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Thread Contributor: JayaI'm Going Home
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It had taken longer than Jaya had expected for everything to be ready for the return trip to their universe. On her end that had made sense, because she was planning on returning, and wanted everything to be in good order when she got back. McCoy, well, he'd needed to close up shop, shut everything down, and she'd gotten the impression that he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to do that or not. But still, everything was done and in place, and now it was time to leave.

The shuttle rose up from the hangar where she'd been repairing it, and slowly, gently Jaya guided it towards the portal that would take them back to their home universe. From there it would be a few days to Veretex III, and then she and McCoy would go their separate ways. Him back to Starfleet and her, hopefully back to the Hub, where she'd well, if it all worked out, she'd open up a new set of opportunities for the Orion Syndicate. And for herself, since here in the Hub there was less of a need for Orion women to present themselves as empty headed pleasure objects.

To her surprise, she'd found that she liked being more direct, and that it was enjoyable not to have to pretend that she was subservient to her menfolk, and it was something that she hoped to continue. If she could get permission from the Syndicate, of course. Still, she thought that she'd laid out a good argument in the documents she'd prepared and...

Her thoughts were interrupted by an odd sound in the back of the shuttle.
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Leo wasn’t conflicted about returning exactly as he was fretting himself into a fine state: what had happened that Jim and that crazy Scott hadn’t been able to fine him? Was his crew ok? Had something happened to stop Enterprise refit?

It wasn’t that he hadn’t enjoyed the forced vacation and his report to Star Fleet would almost guarantee an outpost or contact team being sent through the portal.

If it was stable.

Leo’s hands tightened as the shuttle broke atmo, oh fun.

At least he had something lovely to look at to distract him. Ah Jaya...he would miss her; he knew she wanted to come back and he couldn’t blame her, but even if Star Fleet offered to post him back on Hub, McCoy knew his place at that was next to one idiot blonde galavanting across the universe.

A sad little smile touched his lips, sure they had a few days even if everything went perfectly before they had to say goodbye but-

He’d miss her.

Maybe in one of those thousands of worlds they had been more than an ‘maybe something’.

The out of place noise in the back caught his attention; “I’ll check it out.” Slipping his harness off. McCoy stood, brushing his fingers down her shoulder in a tiny caresses. He wanted her eyes on the approach to the portal he had enough basics of engineering to at least give her a report if something seemed fishy.

The bulkhead between the cargo side of the shuttle and the main cabin was normally left open, and emergency measure only; for this flight he’d been the one to suggest engaging the system Incase the ride home was as bumpy as the ride here had been. They didn’t need the extra hazard of flying containers if the internal tractors holding them in place failed.

Among other items, Leo had packed samples of every damn plant and non sentient life form he could get his grubby hands on. Most were in the form of simple DNA scans, but there were a few live samples that had defied his best scanners.

McCoy frowned at the shifting ‘tree’ made of light; the 12cm container was vibrating with increased violence the closer they got to the portal.

“Jaya-“ he began about to say that maybe they should abort, leave the sample behind.

He never got the chance to finish his sentence.

The instant the ship hit the event horizon the ‘tree’ exploded, blowing shrapnel across the bay, into Leo and through the hull.

There was no time to even look at the camera recording his death before he was blown out the hole, emergency bulkheads slamming down sealing off that section of the hold.

He always knew he’d die in space.

There might have been a chance if he didn’t have a gaping hole where his sternum should sit, if she wasn’t past the point of aborting the run, she might have been able to transport him back on board.

If he could have Leo might have laughed. Even if there was air he couldn’t breath anyway!

Amused morbidity. His last thoughts weren’t horror filled, they were sad. He’d hoped if he had to die in space he would at least have it be doing his job, saving lives.

At least Jim wouldn’t see….

‘I’m sorry Jaya…’
Star Trek-AOS

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Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

All Accounts Posts: 946
Points: 2,806.33€
Jaya smiled to herself as McCoy lightly caressed her shoulder. It had been a great professional and personal disappointment that she'd never managed to lure him into her bed, and it was gratifying to know that he was attracted to her, even if his weird mores made him unwilling to act on it. Not that she'd entirely given up hope, the journey to Veretex III would take a couple of subjective days, and they'd need to do something to while away the time....

Her musing was interrupted by the sound of an explosion. "McCoy! What happened!" she called back, but she didn't do more than that. Couldn't do more than that, because they were reaching the point of no return with the portal. She had to make sure that they made it safely through the portal, whatever had happened would have to wait, she'd just have to pray that the shuttle wasn't too damaged to fly.

Once she was safely through, Jaya made sure that the shuttle's autopilot was set, and then went back to do a visual check of the damage. It was...bad. There was a massive hole in the side of the cargo bay, and a decent number of the crates McCoy had brought along had gone out the hole before the emergency systems had sealed the breach. Worse, McCoy himself was nowhere to be seen, and a check of the ship's systems and logs showed what had happened to him.

Jaya allowed herself a little time to weep for the Terran, who'd been a loyal companion and who'd deserved better than to die in an accident. Then she pulled herself together, and took stock of the situation. The shuttle was spaceworthy enough to get her to where she was going, enough of the cargo was intact to lend credence to her story, and, McCoy's death, although it was tragic on a personal level, also meant that the Orion Syndicate wouldn't have to compete with the Federation for control of the Hub.

So, Jaya thought as she double checked the systems, and set extra alerts for the cargo bay, in many ways things were working out for the best. The multiverse was spared Federation interference, and she was going home.

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