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Justin had planned for a lot of things, but Friday just ripping the reactor out wasn't one of them. His ideal situation was to get an unconscious Tony to an operating room where he could set up the automated systems to get things going and do all the procedures he'd planned out. Right here? There wasn't a goddamned thing he could do. Tony needed to be put on a heart bypass, he needed to have the special metal-destablizers he'd adapted to get the shrapnel out, he needed the regeneration gear that he had gotten ready...

All right, so he had to buy time. Fine. Real-Tony was clearing the way, probably half-killing himself doing it. Better-Tony was in a bad way, with the power out of the magnet that was keeping the shrapnel from shredding his chest. However... that arc reactor could do that AND power a fucking tank that he wore around him. It was overkill for the job. Swearing, Justin flew across the room as he opened his medical scanner's maintenance panels, hovering in front of Steve as he ran, then twisting the wires for the magnet into the power of the scanner. Reactivating it, he grabbed onto Tony, since he could hardly get away from him and let the wires get pulled out and that countdown to start again, could he?

"Straight up, Cap," Justin said. "I'll get him out, then I'll get back in here for you."
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