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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopOops, I Meant to do That!
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Fizzle would admit that she was a little curious to see what might happen E the elf drank the undiluted potion. She'd never see the results on one of the fair folk, but Arjay the elf seemed like an amicable sort, he was a paying customer, and Fizzle could use a friend here. Wherever here actually was. "Right. Don't forget. And if you do, don't forget I warned you!"

Alchemy took decades to learn, and yet more to master. Trade secrets was part and parcel of the job and title. No self respecting alchemist gave their formulas away.

Interestingly enough, this elf was talking about customization. He had to know that would cost extra. Yep! He sure did! Fizzle ginned at her new friend and customer, "well, if you're looking for tweaks, you just let me know. I can do plenty, of course, if you want more effects, just keep in mind that it might cut into how many uses you'll get out of it. But sure, I could add smoke or change the colors, or add a flash or something to it." fizzle considered herself an artist, and this was one of many canvases.

Eye pads? "Do they see? It's an awful strange name." she paused. "Humans, right? They can be so odd." Jon was lovely, really, a great friend, and someone she definitely wanted on her side in a brawl, but really, he and his species could be downright strange. “Sure. Of course fizzle was happy to a eco many Arjay. He seemed nice enough. And if he turned out to be less than honorable, she was more than capable of taking care of herself. She actually hoped she wouldn't need to use any of her...defenses. Friends were always nicer to make than the other sort of people. Besides! He was a Harper! That already made them allies!

To his warning, Fizzle gave Arjay an amused look. “Real is subjective, my fine elven friend. And everything you see is real enough. Most of it I brought with me, see? As for things from here, if they work here, its good enough for me! And if we need anything... Well, I've the coin to pay a mage if I gotta get back home.” But it was obvious that she wasn't in a real hurry. This was a new place to explore, with new friends to make. Home would be there when she got back.

“Separate? Who says the two aren't the same thing?" The grin Fizzle gave Arjay was impish. A message? “Well..." she considered, my family is back in Lantan. they wouldn't expect to hear from me. The Lanterns...” Well dang. "The only one who might really worry is Alludiel. If he pulls that sharp nose of his out of his tomes long enough to realize I haven't been teasing him." She gave an amused laugh, “Wizards, you know? Weren’t but for the Lanterns, he’d probably never do anything but read! How boring is that?!” she snorted at the last bit, giving a dismissive shake of her head, “Who could keep up?"

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