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Bucky wasn't really cognizant of the world as he sprinted- his view had narrowed down to the portal in the distance, and his ears were working overtime to listen for any noise from his Princess. Her tiny gasps being the only thing that kept him going.

That was a lie. Bucky wouldn't be able to stop even if he knew her heart had stopped. He knew in an obscure piece of knowledge that resuscitation often broke the ribs of those it was given to- Bucky didn't think he'd be able to stop even if he shattered every bone in her body. She could hate him all she liked, just so long as she was there to do so.

If he thought he had the time, he would have stopped to wipe the tears from her eyes, to tell her that he'd never let her die. But hell, even though Bucky desperately wished he could tell her that, he was all too intimately acquainted with Death- and he didn't know that he'd be able to save her. Nothing terrified him more.

So instead he used the breath that those promises would have taken and ran faster than he would have thought possible. He wouldn't stop even if someone shot him next- all that mattered was the beautiful woman he held curled between his body and his shield because he couldn't let her be hurt again.

Bucky had gone through so much, but without his family, without Steve,
being without Shuri? He didn't know that any part of him would be left behind. And all of her work would be in vain. He'd willingly let himself be swallowed by the winter soldier- if it meant not having to feel that.

The whisper of his moniker would have collected all of his attention even if the situation hadn't been so dire. There was no denial in him about that- he was a tamed beast, and he was incapable of ignoring her calls. "Princ-" Bucky started, trying to tell her not to waste her breath. When she was having so much difficulty breathing- how could he be happy to hear her voice?

And yet in some absurd way he was. Because so many things could go wrong, and he didn't know if he'd ever be able to hear her beautiful speech again.

Had it been any other day, any other moment, Bucky would have been over the moon to feel her lips against his. He had dreamed of it for so long, had deemed it completely impossible, and the desire hadn't gone away. It was so much more than he could have pictured, he felt like he could breath freely for the time it took him to put the action into the timeline of events.

He tore away from her, unsurprised to find the edges of the portal hard to make out as he too began to cry. "No. Shuri. NO! You don't get to do that! You don't get to give me a farewell! Nothing is going to happen. I won't let it." His voice broke as he sobbed, all too aware of the possibility that she was beyond his words already. Still he continued to gasp out promises and demands that he knew neither of them had any control over. "You can't say goodbye!"

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The moment the two groups moved into sight, Okoye knew they were trouble in motion. Her spear, always held at the ready when she was out fulfilling her role as protector of the royal family was lifted higher, tracking the group in entirety, waiting, tense and waiting for…. Something. Anything.

And then it happened. The energy from the weapon streaked toward their group, leaving an afterimage on her eyes and Okoye was immediately moving, shooting the individual who had taken such a bad shot before she turned back and saw what had happened. She didn’t hesitate, she couldn’t, not now, not in a moment where a life hung in the balance. Okoye could see that was the case here. Had it been a Dora, had it been her king, she would have brought the victim to… The victim. But she couldn’t bring Shuri to treat herself. She glanced up to Bucky, “Go, take her to the palace! Get her to her lab and have them stabilize her!”

She didn’t look to see if Bucky complied; the Wolf would comply where it came to Shuri’s wellbeing, she knew. In that way, he was like another Dora, always ready to protect and help their princess. He would get her to the palace, to the technicians in Shuri’s lab, and they would stabilize her as best as they could. “Run, White Wolf!”

She flicked at her kimoyo beads, barely waiting for the image of her king to appear before she spoke. The smooth calm of her voice gave no indication of the thready strumming of her heart, her demeanor urgent but giving no indication of the panic that threatened to dark out her sight. “The princess has been shot. It was a stray shot from an altercation that had nothing to do with us, an accident. The White Wolf is bringing her to the palace.” Her facial expressions twitched into something just slightly less formal, “It is bad, my king. Is there anyone you wish for me to bring to help? Or I can seek out a healer or physician on my own and bring them to the palace.” Because while she had sent the Wolf to bring Shuri to her lab, Okoye was not sure how much the technicians there could do without the guidance of their princess...

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