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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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She was certainly right, a wizard didn’t give out his secrets, but the more she kept asking him, the more he kept talking, oddly enough. He supposed that his teachers had been right enough that he would have made a fair lecturer if he’d been inclined at all toward a career in academics. Perhaps, some day, when he was older, it was something he would revisit. For now? There were more ambitious goals. “Well, there are some places in my world where wizards cultivate the use of magic without wands, but it’s a fair bit more limited than what you can accomplish with one. I never found the time to go abroad to study there, though I always had meant to.” And, one day, after he’d plundered several more worlds for their magic, perhaps he would go back there. He studied the wand as she discussed it, sure that he could use the magic in it, but taking a moment to analyze it with his own wand as he would any enchanted artifact. Classifying it into his own world’s magical practices, he’d say that it was a charm that broke through misdirections and invisibility, and possibly revealing transfigured objects. As a magical concept, he could work with this to adapt it into a ‘normal’ spell, given a bit of time and experimentation. For now, though, he had the wand, which he waved, activating the True Seeing spell on the both of them. “I suppose I can at that,” he mused, smiling faintly at her before stowing the wand.

Her explanation about the staff, combined with her earlier behavior when she’d talked about making deals with demons, painted him a fair picture of what the circumstances may have been surrounding the creation of that staff. “Well, I’m not one to judge,” he mused. “My own father was a rather wretched person. I daresay that ending his life was one of the more useful things I’ve done, and if you were from my world, you’d know that was saying quite a lot.” Not that he’d been particularly eager to use such a rather dark bit of magic then, nor did he ever wish to repeat the process, but it had been a desperate situation. The fact that it had given him an excuse to kill his father had simply been icing on the proverbial cake.

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