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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopOops, I Meant to do That!
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Arjay's words earned a rather bold grin from the gnome. Fun elf! That was so unlike the stuffy wizard she knew. Maybe it was a wizard thing, being stuffy. The Blackstaff had smiled, but he was awful stern and severe, too.

Mages. Didn't know how to have fun at all!

Fizzle liked to have fun even as much as she loved explosions. But then, the two were very far from being mutually exclusive! The potion was one she'd invented, but not for herself. Half ogres were not known for their great intellect, and Tarkas, as wonderful as he was, was no exception. Not terribly stupid, no, but his memory was... Not so great. And the elf had asked her for her unique creations, so… That was what she showed him. "Nope. Dwarven ale has a unique effect on potion. Really, in a pinch, any good ale will do. but Dwarven is best. And it tastes better with the potion, too." she was grinning while she spoke, hearing the humor in his
voice, but her answer was honest and serious nonetheless. When he asked what would happen if he didn't dilute it, Fizzle frowned at him. "Don't do that.” She shook her head,"Blindness, possible paranoia, temporary insanity, as in seeing secrets that aren't there, amongst other things. Not recommended. Oh, and it would make your hair fall out for sure. Your hair is too pretty for that. So don't."

The second item was Fizzle's favorite of her creations. It was something along the lines of a hallucinogen crossed with an intoxicant. And it was pure fun. It was great to share with someone who seemed to appreciate it As much as she did. "Oh, around ten times before it runs out of filling.” It was a bit more complicated than that, but Arjay really only needed to have the gist of it. He liked it. She'd been able to tell, but the confirmation was still nice to get. “Sure thing! Just the one?”

Fantastic Fulminations had been a Waterdhavian shop of reknown for some years now; it wouldn’t have surprised Fizzle that an intrepid adventurer had heard of it. It was, after all, a favorite of those who visited the Yawning Portal. Being friends with Durnan definitely had its perks!

Being a Harper had been a defining thing for Fizzle. A place she belonged with her friends. "Anyone? Hm... A box for scrying..." That had the gnome’s curiosity piqued. "I may have to see about one of these glass scrying boxes.” It might not work at home, but here, it could prove quite useful.

A tavern, hm? "Oh, it'll affect more than one person, my friend.” Fizzle grinned, "sure. Drinks and business and music and dancing sounds perfectly lovely to me!"

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