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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopOops, I Meant to do That!
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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So yeah, okay, alright, today had been a busy day for Fizzle Bizzlebop, Master Alchemist extraordinaire. She had had done her guard duties for the festival, visited with Durnan at the Portal, and then she had gone down into Undermountain to explore some more and see if she could find something worth her while or kill something to bring back with her to the Portal to satisfy the bet. She had not gone looking for a giant waking beast of legend or to end her own life. Her life still had decades and decades left of good explosions, after all! Still, she was (she thought) still alive, and she had a customer in her shop (though it was and wasn’t her shop), so why not do some business?

His needs weren’t great? Fizzle grinned, “Oh, well, sometimes when the needs aren’t great, the wants can be!” She gave the elf a wink, and then her look changed to one of pure, unadulterated delight as he asked her what she could offer that other alchemists couldn’t. Oh, she had the most remarkable things to show him!!! The gnome actually bounced on the balls of her feet, as she danced around the shop, looking for a few specific things. And she giggled as she grabbed them, setting the first one on the counter, “Tymora’s Vision, I call it. Or well, my friend named it, but I made it!” She grinned to the elf, motionin to the golden potion that looked viscous but smelled of lemons and old coins, “Gives you the best luck in finding lost and secret things - it’s great for finding secret doors and hatches, but if you’ve lost something, you’re bound to find it if you use this. Lasts a few hours,” she wobbled her hand; “give or take some time depending on the person, really. You need to dilute it, though. Dwarven ale works the best.” She grinned and then set the second item down, this one much more gently than the first, a small ball made up of sparkling gems, or so it seemed. “This… Well, it makes pretty lights everywhere, all sorts of different colors, and has a few different patterns in it, so it’ll change up after a bit, and the best part,” Fizzle clapped her hands gleefully, “It makes everyone dance, as long as there’s music to dance to! And I can include a music box with it if you’d like!” Oh, Fizzle really did love her craft, truly she did! “You just throw it on the floor!” Her expression turned sly, and just a touch concerned, “Unique enough for you, good elf?”

All gnomes were curious. Silly people thinking they weren’t… What was wrong with being curious?? Then again, curiosity was what had brought her peeking into that dark cave that was rumbling, just to find a Tarrasque waking up from its slumber… Hm. Still, that had been fun! She’d never seen an explosion like that one before! ...Huh… She really hadn’t. And now she wondered if she could recreate it…

But first, to find out just where she had ended up! If the elf knew, anyway.

A plane between worlds. Maybe, sure. Bridging worlds. Obviously, that’s how she got here. She might have to go for a little walkabout now, mightn’t she? She grinned, and then her eyes fell on that little silver pin, and stuck there for a long moment.

A Harper.

Her new elven friend was one of them. Well, that changed things! She straightened her tunic and adjusted her hair, her own silver pin adorning the pink tresses there, mostly out of sight, but the way she fluffed her hair made it visible. “Oh, I’m in no hurry, not really. Sure, I’ll want to get back to see my friends, but… No rush for it. They’re going to be in Waterdeep forever. And this place seems interesting! Anyway, I can give you a deal on these,” she motioned to the items she had offered him before, “If you’re interested in either. Or both. Unless you’d prefer something else instead?”

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