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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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It was a fascinating thing, to learn the differences and similarities between the worlds they came from. His world had no daemons, had goblinoid-like elves, and was a place where wizards had to hide their magic. He spoke of religious zealots, and Torynn frowned, they had those on ToriI, too, but even the Zhentarim used magic.

There were differences between arcane and divine casting, but there were those who could manage both. No such thing as magic. That didn't sound nice at all. "I can't imagine living without magic, to be honest, Oryn. But then, the idea of a world untouched by demons and devils is alien to me. Good perhaps, but alien."

Of course Torynn just pushed through it. As distracting as it was, she tried not to let it interfere. But she had too little practice to make the reaction completely unnoticeable. She didn't bother to hope the perceptive mage wouldn't notice; he would, of course, and the sly smile and accompanying squeeze to her tail only served to confirm this fact. Well, and earn another small l shiver from the fey'ri, who took a step closer to him. She didn't like being told what to do, but simultaneously, she didn't want to discourage the wizard, either. "Quite small minded, yes, but it is what it is." Her tail curled around his arm, gentle, but firm as she "petted" him back.

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