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Thread Contributor: Obiwan KenobiObiwan Kenobi / StarWars / Movieverse
Star Wars-TCW & Movieverse

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Jedi Master
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Obiwan Kenobi
full name: Obiwan Kenobi
nicknames/aliases/code name:
“Ben” Kenobi / “The Negotiator”
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 38
date of birth: 57 BBY [Before the Battle of Yavin]
place of birth: Stewjon
starting location: The Hub
originating fandom: Star Wars
fandom universe: Star Wars Movieverse
pronouns: He, Him, & His
occupation: Jedi Master &
General of the Grand Army of the Republic
languages: Galactic Basic
as well as a number of other alien languages
playby: Ewan McGregor
height: 1.82 meters / 5ft 8in
weight: 81 kilos / 178 lbs
hair color: Ginger
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features:
Most recognizable feature is his Beard ™ and the small “beauty mark” under his left eye.
sexual orientation: Bisexual
family: Both parents are presumed deceased.
relationship status: It’s complicated.
Force Sensitivity
The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. Kenobi is considered to be one of the more powerful and skilled of the Jedi when it comes to this ability. Those who are not familiar with The Force often relate it to telekinesis, which is the ability to move or control objects with the power of their minds. While this isn’t exactly untrue, most will argue that “it doesn’t work like that”.
Mind Trick
This is a Force ability that Kenobi has mastered over the years in order to avoid unnecessary confrontations. Some would call this a form of mind control in a sense, however that’s not quite what it is. Not many Force users are capable of managing this skill, though all of them do have the ability to learn it in some form or another. This so-called trick allows a person to convince or persuade someone into doing whatever they command them to do for a short amount of time, however it doesn’t quite work so well on other Force sensitive people.
Telepathic Communication
This skill varies but is most commonly found between Force users who share a significantly strong bond, like Masters and Padawans for example. Though communication can occur between two individuals in close proximity and even if the other isn’t Force sensitive, so long as their mind is open.
Lightsaber Skill
Kenobi is considered to be one of the greatest swordsmen of his time, learning many different forms of lightsaber combat. His preferred style is known as Soresu and is mostly recognized as a more defensive style of fighting. When provoked, he has been known to switch up his technique and become more aggressive. Another form that Kenobi has demonstrated is known as Jar’Kai where he wields two sabers at once. This is considered a more ruthless style of combat and is one of the more difficult forms to master.
Military Strategist
During the Clone Wars, Kenobi has gained the moniker of ”The Negotiator” due to his studious nature and expansive knowledge of galactic history. Combining this with his natural charm and persuasive demeanor, the Jedi has proven himself to be something of a living legend among his troops.
Starfighter Pilot
Despite his very verbal disliking for flying, Kenobi is a particularly skilled pilot on his own. He has led numerous attacks from the cockpit of his Starfighter which led to famous victories for the Republic. His skills of navigation and quick thinking have ensured his survival through dense asteroid fields as well as avoiding Empire fleets unscathed.
Sharp Shooter
While firearms aren’t exactly his style, as Kenobi has voiced on a number of occasions, claiming them to be messy and uncivilized, he is quite the marksman. He has shown his stills with an automatic weapon in a few brief scenarios but you will never find him carrying one on his person.
Hand To Hand
In certain scenarios a Jedi may not have access to their weapon and an opponent will look upon this as an easy win. This is their first mistake. Kenobi has developed so much skill in unarmed combat that he can rival a Mandalorian warrior.
While serving on the Jedi Council one must show a certain form of disregard in certain situations. The Jedi are keepers of peace and sometimes in order to serve the greater good, you need to make sacrifices that others might find to be insensitive. Kenobi finds trouble with his but it has yet to stop him from making tough calls.
Kenobi didn’t earn his title of Negotiator entirely through honest means. There is a good deal of manipulation involved and he makes it looks all too easy. He uses a balance of informative persuasion and misleading intent to get the results he needs.
Living and surviving through different experiences has made the Jedi questionable at best. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, unless there is a plan in place. Kenobi may have a quick-wit about him but he isn’t the type to act first and ask later. This also leads into some of his trust issues as the Jedi has learned over time that not everything appears as it seems.
“Revenge is not the Jedi way.” These words have been spat him over and over through the years ever since the death of his former Master. Kenobi was the first Jedi to kill a Sith in over 1,000 years. Since then, it’s been questioned as to how he managed to accomplish such a feat on his own.
The older he got the more introverted he became, especially after taking his own Padawan. Kenobi tends to keep to himself, opting to suffer in silence as to not burden or trouble others. Doing so has had its effects on him as he has become to accustomed to his reserved nature, he will often downplay his own injuries in order to keep pushing forward.
- Lightsaber
Kenobi was born 57 years before the Battle of Yavin. A Force sensitive individual, he was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi within six months of his birth. When Kenobi was a youngling, he underwent training with Grand Master Yoda before being assigned as Jedi Master Quigon Jinn's Padawan learner, who would teach him there was "a strength and nobility in restraint".
Prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Obiwan and Quigon spent a year on the planet Mandalore protecting Duchess Satine Kryze from insurgents who were threatening her world. Bounty hunters were sent after them, forcing them to always be on the run and live hand to mouth, never knowing what the next day would bring them. During that time, they had an incident with a swarm of venom-mites on Draboon, where Kenobi carried Kryze to safety, only to fall and drop the Duchess, who acquired a scar then. Obiwan fell in love with Satine during his stay on Mandalore, but despite his feelings toward her, he continued with his training and was reassigned. Kenobi regretted leaving her, but ultimately followed the Jedi Code he had sworn to live by.
By the time Jinn considered Kenobi to be ready for his trials, they were sent by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum to negotiate with the Trade Federation, who had set up a blockade around the planet of Naboo. However, negotiations did not take place as Viceroy Nute Gunray instead sent B1 battle droids and droidekas to kill the two Jedi, but they escaped to Naboo's surface by stowing away on separate landing craft.
On Naboo, Kenobi found Jinn in the company of Gungan Jar Jar Binks, who reluctantly led the two Jedi to Otoh Gunga, where they met with the Gungan leader Boss Nass. Though unable to convince the Gungans to help the humans of Naboo, Jinn influenced Nass to give them a transport to allow them to reach Theed. Piloting the transport through the planet's core, Kenobi, Jinn and Binks reached Theed only to discover that the Trade Federation had already taken control of the city. After rescuing Queen Amidala and several others, the Jedi took Amidala off of Naboo in her starship in an attempt to reach Coruscant with news of the invasion. During the escape, the ship's hyperdrive was damaged, which prevented them from going straight to Coruscant and forced them to land on Tatooine for repairs.
After landing, Kenobi stayed behind on the ship, while Jinn, Amidala who was disguised as a handmaiden, Binks and R2-D2 went to look for a new hyperdrive unit. While looking for it, Jinn discovered Anakin Skywalker. When Jinn arrived, now accompanied by Skywalker, Darth Maul's attack prompted them to escape to Coruscant at once.
Upon their arrival on the planet, Jinn and Kenobi went directly to the Jedi Council to report on the mysterious attacker, whom Jinn believed to be a Sith Lord. After being briefed on what to do about their mysterious attacker, Jinn discussed about Skywalker with the Council, believing him to be the Chosen One. Nevertheless, the Council was determined that the boy not be trained. However, Jinn persevered, telling them that he would take the boy as his padawan, despite the Jedi Code's restrictions, but Kenobi insisted he was ready to take the trials, and his master agreed. Instead of discussing the matter further, Mace Windu sent the pair back to Naboo to protect the Queen and also as an attempt to lure out the mysterious assailant.
After returning to Naboo, Binks located the Gungans and Amidala, revealing herself to the true Queen, begged Boss Nass to provide assistance in fighting the droid armies of the Trade Federation. Boss Nass agreed to fight the droids as a diversion, while the Queen's forces slipped into Theed and captured Gunray. However, they soon encountered Maul once again and engaged in a duel with him biding time for Amidala to reach the throne room. During the duel with Maul, Kenobi was separated from his master and forced to watch as Maul impaled Jinn with his double-bladed lightsaber so, when the opportunity arose, Kenobi retaliated in rage against the Sith. However, the Dathomirian gained the upper hand, knocking Kenobi into a nearby shaft where he was just barely able to grab onto a knob jutting out from the side before falling to his death. Despite his predicament, Kenobi was able to use his master's lightsaber to cut the Sith in half, whose severed body fell down the shaft. Kenobi then ran to his master's side and promised a dying Jinn that he would train Skywalker.
Following the end of the Battle of Naboo, Kenobi was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight by the Council, with Yoda reluctantly accepting his decision to train Skywalker. Kenobi was later present during Jinn's funeral, where he informed the boy that he would become a Jedi. Later on, Kenobi, alongside his new Padawan and several members of the Jedi Council, took part in a victory celebration in Theed.

Following an assassination attempt on Senator Amidala on Coruscant and their return from a border dispute on Ansion, the Jedi Council sent—at the behest of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine—Kenobi and Skywalker to protect the Senator from future attacks. Kenobi sensed his apprentice's anxiety and warned Skywalker of over-stepping their duties, only to be told later of Amidala's plan to use herself as a bait.
That night, Zam Wesell attempted to kill the Senator with venomous kouhun, but her plot was foiled and Kenobi used her probe droid to find the Wesell. Assisted by Skywalker's arrival in a speeder, they pursued the bounty hunter together through Coruscant until her speeder crashed outside a nightclub. The Jedi followed her in, realizing she was a changeling; however, Kenobi soon found Wesell and cut her arm off with his lightsaber before she could shoot him. Before she could tell the Jedi who she was working for, Wesell was shot and killed by a toxic dart fired by Jango Fett.
Subsequently, Kenobi and Skywalker were sent on separate mission by the Council—while he continued an investigation on Amidala's aggressors, Skywalker would protect her on Naboo. Despite thinking his Padawan was not prepared for his first solo mission, he abided by Council's request. Kenobi, then, took the toxic dart to his friend Dexter Jettster, who told him that it was a Kamino saberdart. Using Dex's information about Kamino, Kenobi visited the Archives, but he was unable to locate the system. When he asked Jocasta Nu about it, she surmised that the system must not exist since it was not in the archives. Unconvinced, Kenobi visited Master Yoda, who was teaching younglings, and the two agreed that someone had erased the files on Kamino from the Archives, and that Kenobi needed to visit the location of the lost planet.
Upon arriving on Kamino, Kenobi was greeted by the Kaminoan Taun We who told the Jedi that they had been expecting him. She took Obi-Wan to Prime Minister Lama Su, who said Sifo-Dyas would have been proud of the army they had created in accordance with his request—to create a clone army for the Republic. Kenobi was then shown the clones' prowess and growth, and was told that the original template was Jango Fett. After asking to meet Fett, Taun We took Kenobi to Fett's quarters, where the Jedi Knight asked the bounty hunter questions concerning any recent visits to Coruscant.
After their meeting, Jango and his clone son, Boba Fett, attempted to flee Kamino in the bounty hunter's ship, Slave I. Obi-Wan confronted Jango, and the two fought on the landing platform. At the end of the battle, Obi-Wan fell off the platform, and Jango believed he had fallen into the sea. However, Obi-Wan managed to catch hold of a bridge, and he returned to the platform to see Slave I taking off with just enough time for Obi-Wan to attach a homing beacon to Jango's hull.

Kenobi pursued the Slave I in his Starfighter all the way to Geonosis and managed to survive Fett's attacks with seismic charges. Tricking him into believing he had died, Kenobi managed to land on the planet, where he discovered a multitude of Trade Federation ships. Furthermore, he infiltrated and overheard Count Dooku addressing the Separatist Council and mentioning the attempts on Senator Amidala's life were at the request of Nute Gunray. Realizing the importance of his discoveries, Kenobi sent a message to Skywalker in Tatooine as his signal could not reach Coruscant on its own. Before he could end his message, however, Kenobi was captured by the Separatists and imprisoned. There, Dooku visited him; he revealed that the Republic was under the influence of a Sith Lord named Darth Sidious, and tried to convince Kenobi into join him to destroy the Sith together, but Kenobi refused.
Sentenced to execution in the Petranaki arena, Kenobi was joined in the arena by Skywalker and Amidala who, in their attempt to rescue him, were also captured. Although they managed to mostly control the three creatures deployed to kill them—a Reek, an Acklay, and a Nexu—, they were saved by the arrival of a Jedi task force led by Windu to rescue the prisoners. The Jedi fought back against the overwhelming droid armies, but soon only a few survivors were left in the center of the arena, surrounded by droids. Just as they were about to be executed, the clone army arrived, led by Master Yoda. The clones fought back against the droids and rescued the Jedi and Amidala. Kenobi, then, boarded the same Republic transport as Skywalker and Amidala.
Soon enough, they caught sight of Dooku, who was fleeing on his speeder. Despite Amidala's fall from the vehicle, Kenobi and Skywalker caught up with Dooku and dueled him, until they were both taken out of commission—Dooku wounded Kenobi and severed Skywalker's right arm at the elbow. Even though Yoda arrived to fight Dooku, the Count used the Force to cause the ceiling to cave in on Kenobi and Skywalker, forcing the Grand Master to focus on protecting them from the collapsing ceiling instead of stopping his old apprentice.
After the Jedi returned to Coruscant, Kenobi met with Mace Windu and Yoda in the Jedi Council room to discuss the confrontation that had just taken place. Although Kenobi noted that it would not have been a victory without the clones, Yoda did not think of it as victory, as it meant the beginning of the Clone Wars.
Kenobi became a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as he led the Republic to many famed victories, and came to be known as "The Negotiator". During the war, his apprentice, Skywalker, ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. The 212th Attack Battalion was under his command during much of the war effort.
At some point, Kenobi gave a lecture in the Jedi Temple central security station for younglings to learn about the Jedi recall signal, when Caleb Dume inadvertently gave him the idea to use the warning beacon to warn Jedi away from the temple instead of calling them back, an idea that would prove essential when Kenobi used it during the fall of the Republic.
When rumors spread that the new leader of the Council of Neutral Systems, Duchess Satine Kryze, was secretly building her own army to fight for the Separatist cause, Kenobi was sent to Sundari by the Jedi Council to investigate the matter. There, he met Prime Minister Almec and re-encountered his old friend, Kryze, who assured him that she was not behind an attack to a Republic cruiser. Angered at the accusations, she claimed the Senate was eager to intervene in the planet's affairs before being corrected by Kenobi, who claimed to be there on the Jedi Order's interest. Assuaged, the Duchess then took Kenobi for a walk on Peace Park and informed him of a renegade group of warriors known as Death Watch when a terrorist blew up the memorial shrine where Kryze and Kenobi were walking. When Kenobi had the guards round up everyone at the scene, a man fled with Kenobi after him and committed suicide instead of being captured. As the Duchess spoke to the dying man, she realized he came from Concordia and helped Kenobi reach the moon, where the Jedi Master met its Governor, Pre Viszla.
Kenobi went out to investigate the mines and discovered that the Death Watch was using one of the facilities as a base. Taken hostage by the Death Watch, he contacted Kryze, who freed him, and together, they tried to escape when they were attacked and the Commander of the Death Watch arrived. Revealing himself to be Viszla, he returned Kenobi's lightsaber and dueled him with the Darksaber, until he ordered his warrior to kill him with missiles. Kenobi and Kryze managed to escape, barely surviving, and returned to Mandalore. The next day, Kenobi told the Duchess that he believed the Separatists were involved, which only angered her; the Jedi Master, then, was joined by Skywalker so as to bodyguard her during her and other senators' trip to Coruscant onboard the Coronet.
On their way to the Republic's capital, Kenobi took part of a heated debate with the Duchess over what the best course of action was to deal with the conflict, until they took a little break. Then, Skywalker asked him Kenobi of their past, which Kenobi explained he and his master, Jinn, had been protecting her during a year-long, dangerous mission during a civil war on Mandalore. It was then that assassin droids were activated, prompting Kenobi to defend Kryze. When the droids were stopped, Skywalker reported to Kenobi that one of the senators was a traitor, and Kenobi then devised a plan to uncover the traitor's identity by using the last active droid.
It turned out to be Tal Merrik, who took Kryze as a hostage and made his way to the cockpit to jump out of hyperspace, so that droid reinforcements could enter the ship. While Skywalker engaged the droids, Kenobi found and followed Merrik, who would blow up the ship, as he got near the escape pods, unable to make a move on the senator. Afraid she might not see Kenobi again, Kryze confessed her feelings for him, to which Kenobi replied he would have left the Order if she had told him earlier. Then, Kryze took the opportunity to escape a disgusted Merrik and take his blaster. However, neither Kenobi nor Kryze made a move to stop him, leaving Skywalker to sneak up from behind and stab him in the back, branding himself as a "cold-blooded killer." After arriving on Coruscant, Kenobi and Kryze reflected upon the situation, and the Duchess flirted with him, saying his beard hid too much of his "handsome face."
When Kryze's pleas to the Senate to not interfere with Mandalore's internal affairs went unheard, Kenobi reunited with the Duchess, advising her not to be rash, angering her. Soon enough, she was victim to another terrorist attack and barely survived, prompting the Senate to accelerate the vote—with the Republic deciding to occupy Mandalore. Despite Kenobi's plea to help her, Kryze took matters in her own hands, only to framed with murder by the Death Watch.
Asking for his help, Kenobi met her and accepted to give Senator Amidala the disc she had obtained from his contact. Despite an attack by a Death Watch assassin and Kryze turning herself in, Kenobi got the disc through to Amidala, who then played the complete recording from Deputy Prime Minister Jerec in front of the Senate—prompting the Senate to vote against Mandalore's occupation. When the Duchess received the apologies and thanks from the Chancellor and Mas Amedda, Kenobi received her thanks, though the two reflected about not knowing who tried to drag Mandalore into war and have the Duchess framed for murder.

Ten rotations after Master Yoda's last contact with the Togruta colony of Kiros, Kenobi, Skywalker, his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and Commander Cody landed on the colony, where they found no inhabitants and fought their way through droid contingents on BARC speeders to the governor's tower. Once they had the Separatist headquarters surrounded inside the governor's tower, Cody showed Kenobi a message from the Separatist commander, Darts D'Nar, asking him to come to the tower to negotiate terms of "surrender." When Skywalker became angry at recognizing D'Nar as a Zygerrian slaver, Kenobi told his old apprentice to look for the colonists while he negotiated with D'Nar and explained Skywalker's history with slavery to Tano, who assured Kenobi she would keep an eye on him.
Kenobi then went into the tower and interrupted D'Nar's meeting with Dooku and Zygerrian Prime Minister Atai Molec to negotiate terms of surrender—the Republic's surrender. Kenobi then turned his comlink on so that Skywalker and Ahsoka could hear the fact that the Zygerrian had several bombs planted throughout the city. Kenobi then surrendered, but challenged D'Nar to a duel in the Zygerrian way (with no weapons) to distract him while Skywalker and Tano disarmed the bombs. Though he received a good beating from D'Nar, Kenobi successfully beguiled the Zygerrian, who set off his last bomb located on his tactical droid and escaped from the Jedi Master. Unable to pursue him, he told Skywalker and Tano of his departure. After Skywalker captured D'Nar and his ship, Kenobi, Skywalker and Ahsoka then contacted the Jedi Council, informing them of the Zygerrians' abduction of the colonists.
Using D'Nar's ship, Kenobi, along with Skywalker, Tano, Captain Rex and R2-D2, traveled to Zygerria. Upon arrival they formed two teams; Skywalker and Tano went to talk to Queen Miraj Scintel disguised as master and slave, respectively, while Kenobi and Rex, disguised as Zygerrian traders, tried to locate the kidnapped colonists from Kiros. The two proceeded to the Royal palace's slave pits where they found the Togrutan Governor of Kiros, Roshti, weak and broken from his ordeal. With Rex, Kenobi decided to take him to safety on a brezak, only for Kenobi to be shot in the shoulder and captured along with Roshti, with Rex safely escaping. Chained to a wall and tortured for information, Kenobi was recognized as a Jedi by Prime Minister Atai Molec, and prepared to sell him at that night's auction block.
At the auction, Roshti and Kenobi were the first slaves to be put on offer, and Queen Scintel ordered Skywalker to torture Kenobi with a shock whip before the eyes of the assembled bidders. Once Skywalker entered the arena however, he signaled to R2-D2, who launched Kenobi's, Skywalker's, and Tano's lightsabers to their owners, while Rex aided them with a blaster. Despite their efforts, however, the whole team was soon captured and separated. While Skywalker and Tano were kept in Zygerria, Kenobi, Rex and Roshti were taken to Kadavo, where the rest of the Kiros colonist were kept. There, the Jedi General was forced into submission by the center’s warden, Agruss, who emphasized his point by dropping several Togrutan prisoners to their deaths and threatening to do worse to the others, should Obi-Wan ever think of rebellion.
On Kadavo, Kenobi and Rex was soon forced into working in the mines, where he had a hard time scrounging up any spark of hope for himself or the unfortunate prisoners, since every time he did so, one of the Togrutans was punished in his place in order to heighten his despair. Following the Queen's death at the hands of Dooku and her last words telling Skywalker where Kenobi was, Kenobi was part of a conference with Count Dooku in the facility control room. Despite Dooku's wish to execute Kenobi, Skywalker arrived to Kadavo with Jedi reinforcements. During the battle that ensued, Kenobi and Rex fought in the room, killed Agruss and escaped the facility, while Tano and troopers rescued the Togruta prisoners before the Republic forces destroyed the labor facility.

Like Master Yoda and Skywalker, Kenobi sensed a disturbance in the Force[78], one that signaled the return of his old enemy, Darth Maul, whom he believed to have killed on Naboo, only to have survived and make his way to a dump in Lotho Minor. Rescued by Savage Oppress and his sanity restored by Mother Talzin, Maul sent a message to the Jedi Council and lured Kenobi to Raydonia.
Though the Jedi Master was unsure if Maul was who he claimed to be, the Dathomirian proved it by telling him about their shared experience at the Battle of Naboo. The two engaged in a fight where Opress helped Maul knock the Jedi Master out. Kenobi was then brought aboard the brother's ship, who intended to have the Jedi awake so that his death would be as painful as the last ten years of his life had been. However, Kenobi was rescued by Asajj Ventress, who was trying to collect the bounty on Savage Opress' head. Though he almost gave in to rage, Kenobi gained the upper hand with the help of Ventress and together, they managed to trap Maul and Opress in the back of the ship, leaving the brothers stranded, but alive, in space.
When the two brothers attacked Cybloc transfer station in the Meridian sector, the space station sent out a distress signal, leading Kenobi and Adi Gallia there to investigate about the two brothers, who were now operating under Maul's singular vision. The Jedi learned they were headed to Florrum. There, Kenobi contacted Hondo Ohnaka to inquire about the situation, who said that "two horned men" had showed up and threatened to attack his stronghold with pirates who had betrayed him. Kenobi told him he was unable help him with his men, but that he could help stop the Sith.
Kenobi and Gallia managed to engage Maul and Opress just as they began their attack on Florrum. As the fight progressed, Gallia was slain by Opress and, after taking up his fallen comrade's lightsaber to help defend himself, Kenobi was forced to retreat and reunite with Onhaka. Inside a cave, Ohnaka decided to ambush the men while Kenobi decided to confront Maul and Opress. With great skill and Gallia's lightsaber, Kenobi violently fought the pair, injuring Opress' knee and cutting his left arm off. However, before Kenobi could continue the fight, Maul Force-pushed him into another part of the cave, bringing the fight to an end. Realizing their plan had failed, the Dathomirans left and headed off-planet to try again another time. Their ship, however, was shot down and the two were forced to head for an escape pod. As the ship fell, Kenobi went with Hondo to see "what riches had fallen from the sky," but there were no signs of Maul nor Opress, leaving Kenobi to doubt their demise.
Following the confrontation, Kenobi returned to Coruscant where he explained to Chancellor Palpatine about the situation regarding Darth Maul, but Palpatine dismissed the Maul's threat, saying that the Jedi needed to focus on the Separatist threat, despite Kenobi's fears of the criminal underworld being a place where Maul could flourish.
Following Maul's takeover of Mandalore, Kenobi was summoned to meet with Yoda and Ki-Adi-Mundi in the communications room. The two showed him a transmission that had been sent by Satine Kryze from Mandalore. In the message, she stated that her government had been overthrown by rogue criminals, only for the transmission to be abruptly cut. Despite Yoda and Mundi's reluctance to take part in the internal affairs of Mandalore, Kenobi borrowed the Twilight from Skywalker and headed to Sundari. Once on the planet, he tricked a guard and took his armor.
Disguised, he freed Kryze from the prison and managed to get all the way to the faulty ship. Realizing that he has arrived, Maul personally hunted down Kenobi and managed to ensure that the Twilight was shot down before it could leave. After the Jedi jumped from the doomed ship, Maul captured the now dazed Kenobi as Opress lifted an unconscious Kryze, and ordered them taken back to the royal palace.
Maul, realizing Kenobi's feelings for Satine, decided to execute her with Kenobi watching hoping that he would feel the same pain Maul did when he was forced to live in exile after being brutally injured by Kenobi on Naboo. Maul again attempted to sway Kenobi to the darkside, but the Jedi Master refused. Angered by the comment, as the commandos forced Kenobi to his knees, Maul let Satine go, but stabbed her with the darksaber. She ultimately died in Obiwan's arms saying with her last breath, that she always loved him and always would. Maul, then, had his guards escort Kenobi to a cell where he could "drown in his misery" and "rot."
Bo-Katan and her renegade Nite Owls team, however, intercepted Kenobi as he was being transferred to the prison area. Katan freed Kenobi, and had him help her find Maul and kill him. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Darth Sidious appeared and engaged Maul and Opress in a duel, defeating the former and killing the latter. As the conflict escalated, Kenobi made his way to his ship and was told by Bo-Katan to warn the Republic of what had happened. Kenobi told her that it would lead to an invasion of Mandalore, but she said that Maul's death would be worth it, and that they would survive. Kenobi, before leaving, asked Bo-Katan if Satine was her sister, and apologized for her loss.

During the last months of the war, Kenobi and Skywalker were sent to Utapau to investigate the mysterious death of Jedi Master Tu-Anh. Once they landed on Pau City, they met Inspector Jen June who immediately led the morgue the Jedi's corpse was located. Immediately, the two Jedi examine her body. Soon enough, they went to the place where she had been found, only to determine she had been hit in the optic nerve with a precision laser dart by a sniper. As they found the sniper's position, they found slime on the floor and interrogated the building's owner, Garri, from whom the two Jedi learned of the involvement of Magna Guards. Later, they asked Inspector June to analyze the slimy substance; she told them it was the secretion of an Amani's skin, and added that the Governor Torul Blom wanted to see them.
Though the Governor asked them to leave Utapau, Kenobi and Skywalker persevered and rented two dactillions to go to the city's lower levels and talk to the leader of an Amani tribe there. Told that an Amani outcast had been seen entering a cave not far from there, Kenobi thanked him, and he and Skywalker went to the cave, where they found the Magna Guards, leading them to suspect of a Separatist conspiracy. Despite some resistance, they managed to get information from the droids that showed them the involvement of the Sugi and went to see Inspector June once again. After she identified the Amani as coming from the plain, Kenobi contacted the Council to inform them of their findings and later attended together with Skywalker, attended the funeral of Tu-Anh.
Following the Chancellor's disclosure of General Grievous' location on Utapau to Skywalker, who then passed it onto the Council, Kenobi was sent to capture the fugitive General. Before parting, though, Skywalker apologized to Kenobi, who told him that he needed patience and that he would soon become a master. Then, the Jedi Master departed for Utapau, where he managed to sneak up on the Separatists with help of a varactyl, Boga, and confront Grievous personally. The cyborg then challenged Kenobi in lightsaber combat, but the Jedi managed to cut two of Grievous' arms; the General gained the upper hand until Kenobi's battalion arrived and engaged the droids protecting Grievous. As battle intensified, Grievous escaped, with Kenobi chasing him—at the cost of losing his lightsaber temporarily—to a landing platform where he finally killed Grievous with a blaster, after almost being kicked off the platform. With his long-time rival slain at last, Kenobi headed off to rejoin his troops.
Following Windu and other Council member's duel against Chancellor Palpatine, revealed to be Darth Sidious, and the issue of Order 66, Kenobi met up with Commander Cody and told him to contact the troops to move to the higher levels of the city. The clone then returned him his lightsaber, and Kenobi proceeded to climb with Boga, just as Cody received a direct message from Palpatine, telling him to execute the order. Before Kenobi went too far, Cody ordered his men to shoot at the Jedi Master, bringing his fall to the water below. However, unlike many others, he survived and managed to climb on his own while evading troops, only to discover it had been an intentional attack from his own troops.
Taking Grievous' starfighter, he left Utapau and made contact with Senator Bail Organa, who had seen the attack on the Jedi Temple firsthand and was trying to locate other surviving Jedi. Reuniting on the Tantive III, Kenobi met with the Senator and Master Yoda, who told him of the retreat message telling all Jedi to return to the Temple, saying that the war was over. Kenobi then suggested to dismantle the signal, so that others wouldn't fall into the trap, and Yoda agreed.
On their way to Coruscant, Organa was contacted by Vice Chancellor Amedda, who told him of emergency session to held by the Senate. Kenobi and Yoda entered the Jedi Temple and witnessed with their own eyes the massacre that just taken place. During that, Chancellor Palpatine told the Senate of the Jedi's "sedition" against the Republic and declared the birth of the Galactic Empire.

At the central security station of the Jedi Temple, Kenobi changed the Jedi recall signal into a holographic message of himself, warning any of the surviving Jedi to stay away from the Temple and the planet, persevere for the future and to trust in the Force.
Desperate for answers and despite Yoda's warning, Kenobi checked the security recordings to find that Skywalker had led his battalion of clones to attack the Temple, where he fought the Jedi and kneeled to the newly-proclaimed Emperor, who was proud of his apprentice, now going by a new name—"Vader". Though Kenobi was horrified, Yoda determined that they had to destroy the Sith; Kenobi, however, refused to fight Vader and requested that he be sent to kill the Emperor instead, but Yoda vetoed the idea. Kenobi expressed that Skywalker was like a brother to him and that he did not have the heart to kill him, yet Yoda explained that the boy he had trained no longer existed and that he needed to be put out of his misery. He also told Kenobi to use his instincts to find Vader.
After that, he visited Senator Amidala, thinking she knew of Vader's location. As Amidala refused to believe Kenobi's words of Skywalker turning to the dark side and abstained of telling him about his whereabouts, Kenobi asked if Skywalker was the father of the child she bore and apologized before leaving her apartment.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Jedi Temple Ruins
knowledge level of multiverse:
Some knowledge.
Kenobi is aware of it’s possible existence and has read texts that refer to such a thing.
fandom specific information:
The Force / Light & Dark
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Star Wars
which universe: Movieverse & TCW
timeline: Post Order66 / Prior to Mustafar
where is the Hub portal located:
The Room of a Thousand Fountains

If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Yes
other: n/a

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub?
Jedi Temple Ruins
RP Sample

A dream.

This had to have been some kind of terrible dream.

That was the only way Kenobi could make any sense out of all this. The only reasonable answer to why everything had gone so wrong so quickly.

Between the corruption of the senate to the fall of his own Padawan—former Padawan…

That thought alone put a halt in his steps. A sudden wrenching feeling that twisted somewhere deep in his heart. He still found it difficult to believe that his Padawan— his Anakin-- was actually capable of committing such horrendous atrocities. That it was his Anakin that had betrayed the Jedi Council and willingly sided with the Sith to destroy everything that the two of them had sworn their lives to protect.

How could this have happened.

          “…I’ve failed.”

His train of thought had been cut short when an explosion caught him off guard followed by rapid blaster fire. Kenobi quickly seeking shelter behind one of the few remaining pillars that surrounded the Jedi Temple, he pulls the hood of his cloak over his head and prays that the shadows are enough to keep him hidden and out of sight. The Jedi held his breath as the sound of clone troopers hurried past. No doubt doing a final sweep of the abandoned premises.

Kenobi exhales a sigh once he is no longer able to see any specs of white armor. Even the clones had been mixed up in all of this. His own battalion even turned on him.

          “I can’t stay around here much longer…”

He quickly makes his way through the long corridors, being sure to keep his senses about him, using the Force as his guide in order to avoid being seen by any remaining troopers that could have been stationed behind. There is one place he has in mind, a safe haven where Kenobi hopes he can find some answers. Some clarity amidst all this chaos. Kenobi needs time, even just a few solemn minutes to try and collect himself, to gather his thoughts and to find some way to deal with the task Yoda has assigned to him.

Kill Anakin Skywalker.

The thought of it didn’t sit well with him, at all. To think that Master Yoda had the audacity to charge him with such a task. To send a Master to fight against his own Padawan in such a way. Despite how much he regretting his Master’s decision, Kenobi couldn’t help but feel concern for Yoda’s safety. To go up against a Sith Lord on his own would be no easy feat and if there was any hope left in this world, he wished for nothing more than his Master’s safety.

The sound of blaster canons came blaring though as loudly as ever, their target being one of the Temple Spires as the structure crumpled and fell. The force of the building collapsing was more than enough to send a shock of vibrations under the Jedi’s feet and Kenobi quickened his pace that much more.

Thankfully his destination wasn’t very far and by the looks of it, hadn’t succumbed to very much damage. A much welcomed sight in the midst of all this madness.

          “Gotta appreciate the little things…”

It was amazing that he held any semblance of humor at all, considering the situation.

          “…better make this quick.”

The Room of a Thousand Fountains.

It had been one of his favorite places to come and meditate when he was still just a Padawan, under the teachings of his former Master. Still even now, despite the little bit of damage it had taken, it was just as beautifully relaxing as it ever was. While some of the fountains no longer functioned, there was still the faint sound of rushing water that echoed through.

Kenobi reaches up, dropping back the hood of his cloak as he looks around, feeling out to see if he can sense any other presences. The clacking of his own boots would accompany the sound of running water in the distance and for the first time during all of this—he felt calm.

Considering the Jedi didn’t have very much time left to linger around the temple, Kenobi would have to make this as quick as possible. Now finding a place for him to sit, atop of a large chunk of debris that had crashed down from the ceiling, he closes his eyes and breathes a sigh.

It takes a moment, as more conflicting feelings are the first to rush to the surface. There was so much clouding his judgement that Kenobi found it difficult to filter through. Reliving the visions of that holorecording, watching as Anakin mercilessly took the lives of children and fellow Jedi without any hesitation. The sheer look of malicious determination on his face as their bodies fell onto the floor.

The Master does his best to hold back any emotional response that threatens to break forward and instead, his hand tightens into a fist, gripping tightly onto the fabric of his trousers.

Now wasn’t the time. He couldn’t focus on that right now, he needed to find Anakin.


He couldn’t.

The bond was there, however faint as it may have felt, it was something. A slight lingering feeling of familiarity, as if he could sense whatever remaining goodness Anakin still had in him, as it called out desperately for help. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be quite enough for Kenobi to get a location, no matter how hard he tried to focus his concentration.

He was tired. Exhausted. Beaten.

Both mentally and physically.

The past few hours had been a living hell and even Kenobi was beginning to wonder how he had managed to make it this far.

For a moment there, he would push aside these thoughts. This was more than him. The events of today would have a greater impact on the galaxy as a whole and suddenly his heart sank down to the pit of his stomach at the realization. All the lives that have been lost. The lives of those who will be lost. The safety and protection that the Jedi had promised would all have been for nothing.

The Jedi have failed.

Through all of this, a single name came to mind and his eyes shot open wide with a gasp.           “Padme!”

How could he have forgotten her in a time like this. He could only imagine how painful all of this must have been on the poor woman. Despite her and Anakin’s attempts to keep their relationship a secret, you would have to have been blind to not see that the two of them had something going on. Kenobi had kept his mouth shut about it, not finding any reason to out the young couple without being prompted.

Perhaps Padme would know where to find Anakin…

It wasn’t an idea that Kenobi would be proud of, finding it to be a little insincere on his part to try and use the woman’s concern in order to find Anakin. Sadly, these were desperate times and if anyone would know where to locate Anakin… it would be his wife.

There’s a sound, a disturbance, and Kenobi is quick to jump to his feet. Instinctively, Kenobi’s hand falls to rest on the hilt of his saber. It takes him a couple seconds to gather himself, glancing around as he hears the sound of trooper armor coming in from the northern entrance. It isn’t likely they located him, probably just doing a final sweep of the premises. The Sith are certainly thorough.

He can’t tell just how many there are from where he stands, now slowly backing up as quietly as his boots can manage. Never the less, the Jedi has no doubt in his mind that he could take them out on his own. Though that would bring on too much attention. If these clones went missing, there would be more coming in to find them and whatever it was that took them out.

          “There’s been too much bloodshed here today…”

This left him with only one other choice. Hide. He checks to the left and jerks his head to the right, scanning the area as quickly as he can. There wasn’t very much for him to take shelter by, unless…

Behind him, there’s a waterfall. The rushing water echoing loudly enough to disguise the sound of his footsteps as Kenobi inched closer and closer. Troopers now gradually closing in from either side. Thankfully none of them had picked up on his presence. With one last exhale, Kenobi makes a quick dash towards the waterfall, sucking in a deep breath just as the water splashes against his face.

The wall of water should be enough to hide him in plain sight. Thankfully the clones weren’t able to pick up on Force signatures.

Kenobi breathes out the air he had been holding in his lungs, rubbing the water away from his eyes with his hands and he suddenly just stops.           “Wha… what is this?”

Beyond the waterfall, unknowingly to the Jedi Master, had been a portal to another realm. Not just one realm, but rather a sort of gateway to many realms. Universes that he had never even known had existed before. It’s unlike anything he had ever seen, yet still somewhat familiar in some way.

          “This can’t be… no…”

It takes him a while to collect himself and Kenobi turns his head, looking around before taking a couple tentative steps forward. He was no longer in the Temple… and somehow he doubted he was even on Coroscant anymore either.

In his youth, the loyal and dedicated Obiwan Kenobi possessed a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit. Yoda said that he sensed Quigon Jinn's defiance in him, and Jinn himself reflected upon Kenobi's considerable knowledge and potential; he also considered his Padawan a lot wiser than him, if somewhat headstrong.
Often seen wise beyond his years, his humble and soft-spoken demeanor belied his warrior prowess. Despite his numerous complaints during flight, he was also a skilled pilot. In many ways, he represented the strength of the old Jedi Order: steadfast, selfless, and modest.

Over time, Kenobi lost some of his youthful audacity and assumed the role of a more cautious and conservative mentor to Anakin Skywalker, who was in many ways his opposite in personality. Kenobi carefully measured his actions in any situation, garnering him the aforementioned nom de guerre. Kenobi was also known to be an accomplished storyteller.
Kenobi often thought out plans and strategies rather than leaping into action. He would usually place his hand on his chin or stroke his beard as he thought. He sometimes mentally repeated the Jedi Code to calm himself.
A natural charmer, Kenobi has the ability to draw attention upon himself with effortless ease. His genuine sense of compassion and playful demeanor make it easy for him to make friends with others.

His more intimate affairs are something he finds to be a little shameful yet not regrettable. You will not hear him speak of his romantic life or his particularly obvious fondness towards those he cherishes most.

However being in the spotlight does have its drawbacks as Kenobi has made a countless number of enemies during his military career.

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