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It was good that Asa possessed the ability to read minute expressions from others. Pythia had differences from her people, as would nearly any specimen of any species. For her, such small gestures had become rote, and most thought her expressionless entirely, or worse, emotionless.

A Tardis was a complicated thing. For most species, it was enough that it was a ship capable of traveling through space and time. Asa, however, seemed bent on learning as much as she could, and was not overlooking details. Good. My people have a gender at any given time, but that gender does not always stay the same. Our ships, she gestured to the Tardis at large around them, Are free to choose whichever gender they prefer. We would not force such a decision on them. That would hardly be kind. Earth had many odd habits, interesting, but odd. They enforced gender roles, and they dictated which gender a person or thing had to be.

The Tardis was a deeply intelligent thing. Not entirely living, not entirely mechanical, grown and carved but aware nonetheless. This Tardis loved her occupant, did indeed consider itself female, and while she shared her history, her travels with Pythia, she held back the overwhelming amount of sheer knowledge she possessed so not to overwhelm Asa, choosing instead to present what she felt was relevant for now a little at a time, a constant flow of information without the deluge it could be. It was still, however, quite a lot to take in and process.

She’s mostly telepathic, more than most of my people are. Imagine. Our ships having this more than we do. Most, but Pythia was connected to the vortex in a far more complex and complete way than the vast majority of her people.

When Asa offered her hand to shake, Pythia contemplated the gesture for only a moment before she accepted Asa’s hand. She did not shake it, she simply gripped it firmly with another tiny smile. Good. Pythia looked up at the column, would you like to take a ride? See the city from above, perhaps? It was a small offer considering what she could do, but this, it seemed, was only the first of many such trips.

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Asa grinned with a bit of a laugh, letting herself roll backwards until she was hanging upside down but looking Pythia in the eyes. "Humans are so absurd, aren't they?" She gestured with a hand, vaguely outlining shapes. "They have these weird expectations of what a person is supposed to wear- Did you know that they expect only men to wear pants and women to wear skirts? Using washrooms designed by humans is so very confusing." She flailed slightly, not really knowing how to explain how she felt the first time she had been redirected from a washroom because of her sexual characteristics.

The images were things that Asa would have to take a while to look at in detail later, after she had started sorting them in her mind. She'd likely meditate on the topic at length once she had finished amassing new information for the day. It did mean that at least for the moment, Asa was rather more in tune with the Tardis than she was with the occupant of the vehicle.

She patted the wall with a certain fondness that came from sharing minds with another- learning much about the structure of their intelligence. (It occurred to her with a bit of a laugh that she could perhaps have a child with a machine as well.)

"My people were influenced, 50,000 years ago, another species attempted to cultivate us into their perfect specimens. We are- in a way- their creations, and yet we are much more powerful in mass effect manipulation than they are. Our mapping of an individual with our minds is unbelievably more complex. They can be in tune with another without having them fully present, can detect traces of emotion- and yet my kind can read down to the dna of anyone living. We use it, incorporate the best of their traits into our own offspring, can share strategies or discoveries with only a momentary meld and then we all understand it at the same fundamental level." She rambled, still fascinated by the ship. Shaking her head to clear it, she smiled at Pythia. "So yes, I can imagine."

The final question- accompanied with a grip of the hand, if not a shake- was met with a brilliant smile. Not only was she rather content to be holding hands with a beautiful woman, even if that was a less than accurate statement, but this woman was willing to show her around and also take her for a flight! It was hardly Asa's first experience in travel through space, but this vehicle had no obvious means of propulsion- and yes, she was fascinated.

She blinked as she realized she had spaced for a second. "I would love that, if you both would be willing." Asa offered finally, loosing her grip on the other woman's hand, such that she could drop it if she desired.

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