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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopOops, I Meant to do That!
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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The saying went: Where there is smoke, there is fire. As a master alchemist, Fizzle knew this to be a terrible falsehood. Smoke gave the promise of fire, but so often (oh so very, very often!) it lied. Smoke wasn’t an honest conversationalist. Fire, though, fire was honest and argumentative. It was lovely. You could hold an entirely disagreement with fire without ever having to raise your voice!

There was no Alludiel or Tarkas or Jon. The insufferable wizard was nowhere to be seen, the barbarian was probably lost (and drunk!) down by the docks, which Fizzle couldn’t see (or smell, oddly enough), and Jon, well, the human had probably wandered off… No, wait. They were working; they’d been working the festival, and on her off hours, Fizzle had taken a bet to drop down the well into undermountain and bring back either something shiny or dead. It was hardly her first time delving into the dungeon below Waterdeep, and she had gone with a grin and a salute to the patrons of the Portal, eyes bright as she gave Durnan the signal to lower her down.

She barely registered the arrival of the elf in her shop, so busy she was trying to recall what had happened and how she had gotten herself here, wherever here was, which was trying to be Waterdeep, but she knew it wasn’t really Waterdeep… She would have been in the Portal or in Undermountain if this was really there.

Reaching up with a handkerchief to rub the dark soot off of her face she beamed up at the unfamiliar dainty face, “Good day to you as well!” She bit her lower lip for a moment as he asked if she were open, looking around to make sure that there wasn’t too much damage, and surprisingly, there wasn’t, not really. Huh. Well, that was good then! “Sure, we’re open! No reason not to be, right?” She grinned. No reason not to make a few silvers off of an interested elf (who was probably looking for a prettiness potion or something else just ridiculously easy to whip up. Oh! Maybe he was here for restorative potions! Undermountain was right there, after all, with the Yawning Portal just down the street! That was possible! “What were you looking for? I have pretty much anything you’d need, and if I don’t have it, I can whip it right up for you!” Well, depending on what it was - some things took longer to brew or mix than others, but hey, if he was willing to wait or come back… It wasn’t like she had anything else going on right now!

“Sooo…” She asked, looking at him blatantly, not trying to hide either her curiosity or her interest, “Since I’m pretty sure we’re not in Waterdeep, where are we? Shadow Plane? Or some other sort of reflective plane?” She'd been adventuring for too many years now, (and often with silly wizards who insisted they knew what they were doing just before they opened a portal to some crazy place) to not recognize that she wasn't home anymore.

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