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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Asanyahi T'EsriaDr. Asanyahi T'Esria
Mass Effect-Completed Trilogy (Original)

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Dr. Asanyahi T’Esria
full name: Doctor Asanyahi T’Esria
nicknames/aliases/code name: Asa, Yahi, Niya, Huntress,
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: Yes (in a fashion)
species: Asari
gender: ‘Female’. For ease of translation.
age: 307
date of birth: 01, 01, 1876 (Approximately. By human timelines.)
place of birth: Thessia
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Mass Effect
fandom universe: The end of of the trilogy.
pronouns: She/her. For ease of translation.
occupation: Doctor. Asari Commando/Huntress. Spectre. Explorer. Previously: Bounty Hunter. Trader. Smuggler. Exotic Dancer. Mercenary.
languages: Most known languages of her universe. More if she finds someone from a new species she wants to sleep with Wink
playby: Pre-rendered Avatar for lack of humans with tentacle heads.
height: 5’9
weight: 170 lbs of pure muscle.
hair color: N/A
eye color: Extremely pale yellow.
distinguishing features: Scales, Semi-Flexible Cartilaginous Scalp Crest. (Which does not- in fact- ‘flop around’)
sexual orientation: Pansexual.
family: 4 sist- actually. Better off leaving the dead in their graves. N/A
relationship status: Single.
powers: Biotics: better understood to humanity as ‘telekinesis’. A form of gravity manipulation that can display itself as the ability to generate balls of pure gravitational pull, the ability to charge forwards using her power to move at an otherwise impossible speed. To throw blasts. To lift objects and move them at will.
Mind Melding: While technically an act that is used in reproduction, and by extension something considering sexual in nature, it can be used for simple comfort, communication, and the sharing of in depth concepts, such as understanding of languages.
strengths: Dedication. A lifespan that allows her to learn many things. A passion for being at the top of her game.
weaknesses: Her mind is quite hard to change. She’s as mortal as anyone. She’s slow to act, always thinking of the long game. She’s very used to working alone, so to work with her can be a challenge. It’s not always easy for her to take people from shorter lived species as seriously as she should.
equipment: Black Widow Sniper Rifle. HMWA Master Assault Rifle. HMWP Master Pistol. HMWSG Master Shotgun. Asari Sword. HMBA Master Biotic Amp. HMOT Master Omni Tool. Heavy Spectre ‘Duelist’ Armor.
Born to two loving parents, Asa quickly developed the best of their traits. Her mother's intelligence and quick wit. And her father's use of headbutts for conversation. It was practically unheard of for a Krogan to be allowed to live on the Asari homeworld- But Asa’s mom was a respected doctor who was well on her way to becoming a matriarch. So exceptions were made so that Asa's father could live with them.

He didn’t mellow with age- but with five daughters- he was hard pressed not to. Especially when they were all close in age- and thus started all the same inappropriate behaviours at the same time. He couldn’t keep order in that kind of home. In fact- Asa was pretty confident that it was a good thing he had a backup heart when they sent him into cardiac arrest the first time. For a while it seemed any time one heart was destroyed- his daughters quickly destroyed the other one.

It never really entered any of their minds that it was even possible to kill their parents. Their mother had almost been a justicar at one point- their father had so many redundant systems that it seemed impossible that someone could shut them all off. But- that was what happened. The two of them were sent as diplomatic emissaries to the yahg- Where they were torn to shreds by the violent species. Not something that even a trained Krogan and an asari huntress could handle without their weapons- they had been left behind in the attempt to make a peaceful impression.

Asa was once close friends with a drell who explained to her that the body and soul could become disconnected- the soul ‘sleeping’ as the body did what it would. She didn’t take to this friends beliefs about their deities- but that one… That belief resonated with her. Because, yes. She was asleep- for many years after her parent’s death. She let her sisters float away from her. Watched as they started lives, and she threw her once deep seated need to learn to the wind. Took physical jobs. She didn’t care what she did- she just threw herself into it fist first. She was a spectre before she even really noticed what was happening.

But that suited her just fine. No rules- permission to do as she pleased- without having to stick to the Justicar’s ridged systems and honour. Goddess- when she accidentally discovered a hole in reality by nailing a slippery asshole with a singularity on Illium- being an Asari spectre meant she was the first through. To find out what other pleasures other realities had to offer her. To find more challenging opponents that were worth her power. To maybe possibly find a place other than the den of iniquity that was Illium where she could find herself at peace.

She was lucky that she woke up when she did- because it meant that as her sisters and their young daughters were killed one by one- she had memories of them. Even if the last image she had of Kaiyha was impaled on a geth spike- at least Asa had had a chance to know her daughter, know that her sister told the child all about her aunt the spectre.

When Valanya died protecting the human colony she had moved to- it meant Asa was able to defend her sister in law and their daughter. When Trire’s home on the citadel fell down on her- it meant that Asa could remember what she looked like before the building crushed.

When Minavi- Asa’s twin sister- made the decision to drop a building on herself rather than allow the reapers and their forces unrestricted access to the worlds beyond the portal. It meant that Asa had more than images of the woman as a child- and her own reflection- to keep in her heart.

In a way, Asa figured it was a sad kind of justice for those who had died defending the entrance to this other reality. Those who lived on a planet that was equal parts sophisticated and dirty- but had refused to allow these killers to have more than their lives. Who had died rather than even tell the attackers that there was more to take. It was the bravest thing Asa knew most of them to have ever done- and they had managed to protect their species.

After all, while she was in no hurry to settle down, Asa belonged to the only species in citadel space who could resurrect with only one living member.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Illium- A trading area, that flows into offices for information brokers, and a bar. (If you care for more details, it’s the area that is accessible on Illium in Mass Effect 2)
knowledge level of multiverse: Full knowledge.
fandom specific information: Mass effect fields- using element zero, both electronics and some living beings can use it to create gravitational fields. There are a number of different species.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Mass Effect.
which universe: The Milky way Original Mass Effect Trilogy.
timeline: The war against the reapers recently ended. Not that Asa knows that.
where is the Hub portal located: Below the area that is ‘level’ with the rest of the hub, in a much lower area, known by the rather un classy title ‘Azure’... or at least it was, but as the reaper war became something that they may lose… a decision was made by the few who were in the know to collapse the building on top of it. Leaving it completely inaccessible for both sides.
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: No.
aliens: Absolutely. Humans everywhere- they’re like a disease Wink
advanced technology: Of course.
mythical creatures: No, of course not.
other: It is possible that there could be a second portal elsewhere in this reality. If unlikely.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Illium- A trading area, that flows into offices for information brokers, and a bar. (If you care for more details, it’s the area that is accessible on Illium in Mass Effect 2).
RP Sample
Asa is 307 years old. She’s been there- done that- and knows better than most that everything is temporary. She had 700 years more to live, and she will lose countless others before that happens. It’s just the way her world will work. She does love to learn, though the years she’s spent asleep also mean she’s gained a serious appreciation for letting loose with physical activities. When you have so many years to give- there is never a waste of time for them. The only waste is letting that stop you from acting.
Asa is competitive as hell- she’s a bit of a brute. Despite this, she’s also understanding of most people, professions, life choices. While she possesses a medical doctorate as well, her (well. One of her) phd (s) was on ‘Alien Sociology and it’s effects on a populous’. (Admittedly not the most creative thesis- but it was one of the first ones written which included humanity so it was groundbreaking despite that.)

So perhaps it goes without saying- she loves learning about people. New species, rules, technology, magic, any abnormality, fascinates her. And… she’s happy to investigate ‘closer.’

She is however still an acting council spectre- and not about to step back from challenging those engaging in harmful behaviour.

nicknames: Moon. Moonbeam. Alex.
age: 23
pronouns: They/Them
timezone: EST
contact: Discord is best. Ask for others if that doesn’t work for you.
triggers: Er. Can’t think of anything. Ask if uncertain.
mature threading: Ask but hell yeah.
other characters: Er ah- A lot. Castiel. Bucky Barnes. Captain Bucky Barnes. Nala. Sune. Quethadia Nyx. Kailani Mahelona.
about: Idek man. I have so much energy and muse sometimes and then other times I just want to sleeeppppppp.
307. Spectre. Mass Effect. Rendered Avatar.
thanks♥︎ @kel @eve (ps an admin tag might be good sorry for tagging this to your personal channels)

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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