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Quest Day 16: Arriving in Nantucket
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Even with Arjay's magic to help, it had taken a week for Luthien's shoulder to be healed enough to allow them to travel.

Thankfully the rest of the journey had been uneventful, the easy drive that Dean had promised when they'd arrived in this world.

Now, they were at the place the Sword of The Lady had Guided Them To Reach.

It was, truly, the Moment of Destiny.

The moment when The Fifth Age of Mankind would be Born.

However, at the present time, Luthien was standing in front of the door to City Hall on Nantucket Island, frowning as she read the sign that said "No Weapons Permitted"

"We can't just cut our way in." she said, much as she might wish to do so "And um, what is a metal detector?"
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Queth leaned back and cursed loudly and clearly. Sighing she turned to Luthien. "A metal detector detects metal- like the sword you're carrying. Or Steve's shield. Or- you know- half of my body." She explained, rubbing the bridge of her nose with a groan. After the long travel- she wouldn't even be able to make it into the bloody building without subterfuge.

"Means we've got to find another way in. Doesn't need to be something all of us can pass through- we can strap all the weapons to me and I can go that way. The rest of you should be able to pass once you're all through- but if you'd rather just push a bag through a fence somewhere- I'll be here. Sitting in the car. Waiting for something to happen." She elaborated dramatically, lying on the van's floor and laying an arm across her eyes.

She was grateful that her fellow questers and her would be soon free of the world that a number of people had been in longer than they had anticipated- but she was coming to be sort of fond of the band- in the way she'd bonded with other runners in the past- it was... nice. So it was for the best it would be over soon- so that she could return to her usual self. No fuss. She sat up and absentmindedly started stretching with the expectation that she might be doing some acrobatics to get in.
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Well, this was just lovely. Arjay could think of several ways to get themselves into that building and bypass what seemed to be the sentinels against intrusion. It would, really, be a laughably simple matter... if, of course, he had his magic. Which, as he had had many chances to lament so far, he did not. And, without his magic, he was truly loathe to go anywhere without his swords. What sort of a backward world was this, where people were denied their weapons? It still struck him as ridiculously naive.

So Luthien didn't think that they could just push through here, and he had no real way of arguing with that... since there were several things he was unsure of. "What, exactly, is our objective here?" he asked. "If, as you say, this will bring magic to this world, why can't we just push through? The moment we've accomplished the goal, and magic is available, I can remove us from the situation, and forgive me for saying this, but the place does not exactly seem to be an impregnable stronghold." And, really, it didn't. The building was sturdy, of course, but it was hardly a fortress defended by vicious guards. All the same, he admittedly didn't want to kill (or even maim) men who believed they were quite justified in keeping them from storming the building... so he supposed he saw what she meant. "Do we know anything more specific than that we need to get into that building?"

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Okay. City hall of Nantucket. They had finally arrived at their destination, all of them were in fairly good health and spirits, even with how long their quest had taken. Longer than any of them planned on being away from home or Hub, that was for sure. These were all good things. They were so close to the end, they could all see the finish line. Now, they just had to complete the objective.

The problem became that none of them, not even Luthien, was entirely certain just what, exactly, their objective really was. Get the sword into the City Hall building, sure, but then what? Would Luthien just know what it was she was meant to do? Would some spirit or being appear to tell them? Would the sword itself do something? Luthien might know, but it was also possible that she was at as much a loss as the rest of them were.

One thing was certain: Queth wasn’t going to easily get past that metal detector. Even as imperfect as the technology of this time was, there was no way it would miss that amount of metal. And Steve wasn’t entirely certain if metal prosthetics were very common during this time period. He’d still been lost beneath the ice at this point in time, not yet found by SHIELD. ”No, it’s not anything near impregnable, but I don’t think any of us want to be hurting or killing innocent people if we can avoid it.”

Looking at the building, Steve considered their options. They had to get past the metal detector, but that was the primary source of security he could easily see. Before the events of 9/11, security had been far less than it was in the later 2010’s. This… Could be fairly straightforward. ”Well, one or more of us would have to go in and check it out, but… Most of us could easily get through the metal detector if we leave our weapons behind. So… Why not just go in unarmed and Queth can come in, or at worse pass us, the sword through a window? If we get in and there is a lot of security, or no windows, or something else unexpected, then we can always leave and reconvene to figure out a better plan.” Sometimes the simplest plan was the best one.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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