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07.11.15 - Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of the plane.

I'm Gotham's reckoning. It'll end the ball of damns you've all been living on. A necessary evil.

05.11.15 - You fight like a younger man, there's nothing held back. It's admirable, but mistaken. I am the League of Shadows.

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[April Fools] The Calvary's Here

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“Ooh, Ooh, evacuate the dance floor, I’m infected by the sound…” Lori danced across the room, head tossing back and forth as she moved and sang along with the music, a grin on her face as she cleaned her apartment. There was nothing like good music with a fast beat to clean to; it kept the tasks from becoming too mundane, too boring. It let her mind keep going, focusing on something other than the boring job of cleaning. So the dustrag flew over the television, which was off, and then suddenly drifted to the ground as its owner was whisked away to another world, though that didn’t stop Lori from singing a few extra bars of Evacuate the Dance Floor…

Realizing she wasn’t at home in her apartment anymore, Lori stopped singing and started to look around. Well, at least she hadn’t been sitting in the lab with her leg off. That would have sucked. In her hand, in place of the cloth, was a piece of paper, reading it, a look of confusion crossed her face, “A death mask? Huh?” How was she supposed to get one of those? And for what purpose? What was she supposed to do with a death mask once she had one??

Looking around, she found herself in a small room with open windows and doors. Outside, there were people milling around, and she cautiously crept out, looking at them. At least one or two of them looked like they, too, were from Hub, and suddenly finding themselves… Not in Hub. Yeesh. “Hi? So… Do we all have pieces of paper with stuff written on it?”
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Skinner had started to feel itchy, like it was time to get a new job, spend some time in a new universe, and he'd been headed over to see if the Thieve's Guild had any placements open for him when, with a sudden swirl of disorientation he found himself, well, in a new universe.

He looked around, trying to get his bearings, and figure out where he was, when one of the people with him, a cute red head who would have been just his type thirty years ago, asked about people having pieces of paper- he looked down at his hand, realizing that he'd been clutching something "Yeah, I've got one too" Skinner replied "It says that I need to find a caduceus staff. Which I think is the thing that doctors use on logos, so don't ask me where the hell I'm supposed to find a real one."

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What the bloody hell was going on? Oryn was a businessman. While most of the people in the Hub would go gallivanting off to other worlds at a moment's notice, he preferred to let most of the initial exploring be done by those people, with him buying up their findings and going to collect things they'd missed once he had a decent report on what was there. He was not one for rushing in blind! Yet here he was, on a day when he had wanted nothing other than to tend to his potions and other projects, dropped into some strange world. Thankfully, he had been holding his wand when he'd vanished...

He took stock of himself, making sure that the wand hadn't broken (that would be disastrous), that he still had that mandrake leaf in his mouth (that would just piss him off if he had to start over after three weeks), and that there was no one present that wanted to do him harm (that would have just been awkward). Finding that all of those situations had satisfactory answers, he examined the piece of parchment he had, prompted by the others who were doing the same. "Well, now. I just need to find a bag of crisps. That's... fairly underwhelming," he mused.
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It was not entirely unprecedented for her to be pulled across realities, sufficiently powerful followers could summon or at least partition her presence. And during the wars His followers had pulled her physical body to bind it. There was normally a hint of warning.

In this case the only warning she had was the sense of something vaguely familiar entering the pocket dimension before she was forcibly flung into a new universe.

The two and half foot thick, 80 foot fanged boa dropped into the middle of the party.

And she was not happy.

Rearing up the curved fangs were very visible, especially as they seemed to be about the size of a mans forearm. She was in no mood to be captured, and while her godly aspect was connecting with this worlds spiritual realm her current physical form had NO issues dealing with the unpowered humans before her.

Hummm unpowered. So they had not brought her here…

Adhira would stand down if they did not attack, if they did...well she would have a full belly to explore this world.

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Two men appeared near her, right there, within eyesight. Hell, within earshot, which was a hell of a lot closer than how far Lori could see. Both the men had the look of people who weren’t sure where they were, looking around, trying to figure out where they were, just like her. It was better than being alone. Immediately, Lorelei’s training as both an Avenger as well as the daughter of her two fathers kicked in, and she straightened, pocketing the dustrag and wishing she had her bow on her. Why couldn’t this sort of crap happen while she was at the range or something?? But no, she had been cleaning her apartment.

“A caduceus staff… With the two snakes.” Lori loved trivia, and she knew the difference between a staff with one snake and a staff with two. Maybe the odd accumulation of trivia knowledge would come in useful here.

The other man was familiar; Lori recognized him as the shop owner of the place that had the magical deck of cards. She’d done pretty well for herself with that deal, and so she offered him a smile, “Hi.” A bag of crisps? Lori smirked, “Hey, at least yours could be useful if you get hungry… I have no idea what use a death mask would be. Or where or how to get one.”

Her fingers itched for her bow, for her arrows. “So, either of you recognize the world?” And it was right then that a giant snake popped into existence amongst them. Can you say ‘oh damn!’? Lori nearly did, but instead, she simply slipped a knife from its hidden sheathe in her sleeve and fell into a ready stance, watching the snake with clear eyes, waiting for it to either attack or prove to be intelligent. When it didn’t attack, Lori relaxed a smidge, “So, two guys, me, and a giant boa in an amusement park. Fun times.”

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