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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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The differences and similarities in their magic were interesting. Oryn was obviously a rather practiced mage, his talent one he was born with, much like herself, and yet there were things that she could do that he could not, and vice versa. She certainly couldn’t pick up a wand of True Seeing and cast a different spell with it. Well, perhaps if she tried hard enough she might be able to, but he did it without hardship! But where she could stand still and utter a simple syllable and cast one of her easier spells, he had to make motions in order to cast even the lowest rank of his spells. “Oh yes. Halruaa is an interesting place; they are all capable of at least cantrips, and most can cast novice level spells. Thay is another country where magic is prevalent, another country of wizards, though not everyone there is capable of casting. But magic is common enough in my world that most have at least heard of wizards and sorcerers, or at least have a local cleric with at least a few simple divine works.”

Fathers. Both of them had gotten bad ones, it seemed. Parents were meant to be surpassed by their children; that was their lot in life. Someday, perhaps, very far in the future, Torynn would have a son or daughter who would do her proud. But she would not, she hoped, be the sort of parent one had to banish or ensorcell into a staff. Or sacrifice to banish something worse. “It seems we have plenty in common, Oryn. That’s nice; it’s rare for me to find common ground with people; they see my skin and wings and...tail…” He pet her tail. He pet it, and oh, that felt very nice. The limb went still, and then shivered before shifting to give better access before she continued as if nothing had happened, “and then that’s that. Or I wear a disguise and people don’t know me for what I really am.” She shrugged, as though it weren’t something that troubled her in the least, “It’s good to rid the world of a threat, even for a short time.”

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