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Bad Omens

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Look Gabriel had never had any complaints about the size of his sword before thank you very much!

Castiel tried to school him and Gabe just rolled his eyes expressively, the obvious answer wasn’t always the right one little brother! And after living a few centuries as a trickster Gabe knew that better than most!

At The appearance of the slick blade produced in response to his brothers not threat Gabe’s smirk vanished “Mike did very much have a fit. But since I was sick of my Brothers fighting I stopped giving a shit what he got stuck up His ass.” On this plane a golden wing spread out between his little brother and the newcomers, The threat to his remaining little brother pulled the defensive action. Only an Archangel Blade could kill another, and the flamers overcompensating thing might be enough to fight one of their brothers Gabriel judged it inadequate to the task. Which meant for all intents and purposes Castiel was hidden behind a impenetrable wall of what appeared to be…well fucking feathers.

Gabe had not moved from his position against the wall, only the lollipop between his fingers had shifted to his own ‘stubby’ blade.

What Gabe intended next was preempted by the portal flaring to life, golden, blue light shot across the arching doorway, the dark dot indie expanded into reality bringing with it-

“Oh come on!” Silver armor manifested in response to the almost not familiar feel of an Archangels grace. “I don’t suppose we can settle this over darts?” Gabe was the obvious target for..him? Right. Things he exactly did not want to do. There was no comfort in that in a real way he would be committing suicide and not murder as he blocked the first strike.

“Turn back! They are out of your jurisdiction!” It wasn’t anger that cried out across the Angelic bands...it was grief. He had fought a brother once, exactly once, he had literally hidden from his family for millennium to not battle.

And yet Gabe fought.
Supernatural-8th season?

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Castiel winced ever so slightly at the reactions the two strangers displayed upon hearing his brother's name. He went to speak when his face was met with a wall full of golden feathers. He reflexively spread his own black wings in a gesture of support for his brother, though they fluttered back to their traditionally plane once Gabriel moved away. "Our world had four Archangels. Lucifer, Micheal, Raphael, Gabriel." He spoke solemnly, and to the strangers, rather than his brother who already knew this.

"Our father had Micheal lock Lucifer in a cage in hell- to wait until judgement day. Raphael took our father's side, and prepared for the apocalypse. Gabriel took advantage of the chaos to find freedom. And so they lived. Until Micheal and Lucifer's true vessels were tasked with preventing the opening of the seals on Lucifer's cage. And failed- because they were 'meant to.' We convinced Gabriel to return to fight with us. We thought Lucifer killed him." He explained quietly, the phantom pain of losing his brother, still very real and inside Cas.

"Then the Winchesters sealed Lucifer- And Micheal- inside the cage once more. From there... I led a war opposite Raphael- and in a moment of power going to my head I-... Disassembled him. As far as I am aware, Gabriel is the only Archangel that remains whole- in body and mind. Because he chose to make his own way rather than following what our brothers told us." Cas managed to explain, his soliloquy going longer than he intended- and by the time his words were done, a light was building in the portal. He winged to his brother's side immediately. Moving to offer aid- though he knew that he was no longer capable of fighting on the same level that had allowed him to defeat Raphael. He was barely stronger than he had been when Lucifer had destroyed him with a snap of his fingers.

Cas knew that Gabriel would fight better without Cas at his side- but he couldn't help but want to try and help his brother.

When more angels followed, Cas did what he could, stepping from Gabriel's side- and offering an apologetic grimace to the other angels and demon in the room. He didn't know who was on what side now. He didn't know whether it was sensible to kill this heavenly host he had never met. Castiel did know that Gabriel had been attacked now- and that made these angels his enemy. Made Aziraphale and Crowley his allies. So Castiel hesitated for half a millisecond before stabbing the first angel through the skull and watching them die in a flicker of light.

Gabriel may not be able to easily overpower his own alternate- but Castiel was more than a match for a common angel. He had been, even when he was human.
Good Omens-Book

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Aziraphale pulled his hand away and Crowley had about a millisecond of wanting to grab it again before reminding himself that Aziraphale had no use for him like that and in any case, they were still in mortal danger.

"Exactly how many angels named Gabriel do you think there are? Different universe, different Gabriel, " he hissed, literally, because he was stressed and he couldn't help it. As Gabriel and Cas started speaking, corroborating Crowley's fears, he added a strained, "See?"

And then there were...feathers. Crowley wasn't sure much of what to make of that.

He didn't have a lot of time to ponder the feathers, however, seeing as the portal was flaring to life, and--well, shit, bugger it all, this was not good, this was decidedly not good--someone was coming through. A very powerful someone, power radiating off him like heat off space heater. And then...

New Gabriel was protecting them? It made so little sense, in Crowley's estimation of the world, that for a little while he honestly could not think of the thing to do. Obviously neither he nor Aziraphale were powerful enough to stand against an archangel, but on the other hand, this strange angel was putting himself in danger for their sake, and it wasn't like silly calculations like who could turn who into a smoking piece of roadkill had really factored into their thinking during the Apocalypse-that-wasn't. On the other other hand, Crowley was a demon, that meant he was supposed to not care very much what happened to angels.

He glanced at Aziraphale--who had not reacted yet but who was sure to think he had to charge in swinging, or something--and supposed that last thing wasn't very true at all.

He snapped his fingers and manifested a blade, nothing fancy like Aziraphale's flaming sword, but the sort of thing that would do in a pinch, and stood beside Gabriel and Cas and waited at the ready as the angels came through.
Good Omens-Good Omens

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"True vessels?" Aziraphale asks. This version of apocalypse seems very complicated, what with people getting locked in cages and whatnot. And Castiel didn't even mention the anti-christ. One simply couldn't have an apocalypse without an anti-christ. Although he did find it very sweet that Castiel kept referring to all the angels as brothers. It is such a nice sentiment to have. Maybe if angels in his universe considered themselves family things wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. Then again, it didn't really help the angels here. He can't imagine a heaven without Michael and Raphael.

Before Aziraphale can consider that further the portal opens and Gabriel steps through to fight... Gabriel. It's an unexpected development. Aziraphale had called for help, but he didn't think someone as high as Gabriel would actually help them. He sees Castiel join the fight as well. He raises his own sword, which still burns brightly and sees Crowley conjure his own.

"You should really sit this one out dear. They aren't after you, this isn't your fight. Besides, you can't fight angels when you're already injured." Aziraphale tells him.

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Look Gabe would say he was not what you would call a Angel that had a quick temper, sure he‘d played games with humans, especially ones that needed a lesson, but he didn’t get angry. Hell he hadn’t even gotten made when Luci killed him.

Ok he'd been pissed as hell that his brothers forced him into the fight but...that was different. There was a bond between the first four ArchAngels that just wasn’t the same between the lesser seraph.

Gabe had been the little brother, goofy in a world where that meant he thought the platypus was hilarious. He‘d been proud to be his Father's messenger, carrying his word, his faith absolute in his Father‘s authority. It had not been he who rebelled.

Lucifer refused to bow to their Father‘s newest creations, refused a command. One single ‚no‘ in a eternty of obedience changed everything.

Did it make it better or worse that the Grace he slid his blade into reached for his? That the light inside him recognized himself?

The blade that looked of nothing impressive on this plane sliced through the Other His armor- „Don‘t make me do this.“ He whispered into his counterparts ear, his wings, his Grace wrapping around them both, shielding the others from the explosion that was to come.

Because he knew this Gabriel. This is who he would have been had he not run, a soldier who could not surrender, who could not do anything but obey a order from his Father with all his heart. Gabriel was powerful, but he couldn’t contain an ArchAngel in his illusions, he couldn’t chain him, convince him, do anything but watch the defiance, feel the struggle. He choose to save the family he had left.

The blade slid higher, though his others chest.

Gabriel screamed with the other Angel as it died. His wings containing any spill over of Grace.

Not with out cost.

Gabriel staggered under the weight of the others vessel...did they use vessels? Somehow he didn’t think so. Grace leaking from the myriad of wounds the other ArchAngel had inflicted.

There was still a fight, and Gabriel couldn’t find himself assed to care right at that moment, cradling the symbol of everything he had spend eons trying to avoid.

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