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Thread Contributor: PythiaPythia
Doctor who-DWU

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Pythia (the Oracle)
full name: Pythia
nicknames/aliases/code name: Oracle, the Oracle of Delphi
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: yes
species: Gallifreyan
gender: Female (for now)
age: Unknown??
date of birth: ??????
place of birth: Kasterboros, Gallifrey, Arcadia
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Doctor Who
fandom universe: DWU-1
pronouns: she/her/they (past tense could be him/his)
occupation: Time Lord
languages: All, thank you to her TARDIS
playby: Emily Bett Rickards
height: 5’5
weight: 121 lbs.
hair color: White
eye color: Iridescent Silvery
distinguishing features: Her eyes
sexual orientation: Pan
family: Left on Gallifrey
relationship status: Sad and Complicated
powers: Gallifreyan Physiology:

  • Body Temperature: Timelords are able to control the temperature of their body, but they tend to naturally run cooler than a human would. On cold nights, it’s possible that a Timelord’s breath would not be visible.
  • The Brain: The Time Lord brain was much larger and more complex than the human brain. The size differences effectively ruled out brain transplants from a Gallifreyan to a human. Time Lords had a form of eidetic short-term memory, able to recall every insignificant detail of even the most minor moments in time. Time Lords could also separate the hemispheres of their brain, allowing them to multitask easily. Time Lords had an additional brain lobe dedicated to mechanical and other bodily functions, freeing the other lobes for intellectual endeavours. A Timelord was able to view time as a non-linear structure, viewing past, present, and possible futures laid out in front of them as though reading or viewing a map.
  • Skeletal Structure: Gallifreyan skeletal structure was reported to have been identical to human skeletal structure, with one exception. Tthe Gallifreyan rib cage has 26 ribs, two more than humans.
  • Circulatory System: Gallifreyan blood was different from human blood, the differences were readily apparent under a microscope. It was highly adaptive, with regenerative properties. Gallifreyan blood had temporal platelets, allowing for a more "ad-hoc" recovery from injury not serious enough to require regeneration. Gallifreyans normally had two hearts even in their first body. A Gallifreyan could survive with only one heart, should the other be punctured, destroyed or otherwise stopped, though he or she would be weakened greatly. A Gallifreyan in total cardiac arrest would need CPR on both hearts. Regeneration would become impossible if both hearts were burnt out simultaneously. Gallifreyans could, with training, gain conscious control over their hearts, enabling them to stop their hearts and feign death, and could slow them down significantly. The two heartbeats could be mistaken by human cardiologists such as Dr Grace Holloway as "fibrillating badly". Two pulses could be detected in the wrist.
  • Respiratory System: In order to use their two hearts, Gallifreyans had an advanced respiratory system. Instead of large lungs, they had a series of pulmonary tubes parallel to the lymphatic system. This made them positively buoyant, allowing them to swim with ease. Like most aspects of Gallifreyan physiology, the respiratory system was largely under conscious control. Gallifreyans could, at will, enter a trance state which reduced the need for oxygen. Gallifreyans also had a respiratory bypass system, which allowed them to survive strangulation, avoid breathing poison gas, and stave off drowning. Gallifreyans were immune to the effect of helium gas, which could make human voices sound high-pitched and squeaky.
  • Other: Timelords had thicker skin, which gave them increased durability and damage resistance, often Gallifreyan physiology was described by a human medic as having “four of everything he should have and two of everything else.” Two livers, and several extraneous organs. Gallifreyan DNA is in a triple-helix formation.Gallifreyan biochemistry, like many other aspects of Gallifreyan physiology, was subject to the conscious control of the individual. For example, a Gallifreyan was able to counteract the negative properties of psilocybin by modifying the chemicals into something harmless, though the techniques were not foolproof and drug overdoses were still possible. Gallifreyans were susceptible to the intoxicating effects of alcohol, they could easily shrug off the effects when they needed to.

  • Technopathy/Telepathy:

    Time Lords can communicate by telepathy, and can link their minds to share information and enhance their powers. In addition to this, Phythia has the ability to do much the same with technology, controlling even human tech as well as the innately telepathic Gallifreyan technologies. Time Lords displayed the ability of touch-enabled mental manipulation; this manifested itself in a number of different ways, including hypnosis, mind-reading, thought sharing, the ability to relieve dementia, putting others to sleep, mentally influencing the dreams of others, and memory erasure. They could also transfer knowledge quickly to another person by headbutting them. Time Lords were telepathically linked to one another and could join the entire Time Lord intelligence as one. They could hold telepathic conversations over distances, but this was more difficult. They could converse with each over the astral plane, although this ability required intense concentration, and an interruption might have fatal consequences for the Time Lord. Their telepathy extended to less intelligent animals.


    Time Lords also have the ability to regenerate their bodies when their current body is mortally wounded. This process results in their body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form and a new personality; a Time Lord who was pleasant and polite in his previous regeneration might express surprise when his new form turns out to be prone to saying rude things.

    Time Vortex:

    Pythia has looked into the untempered schism, and it changed her. She looked, and she saw, not just what was and what had been, not just a possible future, but all possible futures. And sometimes even now, when she looks hard enough, she can still see them flowing around her, through the universe, toward the end of everything.

    She did not run. She hasn’t hidden. She is ever striding forward in time, looking back, sometimes looping around to set things right or take a closer look at something, but the future is her constant companion. Her future, and everyone’s. Such is the burden of being the Oracle.

    strengths: Pythia is intelligent, crafty, and willful. She realizes that she has weaknesses, but refuses to allow them to slow her down.

    While Pythia is now more empathetic to the nature of humanity, having spent time as one of them, she is able to remain more objective than most humans are capable of being, thus able to make difficult decisions that would be otherwise made on emotional grounds. It helps that she can see into the timestream at times, too.


    • Mortal: Pythia, and all Timelords, are mortal in the sense that they can indeed be killed. It isn’t an easy feat, but it can be done.
    • Principles: Pythia is a principled being, and will follow her principles even unto death, if need be. She will not fly in the face of her principles.
    • Asprin Allergy: Timelords are allergic to aspirin, but can expel the chemical if need be.
    • Regeneration: Timelords regenerate to recover from major illness or fatal injury. They can put this off in some cases, and it can be circumvented in the event of both hearts being stopped simultaneously, or if the Timelord is fatally wounded during the regeneration process. There are 12 complete regenerations that every Timelord can undergo, but more can be ‘given’ to them by the council if it is deemed worthy or necessary.

    equipment: Pythia has her Tardis, her chameleon arch, a sonic inkpen, and various other items she has accumulated in her travels, kept in her Tardis. She keeps a small device on her that allows her to project her thoughts in text into the air around her should she wish to.
    Pythia was born in the Kastorboros constellation, on the planet Gallifrey, in the city of Arcadia. She grew and went to the Prydonian Academy, and was of the Prydonian chapter, along with many other notable Timelords. She excelled at the Academy, naturally, and graduated with honors, praised for her academic mind. Of course, where she made many friends and allies, she also made plenty of enemies and nemeses. It was when she gazed into the Untempered Schism that she lost her ability to speak.

    After leaving the Academy, she stayed on Gallifrey, working in the Bureau of Ancient Records for a time and learning all that she could about her homeworld, time, and pretty much everything she could learn anything about. She studied in the Endless Library as well when she could. Eventually, she was able to earn herself access to a Tardis, and once she had her hands on one of those, well, who could blame her for leaving home cheerfully, to learn all that the universe had to offer? No one, that’s who!

    Due to her ability to view the timestream, she went to Delphi and spent years and years bathing in the waters there, speaking to those who came looking for guidance and doing what she could to set them on the right path. She wrote texts trying to help humanity find its potential. She knew when to return to Gallifrey to help her own people, and she knew when the Last Great Time War was coming. She did what she could. She saw when The Moment would come, and knew that it was the Doctor who would hold the fate of both the Timelords and the spawn of Davros in his hands. Those two races, and so many others… She knew, and she did what she could, and in the end, it had to be enough.

    Her habit of always showing up whenever her people needed her kept her in good standing with them. She had free rein to go where she wanted, when she wanted, so long as she kept returning when she was needed.

    She crossed universes and went to an Earth that was, for the most part, unknown to the Timelords. One of her many enemies followed her, and managed to force the use of a chameleon arch on her, removing her memories of her past and instead causing her to think that she was a human mutant, gifted, but crippled, and still mute. She lived out a difficult but rewarding life there for many years, joining a cause for mutants and using her technopathy to help her friends and organization. She even fell in love.

    And then she had the most horrific dream. A universe all but burning as two powerful alien races battled in the night skies over more planets than any human would have thought possible. A cry from some distant place, some distant people, called to her, and finally a man came to show her… A fob watch?

    Looking into the watch, the chameleon arch that held her true self, Lila Thatcher once again became Pythia, and she left to help her people fight in the Last Great Time War. She didn’t want to leave those humans behind who had cared for her, whom she had cared for and loved, but she hadn’t had a choice.

    The Last Great Time War lasted 400 years. It was a brutal, bloody thing, and Pythia the Oracle fought and guided her people through it. Now with the war finally, finally over, she dithers in Hub over the idea of returning to that world she’d left behind so long ago. For her, it had been centuries since she had last seen them… For them, it could be merely hours, days, or weeks. She wasn’t the woman they had known, she was something so much more… and she isn’t sure if she would be welcomed, or cast out.

    Hub Information
    landmarks in hub: Arcadia, the shining city of Gallifrey, a tall skyscraper and water fountain from Cardiff, the Singing Towers of Darillium and the restaurant that stands in front of them.
    knowledge level of multiverse: Expansive. Hello, Timelord!
    fandom specific information: Timelord, Prydonian, considered a ‘renegade’ Timelord while remaining in good standing with the homeworld.
    Anchor Character Section
    which fandom: DWU
    which universe: DWU
    timeline: Current, kind of. Anywhere and anywhen is here and now if you have a Tardis.
    where is the Hub portal located: In the middle of the water fountain in Cardiff
    If not already established in canon do the following exist?

    magic: Not so much - a long time ago, but not really anymore as the universe has become rationalized. Advanced technology and magic are nearly indistinguishable, after all.
    aliens: Oh yes.
    advanced technology: Certainly, especially if you’re a Timelord.
    mythical creatures: Yes
    other: Time travel is a whole thing here. Pythia travels through space and time without prejudice.

    what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? parts of Arcadia, the shining city of Gallifrey, a tall skyscraper and water fountain from Cardiff, the Singing Towers of Darillium and the restaurant that stands in front of them, a rusty old ship in a drydock in New York.
RP Sample
Not my first character! ^_^
Pythia has looked into the untempered schism, and it changed her. She looked, and she saw, not just what was and what had been, not just a possible future, but all possible futures. And sometimes even now, when she looks hard enough, she can still see them flowing around her, through the universe, toward the end of everything.

She did not run. She hasn’t hidden. She is ever striding forward in time, looking back, sometimes looping around to set things right or take a closer look at something, but the future is her constant companion. Her future, and everyone’s. Such is the burden of being the Oracle.

Friends: Pythia, once called Lila to her friends on another Earth, makes friends as easily as breathing. Sometimes. She can be a bit short, a bit impatient, and just a touch demanding, but once she decides you’re a friend, then you’re a friend. Of course, that doesn’t mean that friends can’t be enemies sometimes, either, so crossing her might earn you a sigh, but it could also earn you something far more dangerous.

Enemies: Ah, enemies. Nemeses. Those people that are frankly annoying, trying to do you in or show you up, but without them life would just be boring. Pythia can take or leave enemies. Sometimes friends can become enemies, and sometimes enemies can become friends. In fact, an enemy was quite likely once a friend, or a possible friend… Careful just who you hold close to you.

Love: Of course Pythia is capable of love! She’s fallen in love more than once! Most recently, she loved a human mutant man on an Earth all but unknown to her people, while stuck there under the enchantment of a chameleon arch. She could find love again.

nicknames: Nyte
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