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Not your usual watering hole...
August 15: Tag Mal
Westworld/The Dark Tower-Westworld-1

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Virgil raised his bottle in Mal's direction at his declaration that he'd seen unnatural. "Then you know what I'm talking about. Some of it's independent, or starts that way... but all of it would serve what they want. You see an opportunity, you take the opportunity, you see?" Had he known what Mal was referring to, Virgil's hesitation would have vanished. Those things were precisely the sort of thing that the Red King liked to start taking advantage of.

The space cowboy's question brought a smile to the gunslinger's face. "Well, that we do, though you might think it a bit less than what's needed. The 'Verse, as you call it... well, it likes to have something to say about what's happening too. Whenever there's a time when the most unlikely person is in the most unlikely place and ends up being exactly what's needed... have you ever come across that? Something's going wrong, and I'm talking the sort of wrong that twists your guts, keeps you awake at night, and some person, some person that you might never notice, might never think anything of, turns out to know something, be able to do something, that turns the whole situation around? That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Mayhaps you've even been that person, they tend to find their way here more than any. But yes, there are some of us who go from world to world, finding the things that are wrong and... oh, let's just say, help them along. It can be a... strange sort of life."

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