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Rating: 3-3-3

Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: NyteIt's April, Fools!

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Things in Hub had been quiet. For too long, the boroughs had run along in peace, the city friendly, welcoming, bustling. The inhabitants would tell you it was time, they were happy, people were relaxed, and things were going well for a change.

Not everyone would agree with that assessment.

Hub, said one perhaps-denizen, had gotten boring.

Mister Mxyzptlk hovered over the city, looking down at its towering skyscrapers and squat, sprawling bazaar and shook his head, magic glowing in his hands. When he spoke, his voice rang out to reach the ears of each and every resident, “Tick tock goes the clock and Loki’s Day is here, the jay sings and the bell rings and suddenly you’re there!”

It was the strike of noon, not midnight like you might expect, when the trickster used his magic to wink out every single portal within Hub, both those that had ‘naturally’ occurred as well as any which had been created by those there. All portals simply ceased to function, and suddenly, the city was so much quieter as a good portion of its residents suddenly vanished.

Sometimes magic really sucked.


Happy Fool’s Day, everyone! For this plot, we’ve broken the characters up into randomized groups. Each group finds themselves in an unfamiliar (perhaps) world, be they together or separate is up to you - not everyone has to start with the others. It’s possible they show up in smaller groups, individuals, pairs, however you guys decide is fine. Each character will have an item in parenthesis next to their name, that item is written on a small piece of parchment in flowing text, with the explanation that they need to find this item.

Enjoy the journey!

Special Little Snowflakes:
Universe: Harry Potter

Wanda Maximoff (Lucky Rabbit’s Foot)
Robert Safi Wasem (A Rememberall)
Zenyatta (Tire Iron from a Ford Fiesta)
Natalia Romanova (A Yellow Rose)
Anthony Crowley (A Purple Umbrella)
Gwin (A Golden Snitch)
Sune (A Chocolate Frog)

Icy Dead People
Universe: Toril

Mercy LeBeau (A Thunderstone)
Kim Woo Bin (A Dragon’s Scale)
Leonard McCoy (A Genuine Smile)
Virgil Barnett (Road Rations)
Dean Winchester (A Candle)
T’Challa (A Tanglefoot Bag)
Matthew Malloy (A Gold Coin)

Wing Dings
Universe: Overwatch

James Barnes (MCU-1) (Ganymede)
Arjay Lo’Ran (A Six-Shooter)
Kaalth (A Belt Buckle)
Gabriel (A Katana)
Lukk (A Round Rock)
Aziraphale (A Repair Kit)
Walter Skinner (Caduceus Staff)
Henri LeBeau (Rollerblades)
Pete Wisdom (A Pair of Glasses)
Okoye (Spray Paint)
Belle Street (A Gas Mask)
Fizzle Bizzlebop (A Crowbar)
Lorelei Coulson Barton (A Death Mask)
Adhira (Goggles)
616 Steve Rogers (A Keyboard)
Oryn Vance (A Bag of Chips)

Green is Good
Universe: Shadowrun

Groot (RFID Tag)
Nala (Monosword)
Jacob Alexander (Credstick)
Jaya (Stun Baton)
Shuri (Lockpick Set)

So Done With This Shit
Universe: Darkwing Duck (Saint Canard)

Christian Verglas (A Brown Feather)
Jackson “Jax” Teller (A Picture)
Quethadia Nyx (A Hubcap from a Pickup Truck)
Kailani Mahelona (A Postcard)
Taarus (A Can of Cherry Soda)
Seth (A Piece of Birch Bark)
Tony Stark (616) (A Stuffed Dog)
Steve Rogers (A Blue Purse)
Clint Barton (A Clown)
Castiel (A Board Game)
Phillip J Coulson (A Pepper Mill)
Remy LeBeau (War and Peace)
Malcolm Reynolds (A Yellow Polka Dot Bikini)
Friday (Scrooge McDuck’s Wifi Password)

I’ve Been Dead, People!
Universe: Supernatural

Torynn Nightstar (A Vampire’s Tooth)
Death (A Blooming Carnation)
James Buchanan Barnes (Hellhound Blood)
Madara (A Piece of Cherry Pie)
Justin Halloway (The Spear of Destiny)

67 Posts
9 Threads
Job: Admin
Ship Status:
Sexual Orientation: Undisclosed

All Accounts Posts: 1,561
Points: -303.28€
Hey everyone!

Just a quick update here - we have some amazing threads started for our intrepid teams as they try to find their way back home! If you haven't already posted, here's a quick reference for threads available. More threads are yet to come, and I'll try to update when I can! Enjoy!!!

For those of you parked in the Harry Potterverse:

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology…

For anyone trapped in Toril:

I Suppose We’re Roughing It

For people stuck in Shadowrun:

No - Green is decidedly not good.

For adventurers stranded in Supernatural:

Angels, Demons, & Teleportation, Oh My…

For characters dumped with Steve in Darkwing Duck:

Where There’s Trouble…

For they who are snared with Clint in Saint Canard (Darkwing Duck):

Let’s Get Dangerous

For you who were ousted to Overwatch with Arjay:
The World Could Always Use More Heroes

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