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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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It was an interesting question, yes, or she wouldn’t have wondered it, but at the same time, she had no real interest in crossing over to a magic starved world and finding out if she simply ceased to be in such a place, or if she perhaps became something less than she was, or if she would wither and die. None of those options were pleasant sounding, and while there was certainly the possibility that absolutely nothing would happen, or that she’d simply be cut off from her spells and abilities, which wasn’t as terrible, but wouldn’t be enjoyable, either. “Perhaps. Maybe someone here will have more information about such things. I’m not interested in going to a world and suffering for it.” She might be willing to discuss it again later, but that didn’t mean she’d be any more tempted to go to such a place than she was currently.

Shrugging, Torynn tipped her head as she considered what Oryn said, “Wouldn’t they just simply use magic? Or summon beings to do such simple chores for them? That way they could focus on more important endeavors.”

A world with only the small minded? The tip of her tail twitched, and shifted along his arm, “It could be fun for a while. I’ve never been a queen before.” She shrugged; she didn’t truly aspire to such a thing, but.. “I could imagine it being entertaining for a month.” Before it became boring and tedious. Being in charge seemed like a lot of fun until you realized that it actually took work, much of which was of the paper variety.

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