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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: OkoyeOkoye

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Job: Leader of the Dora Milaje
Ship Status: We'll See
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Points: 128.05€
full name: Okoye
nicknames/aliases/code name: n/a
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: no
species: Human
gender: Female
age: 34
date of birth: 2/14/1982
place of birth: Wakanda
starting location: Wakanda
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: she/her
occupation: General Leader of the Dora Milaje
languages: Xhosa, English, Korean
playby: Danai Gurira
height: 5’7
weight: 119 lbs
hair color: black
eye color: brown
distinguishing features: hair is partially shaved with patterns
sexual orientation: Straight
family: None
relationship status: Single (sort of? It's really complicated. The rhino definitely loves me.)
powers: N/A
strengths: Master Martial Artist: Okoye is the General of the Dora Milaje thus, is extensively trained in various forms of combat but most noticeably her spear with which she is able to almost effortlessly incapacitate multiple foes at once during the casino fight. She is also an expert marksman, able to throw her spear through the car of one of Klaue's goons. It is suggested throughout the Black Panther movie that she is the greatest martial artist in Wakanda.
weaknesses: Okoye is only human without any gifts, be they god given or otherwise. She has worked hard and earned her knowledge and physical traits. She is bound by her code of honor, to the point where she will go against what she wants and even what she feels is best for her (or even her people) in order to uphold her duties and abide by tradition.
  • Spear: Okoye's spear has been used to electrocute an enemy during the casino fight. In the same fight the spear was seen being extended from a handle for concealment. The spear is strong enough to pierce a Vibranium car during the car chase and was able to stop a car after Okoye through it through one of Klaue's goons' cars. Her spear along with others have been shown to be able to interact with technology by striking the ground with the blunt end. The Dora Milaje used this to shut down power inside N'jobu's apartment and to activate the drainage system for warrior falls.
  • Dora Milaje Armor: Standard-issue uniform of the Dora Milaje. While it is unknown if the suit of armor sports protection and durability to the level of the Panther Habit, it is strongly suggested that the armor is nonetheless made of Vibranium-weave due to being a Wakandan product, and is still better than most armor the world has to offer at large.
  • Kimoyo Beads: Okoye uses these to project images to the leaders of Wakanda and to control the Talon fighter . She also video calls T'challa and her most likely ex-lover W'kabi using these.

On orders of King T'Chaka, Okoye was sent with T'Challa when he went to save Wakandan hostages from Zanda and Douglas Scott, to report back to the King on T'Challa's progress as the "Black Panther"

Saving the hostages while Black Panther distracted the mercenaries, Okoye ended up confronted by Douglas Scott. After the hostages escaped, and the police stormed the building, the mercenaries fled, and Black Panther made Okoye return to their aircraft to follow them

Following them to a yacht, Black Panther and Okoye took out the mercenaries and then confronted Zanda and Scott. Okoye fought Scott again, but was almost killed by a surprise attack, spared only when Black Panther dropped a metal bar on Scott's hands.

Upon returning to Wakanda, Okoye told T'Chaka how T'Challa proved himself in the field, though left out how she assisted him in her report, despite T'Chaka deducing her part in the rescue mission.

One week after the death of T'Chaka, Okoye and T'Challa flew a Royal Talon Flyer to Nigeria to rescue Nakiafrom her undercover assignment with a group of terrorists. T'Challa told Okoye that she did not need her help but when a gunman held a woman hostage, Okoye stabbed the man from behind, saving T'Challa from a tough situation and ending the battle.

Okoye flew the Royal Talon Flyer back to Wakanda and were greeted by Queen Ramonda and Shuri, T'Challa's sister.
* Above information taken directly from MCU Wiki

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Palatial Grounds of Wakanda, surrounding Wakanda countryside and landscape
knowledge level of multiverse: Some theoretical knowledge (“There is a multiverse. Okay.”) gleaned from listening to Shuri carry on. And apparently they are going into this multiverse to save the idiot white boys. Or rather, Shuri and her brother are going to save the colonizers, and Okoye is going to look after the idiot royals.
fandom specific information: Vibranium EVERYTHING.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first baby here.
Okoye is a traditionalist, a protector of the royal family, and one badass woman. Strong doesn’t even begin to cover it, seriously. As the leader of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is willing to tease and even question T’Challa, but the throne has her undying loyalty, and he has her friendship.

Viewing the royal family as both her responsibility and her friends, Okoye enjoys her servitude to them, believing them to be the best for Wakanda on the whole, even when she personally disagrees or dislikes the decisions they are making, or have made. Fierce, loyal, with an underlying kindness and humor would be an apt description of Okoye.

In some ways, Okoye is too dutiful for her own good. She is loyal, but her first and foremost loyalty is to her country, its throne, and their traditions. This loyalty comes at the expense of everything and anything else.

Past her duties and loyalty to Wakanda and the throne, Okoye is extremely loyal to her friends, family, and lovers. Once she has placed her trust and devotion in you, it’s yours, and it’s very difficult to lose it. Still, no matter how much she cares about you, how much she hates it, if it comes down to you or Wakanda, Wakanda will always win, hands down.

Also, she has questionable taste in men.

nicknames: Nyte
age: Not too old to love my people.
pronouns: Hey you
timezone: CST
contact: Discord
triggers: Meh.
mature threading: I don’t write smut, but I’ll read the hell out of it.
other characters: Too many. I’m insane with all the voices in my head.
about: Puppies! Seals! UNICORNS!
34. General. Dora Milaje. Danai Gurira.

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Sexual Orientation: ;)

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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