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Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopFizzle Bizzlebop | Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Fizzle Bizzlebop
full name: Fizzle Bizzlebop
nicknames/aliases/code name: Fizz, Fizzie, Biz
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: gnome
gender: female
age: 86
date of birth: 13 Tarsakh, 1287 DR, Year of the Smoky Moon
place of birth: Lantan
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Forgotten Realms
playby: Katy Perry
height: 2’11
weight: 38lbs
hair color: Pink (changes from time to time)
eye color: gray/blue
distinguishing features: Having bright pink hair isn’t enough?
sexual orientation: As long as it’s fun!
family: Frizif Bizzlebop (father), Fasys Bizzlebop (mother), Fantra, Freep, Finlin, Famyn, Fyqys, Fenqaryn, Forfiz, Frixif, etc. (siblings and cousins)
relationship status: Single, and up for fun! After all, you know what they say, once you go gnome, you never go home!
powers: Powers? Fizzle has her brain! As a gnome, she does have some pretty useful physical abilities, too. She’s small, and she’s fairly agile and hearty. She can see very well in the dark, as well as any elf, anyway, and she always has her alchemy. She can also speak with animals that can burrow, and can create several spell-like effects: dancing lights, ghost sounds, prestidigitation, and the like.
strengths: Like all gnomes, Fizzle has a tendency to see through illusions, and has the upper hand against kobolds and goblinoids, being racial enemies of the gnomes. She also has extremely good hearing (why what big EARS you have!) She’s good at hiding, and she’s hard to get a bead on to hit, as well.
weaknesses: She’s small, and that means she’s not quite as strong as someone bigger than her would be. She tends to lose in a grapple fight, and she runs a little bit slower than many of the larger races.
equipment: First things first, Fizzle is a connoisseur of bags of holding. Small on the outside, giant pocket dimension on the inside! She even has a portable hole, but good luck finding that if you’re brave enough to go looking! Inside of these Fizzle carries copious amounts of alchemical...everything. If you can imagine needing it to craft or create something, Fizzle has it on her person! Not to mention what amounts to a small library of books, most of which are also alchemical in nature, but no few are also steamy romance novels, a few how-to, and a veritable who’s who of dragons, species, and those damnably crafty mages of her homeworld. Interspersed with all of these items is an assortment of odds and ends that every adventurer needs! Random lengths of rope, a few shackles, a parasol, a whole sack of caltrops, a crowbar, ink and pens, a few journals, a mirror, some loose vellum, her family’s signet ring, a hooded lantern, a few gems she came across, several spectacles, a blanket, a soft fuzzy towel, and whole bunch of other...stuff. Oh, and her portable achemist’s lab. That’s a must, of course!

Fizzle will say she remembers everything she has on her, but really, it’s more of a “oh I have something for this!” sort of ‘memory’ that she possesses… And you’d be surprised at just how often she really does have something for the situation…

She also has her leathers, of course, her rapier and daggers, the Porcelain Turtle of Doubt, her cloak of heroism, etc.

Fizzle was born the middle child in a whole slew of siblings. She has older brothers and sisters, and younger brothers and sisters, and she’s pretty sure her parents had a few even after she left the family home and joined an adventuring troupe.

She happily joined the Lost Lanterns, and traveled all of Faerun with them. She got all the way up to Neverwinter. She did not like it there. Waterdeep, however, she enjoyed. She saw Lady Alustrial in Silverymoon, and even managed to slip through the ruins of the keeps and castles near Shadowdale, seeking keepsakes, treasures, and more importantly, knowledge. She found a way to make her penchant for explosions and destruction useful. With her friends, she defeated a powerful lich, and faced Red Wizards. She stared down Elaith Craulnober, met Khelban Arunsun, and faced off against a beholder in the bowels of Undermountain and all in all made a bit of a name for herself in certain circles.

The night she was inducted into the secretive Harpers was one of her happier ones. Oh, she was treated with caution, even by that rather rash group, but she and her friends were Harpers! She wore her harp with pride, even if she never drew attention to it. A Lost Lantern and a Harper are things that Fizzle will forever be, as well as an alchemist and artificer.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: alchemy lab and shop, the Yawning Portal
knowledge level of multiverse: Knowledge of the different planes/dimensions
fandom specific information: Harpers, fantasy setting, Lost Lanterns is an adventuring troupe that travelled far and wide.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not first character.
Fizzle has been forcibly separated from her adventuring troupe. In her prime still, she is a gnome far from home, and looking to find more adventure! She has a love of explosions and destruction that borders on a manic need for it. The term ‘mad scientist’ is an extremely apt one, really. With little (read:no) real regard for property damage or even her own health, she tends to be reckless, diving into experiments and situations head first, counting on her wits and companions to solve any problems that come up. It’s always worked out in the end, so there’s that!
Friends: Fizzle makes friends like she breathes. She’s amicable and energetic, her mind a whirr of thought and idea and creativity that never, ever stops. She dreams like she lives: bigger than life. She’s all smiles and laughter, and can be quite charming in her own way. Once she decides to trust a person, to call them a friend, it’s hard to shake her, even if you want to. She’s loyal and true, and rarely knows when to leave well enough alone.

Enemies: As easily as Fizzle makes friends, enemies are nearly as easy to come by. Fizzle has travelled all over her home realm, and even visited a few planes of existence that weren’t her own. And everywhere her and her troupe have gone, they have found some sort of enemy or evil to fight against. Fizzle isn’t one to prematurely judge, but if a friend labels you as enemy, then you’re her enemy! And woe to all who stand against her!

Romance: A ship with Fizzle? That’s a boat full of buckets! And you might just need ‘em. She’d need someone with plenty of patience, and an understanding of just how a gnomish mind works, or at least her mind. She is always full of energy and her love of destruction and fire can be… Difficult to deal with. But she’s fair game to give it a whirl!

nicknames: Nyte
age: I am what I am
pronouns: she/her
timezone: US Central Time
contact: Hipchat, Skype, AIM, PM
triggers: None really, please warn me if you’re going to run a plot with cheating involved.
mature threading: suuure, but I tend to FTB with sexy stuffs.
other characters: Steve Rogers, Kim Woo Bin
about: I love my husband, my puppies, writing, and my friends here!
86. Alchemist. Lost Lanterns, Harpers. Katy Perry.

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Job: Admin
Ship Status:
Sexual Orientation: ;)

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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