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New Shop: Day One!
6/10 | Tag: Bones
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Her own little shop here in Hub! Fizzle was giddy and excited as she started moving things around, setting up the little shop the way she wanted it. The rather nice human woman who had set her up with this quaint little place (it was perfect!) had been absolutely on target with this particular place! How wonderful! Fizzle was all but dancing as she set her wares up and pranced about the shop, singing loudly and with gusto, and shockingly on key!

”The four and twentieth day of Mirtul, of all days of the year, sir,
A virgin lady, fresh and gay, did privately appear, sir.
Hard by a riverside got she, and did sing loud, the rather,
For she was sure she was secure, and had intent to bath her.

With glittering glancing jealous eyes, she shyly looks about, sir,
To see if any lurking spies were hid to find her out, sir.
And being well resolved that none could see her nakedness, sir,
She pulled her robes off, one by one, and did herself undress, sir.

Into the fluent stream she leapt, she looked like Sune's glass, sir.
The fishes from all quarters crept to see so fair a lass, sir.
Each fish did wish himself a man, about her all were drawn, sir.
And at the sight of her began to spread about their spawn, sir.”

Even while she was singing, she went next door to greet her new neighbor, bopping along as she entered the shop, a healer, it appeared. Interesting! And oh, she should really make friends! Because when you made huge explosions twice weekly or so, well, it was good to have a healer friend. Or two. Or five. And lots and lots of restorative potions on hand, which she did, of course, but a real healer was just something you didn’t turn your nose up at!
Star Trek-AOS

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He’d gotten used to Tol’vir; the winged man had been calm, soothing presence, hell in the week he’d been living next to him McCoy had more than a few long after hours conversations about the nature of the place they both found themselves.

And than he’d found a way home.

Fuck he couldn’t begrudge the guy that, he’d be out like a shot too when Kirk showed his dumb blonde ass.

But now he had to deal with his new wall mate and McCoy didn’t like change damn it! With a sigh he pulled together a house warming gift because his mama didn’t raise a damn savage even if he wasn’t looking forward to meeting them. The walls were fairly soundproof but damned if it didn’t sound like there was someone singing over there. Closing the case Bones was just opening the door when a pink haired lil girl appeared.

A singing little girl.

A little girl that was singing about…


“Now where did ya hear that? Where’s ya parents?” McCoy was not pleased he knew other cultures had different social mores but a lil thing like her shouldn’t have been singing about sex even if she didn’t understand the words!
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Job: Artificer/Alchemist
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Yes!

All Accounts Posts: 130
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What Fizzle knew about the shop was that the last owner had left the city permanently, leaving the shop open for rent. And it really was quite perfect for Fizzle’s shop. Another branch of Fantastic Fulminations was in order! It was exciting, to be doing business in a new place such as this, and Fizzle was ecstatic about it. Thus the singing! (Alright, so Fizzle loved to sing, loudly, especially if the song was bawdy or brash or about anything that could or would or did explode!)

Now, while Fizzle usually owned her own building for her shop, she knew how to make nice with neighbors. Some liked gifts, and well, a healer would certainly like a small sampling of things that Fizzle could make them should they like any of what she had! And being a neighbor (who might come in awfully handy to have on hand!) she would give the healer a great discount, too! So she set everything she had gathered up into a small tin and sang and bopped her way over to the healer’s shop.

Where’d she hear the song? Fizzle tilted her head, “Oh, hm, well, that would be at the Perky Unicorn where Uncle Felgrim sang it, very off key mind you, with a traveling bard back when I was… Hm… Fifty? Maybe 49. I don’t rightly remember!” She flashed him a wide, toothy grin that reached her eyes with all the substantial amusement she felt at the memory, “My parents? Oh, well Mum’s already six feet under, beautiful ceremony, the High Priest of Gond did the rites himself, you know, and Dad, well… We haven’t found all of him quite yet last I heard, so no point in burying him till we do. I’m sure they’ve got him in a crate somewhere. Hopefully in a portable hole because boy, you know…” she waved her hand under her nose, “Whew! It’s been a bit!” She seemed to consider her answer for another moment, “Fantra and I have a bet, you see… She says the explosion was mum’s doing, and I say dad’s. She’s just a silly git, don’t you believe her - no illusionist can make any real sense when it comes to science, not like an artificer can! She just wants to blame Mum. And see, I know it’s gotta be dad. They found mum, after all, and dad’s in all the pieces. Means he was closer to the source of the boom! Mum was knocked about, but Dad’s just everywhere!”

Fizzle had to stop to take in a breath, and then beamed up at the human healer. “So!” she stuck out a hand, because that’s what humans always did when they met each other - they shook hands! She paid attention to Jon! “I’m Fizzle! Fizzle Bizzlebop! I owe the shop next door, and came to greet you, and to offer some samples since you’re a healer. I can provide poultices and potions, salves, and things that explode! Amongst other things, of course!” If Leonard looked carefully at the ‘little girl’ before him, he’d see that she was far curvier in all the proper places than a child would be, and while she was formed perfectly, she was small. Her ears were slightly elongated and pointed at the tips, not quite as much as an elf’s though she certainly had the higher cheekbones as well. She was just… Smaller. “Nice to meetcha, neighbor!”

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