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Thread Contributor: Luthien VogelerQuest Day One: Now What?

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The battle was over, although several of their number had taken some hurt in the process, and Luthien looked around the scene, trying to decide what to do next. Clearly, they needed to get out of here, and quickly, but leaving a wrecked vehicle and dead bodies seemed to be a good way to attract the attention of the local law enforcement, which would slow down the Quest. So, the first priority was to hide the van and the bodies, the second was to get to safety, where they could treat their wounded.

"We need to get these bodies hidden." Luthien said "Lets get that done, and then find an inn where we can get everyone patched up."
Shadowrun-Tabletop edition

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Queth let out an annoyed groan as she wrenched her knee awkwardly, trying to force the joint back into functionality. Unfortunately it seemed that it was bent into a rather stationary position. Rocking awkwardly on the useless lump of metal, she walked towards the van to where she could lean herself against the passenger seat.

"You're kidding right? We need to burn these- these things. You really want to give them a chance to change their minds about how dead they're feeling?" The elf said with a wrinkled brow, looking around at the others for confirmation.

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Dean’s head was pounding. He was on his feet mainly by force of will and habit, dodging Queth’s attempt to make him sit down with an irritable, “I’m fine, okay? I’m fine.”
He had a concussion. There was no mistaking the dizzy doubling of his vision, or the unpleasant churning in his stomach. Wasn't his first, probably wouldn’t be his last. Wasn’t like there was anything any of them could do about it.

Arjay was another story. “I’m pretty handy with a needle, some fishing line and a fifth of whiskey,” Dean offered. After all he’d been patching up Sam for years and his dad for even longer than that.

“Except not here,” Dean added when Queth suggested burning the bodies, looking around at the carnage, and steadying himself as nonchalantly as possible on the side of the van when the world gave a dizzy swoop. “This is a public road. We’re lucky it’s been this quiet this long. We gotta get out of dodge. There’s nothing here that links us to all this when the authorities find it, and believe me they will. Unless...” he addressed his question mainly to Luthien, who seemed to know the world best, “are zombie magic dudes really on the menu here?”

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