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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Intelligent giants, now there was a frightening prospect. Those brutes, but with actual tactical sense? The world wouldn’t know what destroyed it, he had a feeling. The main defense that wizards (and muggles, for that matter) had against them was that they were too stupid to really get ambitious. He was going to remain glad that his world hadn’t had to deal with any real thought from them.

He chuckled quietly when she called him a moneylender. “Now, when you say it like that, it just sounds crude,” he joked. “I’m glad you approve, though. I intend for it to be completely honest… I don’t think there will be any need to resort to trickery or anything so uncouth. If people can manage to come up with the money to regain their possessions, I can always make them offers they can’t refuse if they have anything of particular interest to me.” And, of course, sometimes this wouldn’t work, but there was always something else about to come into the door… assuming he hadn’t been able to unlock the item’s secrets while it was left in his care.

“And speaking of interest…” He hadn’t missed her hand’s idle touch to the staff (again), and he decided that addressing the issue wouldn’t be imprudent at this time. “I’ll admit to my curiosity ever since you rescued that staff from the hidden vault. What, precisely, is it?” He wasn’t going to come right out and ask if he could see it… not yet, at least. Some people’s possessions were quite dear to them, too dear to allow foreign hands on. He would, after all, be loathe to let someone else handle his wand… although perhaps he’d make an exception for Torynn. While he waited for an answer, he picked up one of the wands, studying it, overcome by another curiosity. He slid his own wand back into its holder and ran his fingers over the one he’d picked up. He could tell that it was a wand meant to cast a specific spell on her world, but it could be used as a magical focus. He could tell that it had a finite number of charges available to it as well… Experimentally, he pointed it at the fireplace on the other side of the room. “Incendio,” he murmured, sending a jet of flame across the room. Simple spells, apparently, were possible from it, but what about… Standing, he began weaving a spell in front of him, silvery lines of magic trailing from the tip of the wand, but halfway through, the magic failed and the spell vanished. Oryn looked down at it and frowned, then shrugged. “Not enough power to cast something of real power from my world,” he admitted, setting it back down and drawing his own back out as he returned to his seat. “Although definitely still useful,” he added quickly. “Apologies, wands are a… complex subject on my world.”

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