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Virgil seemed to consider Steve's question. "Well, sai, he was once very close to winning. There was a rather precarious time when it looked like he was set to topple the lynchpins of existence and end everything. It came down to the wire, but he failed, and his plan, which had been causing the the bonds holding everything together to weaken gradually, was ended completely. Since then, creation is on the comeback, and it's fought back more fiercely than you can imagine. Or... well, I suppose maybe you can, you are one of the things it's fighting with. I've made a careful study... on world after world, when it needs to survive, the worlds are starting to produce... wonders. Heroes. Magic. Super heroes, if you prefer that term, I suppose, many do. The way it fights might not be different on different worlds, but like I said... things echo. Right now... Right now, I believe he's between plans. He was thwarted, and the plan he had isn't going to be viable again, so what I think he's doing is making a study of the new people that the worlds are producing. We saw that on that dark world that I'm sure Belle was telling you about. He went through and, one by one, made sure that the heroes that would protect that world never came to be. I'm unfortunately sure that he probably learned quite a lot from that world. As for how many worlds he's destroyed..." The gunslinger made a little twirling gesture with his hand. "Delah. Many, there's no way to count. Worlds end every day, most of them not even suspected by the people here on the Hub. There's usually nothing more sinister about it than the cells in your body dying and being replaced: Sometimes, a world just naturally comes to an end. Did he poke around some of those worlds as they were ending? Well, sometimes, I'm rather sure he did. Watching how a world ended itself is probably useful for his ends. But how many did he directly bring about? Only he knows that, and he won't tell us. I'm rather sure he'll claim that they all destroyed themselves, like he did with the world we saw."

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@mike @kel

Steve digests that new information. Superheroes, a product if a madman's attempt to control the multiverse. If things had gone differently a hundreds of universes away would he had become Captain America? Would he even had been born? He shakes his head. That line of thought is unhelpful.

"So he's between plans. That's the perfect time for us to strike. The longer we wait the more time he has to learn about superheroes and the other anomalies popping up." Steve says, "we can't let him get the chance to try again with any new tricks he's learned"

The question remained though, how would they find him?

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