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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Tedious habits, speaking too much on knowledge. This man, the world he hailed from, had some very odd and archaic beliefs and social rules. Each culture had different sets of rules; what would be rude to do in one culture would be insulting to leave out in another. Elves, humans, halflings, gnomes, dwarves… The so-called ‘civilized’ races couldn’t even agree on what was proper etiquette, then there were the subraces, the kingdoms and city-states, the supposedly ‘lesser’ races, and that was just on her home world. For a moment, Torynn wondered if she would exhaust herself simply learning what was considered polite manners to Oryn’s people, and to those other people in this place. Honestly, that seemed like a complete waste of time. Oryn, perhaps, was someone she might invest her time into; she liked the mage enough to figure out how not to insult him, and he was offering her companionship as well as food and shelter and learning, but the rest of these people? Let them make the attempt first before she went out of her way for any of them. Keeping your findings to yourself seemed like a bad way to make progress as a society, but she supposed when the alternatives were madness and worse, perhaps they had reason to have developed such a system.

It wasn’t like they were demons or Thayans working to undermine the education of others or to corrupt and turn them against each other or something.

As heartening as it was to hear that there were similarities between their worlds, the fact that it was in giants and ogres and their half-breeds was just a little bit of an oddity. Elves were so vastly different, more like kobolds in personality, and looked like goblins. They had no concept of demons or devils or other outsiders at all… Torynn had to wonder if there would be a place for her there that wasn’t surrounded by iron bars. Oryn seemed rather receptive to her and her appearance, but then he had traveled to a new world, he had to have been expecting to come across strange and exotic peoples. “Ogres, where I’m from, aren’t terribly bright. Giants can be magnificently intelligent, though they have a similar range as the rest of the higher races - they have their half-wits as well as their geniuses.

The secrets of the omniverse. Torynn had spent time in the companionship of a Planeswalker for a short time when she and her compatriots had needed to leave their plane on their quest. She understood more about the planes than most people could claim, and had visited (and survived) many more than her share. She wouldn’t have claimed to be an expert, but this, Hub, offered the chance to best the experts on even Sigil. He called the parchment and she smoothed it as she looked it over, a smile growing on her face. She laughed softly, “A moneylender, hm, Master Vance?” the amusement that lit her eyes was not a small thing, but it was accompanied with approval as well. “I think you have hit upon an excellent idea, my clever friend.” Torynn nodded at the potions list he had, and then pulled two similar (but different) wands from her bandolier before joining them with a handful of what looked to be runes, “I can make things as well; I’m no alchemist, but wands and small wonders are things I have spent time learning how to craft.” Her hand drifted to the staff on her back, the very one she had so diligently sought, and had finally found when he had revealed the hidey-hole that had belonged to the archmage Paeris. She would never part with the staff, but she could make others. She was skilled, and while she would never make another to match the one she carried (unless it was for herself or someone who had earned her protection), she could make lesser staves for those who travelled through this place. Shrugging, she looked at Oryn, “I think it is not a bad life, what you propose, and it sounds very profitable. I also think that it would do us good to have an adventure from time to time, lest we grow too complacent.” She grinned to her companion, “And adventuring is also a profitable venture.”

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