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Unexpected meeting
September 5th, tag 616Steve Rogers

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"What Cap said." Natasha responded, taking a step closer to Cap and holding out her hand, so that he could take it if he wanted. Yes, he was a big, strong, brave superhero, but getting your spine messed with was not the most fun thing in the world.
"I don't know what happened in his world, but it seems like something we should check out. Do you think that your Tony would tell us anything?" she asked Steve, partially because she wanted to know, and partially to distract him "That would at least give us a starting point. For that matter" she looked at Justin "What happened to Bucky in your world? Even if Stark won't talk, if we look for common points that might give us some clues."
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Justin allowed himself to give a start, since he wasn’t yet performing the procedure. Once that point came, it was all going to be calm reserve, but now? Yes, he could afford to be a little pleasantly surprised. This Cap might not know him, but he might have been from the same world still. “So you did know my grandfather,” he exclaimed, before the weight of what, exactly, his grandfather had been came crushing down on him. He was the reason that Jacob was dead, the reason that the Scourges had gone on rampages… but before that, he’d been the one who started the Mystery Men, the one who’d stood up when America had needed someone to stand up. “What… what was he really like?” Justin asked, uncertain if he really wanted the answer, but needing to ask anyway.

As he carefully performed the procedure, he tried to decide if his experiences with Barnes would be any use here. Nat was talking about ‘his’ Tony, but he hadn’t seen this Steve around the tower… Was this really his Steve? “Well if you’re talking about the Tony lording over the mansion,” Justin said dryly, “I can tell you what he won’t. Our Bucky was found by the Soviets after his plane went down. They took him back to Moscow, fixed him up, and started… programming him. He had brain damage… amnesia, so they filled up the blank slate to make him a Soviet assassin. They’d put him in stasis for years at a time and pull him out when they needed someone killed. He turned up in my present day trying to steal a Cosmic Cube. You stopped him and you used the cube to fix him.” If that was his Bucky, what would saving him do? Well… more than likely, create a parallel universe, but screw it. There should at least be one world where Bucky didn’t go through that shit. "All right," he said, as he pulled the needle carefully out. "You can move again. I'm done."
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"Mr. Stark doesn't want to tell me anything. He doesn't think I should mess with the future. He didn't even want to tell me about my own death," Steve says grimly. He blinks at the hand Natasha offers him before taking it gingerly. He doesn't want to squeeze too hard and break her fingers.

"Angel is your grandpa?" Steve looks over his shoulder, so he can see Justin better, "You look like him. He was a good man, rational, not a hot head like some of the guys were. He survived the war, right?"

Steve winces as he feels the needle go in, squeezing lightly on Natasha's hand. The pain is promptly forgotten however, when Justin begins talking about Bucky. His Bucky, not some other Bucky that he doesn't know, but his little buddy who had been counting on Steve to keep in safe.

"No," Steve says, "I should have been there." Guilt churns his stomach. He doesn't even feel the needle pulling out. Steve sits up.

"We'll get him back. We have too. Then we can work on deprogramming him." Steve says.

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