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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Torynn laughed, “Depends on which country you go to. Calimshan will rob you blind if you’re not careful. And an elf will take a dwarf or human for everything they have. Never trust any goblinoid when it comes to money or value. No offense, but human moneylenders tend to be greedier and seedier than most races, but half elves tend to the opposite, maybe because of the elf in them, or maybe because they understand hardship, I don’t know for certain.” She gave him a wide smile, “Never trust a demon offering you a deal. It’s never going to work out for you.” Her tail twitched, reaching to caress the length of the staff she wore, “Ever, even if you’re the one offering a deal.” Fearful loyalty. Torynn laughed at the words, but nodded, “Kindness is a snare that can trap even the most powerful.” Money was important, it offered the ability to live in comfort, but no, there was so much more than financial wealth to the world.

Like magic.

His ultimate refusal to take her things for what she had to assume was meant to be a shared venture (else why speak to her of it at all?) earned him a shrug and a long reassessment. It was odd that someone would speak of business with someone else who wasn’t meant to be involved or invest in said business. Oh, certainly, when she put on one of her disguises and spoke to her contacts, she might ask how business was doing, but it was a very general thing. Oryn was discussing the intricacies of this proposed business model, and yet he wanted nothing from her but opinions and ideas? Odd. Her tail twitched again, “I didn’t mean to say that we should put my things on shelves for others to handle or gawk at, Master Vance.” She laughed at his proclamation that he didn’t intend to offer his most powerful wonders, “Well, of course not. No wizard worth their salt gives all of their power away!” She reached to pat his hand to show she had meant no offense, “And you certainly seem worth your salt, my friend, or I would not be sitting with you here, would I?”

“You need a wand to cast?” She considered, “Wizards, on my world, need a focus for many spells, certainly for the more complicated ones. But not necessarily a wand.” She looked at the wand he had toyed with, then shook her head, “To see you cast something other than the spell this was meant for… That is something, Oryn.” She offered him the more powerful wand, not her finest, but true seeing was an exceptionally useful spell. And one she was loathe to be completely without any given day. You never knew when you would need to see beyond the obvious. With a tip of her head, “My gift to you.” She could make another, and this would seal their friendship just that much further. “The spell that wand holds is not a combative magic, but a revealing one. Very useful.” She looked at the wand before she asked him, “Do you think you could use the wand as a wizard of my world would, or only as a focus for your own magic?”

The look that Oryn wore when she explained about the staff was telling. Obviously, his world did not often… Well, neither did hers, not everywhere. But it was common enough that he understood what she meant, and that was something. “It’s considered rather dangerous on my world as well. And it is not the kindest existence for her,” she shrugged easily, “But it is kinder than the fate my father had planned for her. Besides,” her smile slid into something less amused, touched by something sad and almost angry, “My mother was not the kindest. This,” she tapped the wood of the staff, “Is apt for her.” She arched a brow, “The process? Well, it’s not a short or easy thing to do, Oryn. But the result,” she hefted the staff, which deceptively gave off a far more mild magical aura than it should, “Is worthwhile.”

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