that, since he hadn't quite managed to hide the fact that he wasn't entirely upset that she wasn't working in the front anymore. He'd never liked the way that a lot of the guys who came into the Green Goddess talked about the women who worked there, and he knew that they didn't care about making sure that the women had a good time in bed, and Nala deserved better than that.

Nala didn't see it that way, of course, she wanted to be out there, doing her job, earning money and improving the Orion position in the Hub. So naturally she was hurt and upset that he wasn't doing what he should and supporting her. Trying to find a way to solve her problem. He'd been talking to people, and he had an idea, but he wasn't sure how she'd feel about it.

Hesitantly, and holding a glass of her favorite fruit juice, Kaalth knocked on the door.

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