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Thread Contributor: Arjay Lo'RanQuest Day 2 - Well that sucks...
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There were some trains of thought that moving along quite a bit farther in their travels would have been ideal after their encounter off the side of the interstate. Unfortunately, Arjay had to assume the blame for their remaining nearby, since he had managed to get injured, and the last thing they needed was for his bloody self to be seen by some passing car who thought that they needed to report them to the authorities. He wasn't sure what had transpired after the fight, exactly. He knew that Luthien and some of the others had concealed the evidence of their battle, he knew that someone had gotten them rooms at an admittedly comfortable inn along the way, and all the while, he'd rested out of sight in the van. It was all the same to him, really, his tenuous health could be set off by this injury if he didn't rest, and he wasn't going to let that happen on this trip, so if he had a chance to rest? Yes, he was going to rest.

The injury would have been trivial to heal had they been in a different world, but unfortunately they were in this one, where he couldn't cast a healing spell. Instead, his wound had been cleaned and dressed, and he had put on a ring of regeneration to seal the wound up. The ring wasn't working anywhere near as fast as he expected, but it was working, which told him that in a few days, he'd be healed and able to fight again.

A few days might not be a space of time to be out of the fight that they would even miss, it turned out. He reflected on this as they stared at the mess of cut wires and other various damage that had been inflicted to the... engine? Yes, engine, of their van.

"So. I suppose this is what happens when we think a quest is going too smoothly," he said dryly, breaking the silence.

((OOC note: Yes, the van was obviously sabotaged. The van is repairable, but being in a shitty little town like this, getting the parts is an issue, as is the less-than-ideal location for repairing it. Days 2-6 are free for side threads while the van is being repaired. Day 7 the journey will resume. I have it on excellent authority that Day 7 will go up in a few days, so that we're not trying to get it started over the holiday))

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