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“If we’re going to talk about my wants, that’s a discussion that’s generally better suited for the tavern than for a shop. But yes, let’s see what you have,” he answered, answering her wink with one of his own. He watched her face light up, and knew that this was going to either be amazing or it was going to be amazingly dangerous. There was a strong possibility of both, too, he had to admit that much. Her first potion had promise, although he knew it wasn’t exactly right for him. He was an elf, after all, finding hidden things like that was second nature to him, and when it wasn’t, he had a wand that woudl point him in the right direction. All the same, for anyone else it would have been good. “So… wouldn’t the effects of mixing it with dwarven ale counter the ability to find things better, resulting in a net zero effect?” he joked. He looked at the potion again, gave it a sniff, then capped it again. “What happens if you don’t dilute it?”

The second item, though? That got his attention? He grinned, picking it up, studying it, handling it just as gingerly as she had. “Oh, music I can provide, that isn’t an issue. How many times will it work?” He thought about getting out his lute and testing it right there, but decided against it. There were better times for that, and perhaps they would get around to a more relaxed setting sometime in the near future. “All right, this? I definitely need,” he admitted.

He knew that the name of this shop had been familiar, and when he saw the woman’s pin in her hair, he knew he’d been right. He smiled, relaxing a bit more in the situation. He had to admit, he hadn’t felt quite… comfortable with his fellow Harpers, not since the new ones had arrived. They weren’t his people, and the more he worked with them, the more he knew that would be a problem. It was another reason that the Hub was a good, fresh start. “Oh, it is quite an interesting place. The humans from other worlds have these little glass boxes that let you send, scry, and get all sorts of information from them. Anyone can use them, and yet if you take one back to our world? It won’t work. It’s the most frustrating thing.”

“So,” he said, laying some gold down on the counter for the potion and the dance-ball. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve acquired a tavern in a part of town that’s not changeable like this one. THere’s constantly music, and something like this?” He held up the little gemmed ball, smiling at her, “Well, this could be useful, and this could be fun, and I like both of those things. So how about we go back to my place, we’ll test it on some convenient person over a few drinks, we’ll figure out how much it’ll cost me for the sheer number of these things I’ll probably need to buy from you, and we’ll see what else comes up after a few drinks. Does that sound like a good plan for the day to you?”

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