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Tony let Safi push him down. Let him run his lips gently down his jaw and ease him out of his shirt. All the while telling him how great he was. Kind. Strong. Caring. Worthy. Brave. None of it true. (They were the kind of things Steve had used to say to him once. If he closed his eyes, it was Steve's voice. The accent didn't matter. Not really.)

He wanted to cry. He wanted Safi to fuck him until he couldn't feel anything else anymore. He wanted to stay drunk forever.

And then Safi told him he'd compromised him and he couldn't take it anymore.

The thing was, he believed Safi. Believed that Safi felt real affection for him, that he wasn't just a good hearted person who was kind in the face of Tony's problems because Tony was a good enough lay. And with that he realized the worst thing.

He had feelings for Safi. Real feelings, separate from how much he'd wanted Steve. Separate even from the heady sense of infatuation that had come from realizing that being around Safi cut through the numb misery he'd been mired in. No, this was something else entirely.

Lying on his back on the asphalt, he kissed Safi back with everything he had and pulled at Safi's shirt and jeans desperately, clumsy from the alcohol.

It was fucked up and Safi already had Chris and he'd never breathe a word of it.


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