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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Alien concepts. Yes. Like wizards who could only cast spells while wielding a wand, worlds where demons were unheard of, where divine magic was completely absent, where elves were a tiny, subservient race. "I wonder what might happen to me in a world without magic... Not that I can to find out; my being is magical, on both sides of my heritage. I cannot imagine such a world being pleasant in any way, at least, not for me, or someone like me."

Oryn did come across as perhaps more aloof than most humans, but everyone was different. He had yet to attempt any sort of claim on her, which only made her like him all the more. Ivellious and Whitefyre had attempted to monopolize her friendship. House Night star coveted her magical ability, Sarya her stealth and cunning. All had sought to lay some claim or another upon her, but Oryn only made offers.

It was enough that sometimes she wondered if she had misjudged his entire race. Or whether humans on his strange, strange world were more like the elves of hers, if only less covetous. In the end, she decided it was more likely that Oryn sun ply was who and how he was. "something," she ventured, "Are nearly universal. There are always going to be the small minded. Imagine how happy and productive a world without people like that would be, though."

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