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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Secrets they ought not to contemplate… Torynn arched a brow, “Your world contains secrets people don’t feel they should even think about, let alone learn?” That was something interesting. It was also a difference between their worlds; her own world even had a group dedicated to learning everything they could and then sharing it with anyone who was interested in learning it as well. There were a lot of reasons to dislike or fear the Harpers, especially for a Fey’ri, but Torynn actually found that she agreed with their fundamental belief that knowledge should be free and accessible. Imagine that. An ‘evil’ Fey’ri agreeing wholeheartedly with a group of ‘goodly’ people. Inconceivable! On his world, however, it seemed that the government determined what knowledge was appropriate for the people they governed. Torynn wasn’t entirely certain that’s what he really meant, but if it was, well, she felt bad for those people. Told what they could learn and know…

Then again, if wizards who continued to study the secrets that had been declared off limits had lost their minds, their sanity, or themselves (and themselves might be more accurate), then Torynn supposed that she could understand the need to limit the knowledge about such things that made it into the hands of the public. It would be a very bad thing for rogue mad mages to be wandering about all over the place. She considered what had happened with some of the more notable insane wizards where they decided to settle down and agreed that yes, in some cases, keeping knowledge quiet, if not forbidden, could be understandable. That didn’t mean that she didn’t still dislike it; it didn’t sit well with her, not really, but she wasn’t going to tell her new friend that the way his people handled things was barbaric and unjust. That wouldn’t like sit well with him, after all. When he commented that he’d spoken enough on the subject, she smiled, “Can one work ‘too much’ on their magic and knowledge? I’m not certain, but I would hardly disagree with a shift to lighter topics for a time. Work is nothing to fear, but distress should be taken in small amounts.”

These ‘house’ elves as he called them were indeed fascinating. So unlike the haughty, superior race she had grown up all too familiar with. He spoke about loyalty, and compared it to the loyalty one felt for their home country or kingdom, and Torynn fell deeply into thought of that. At first, she disagreed; why would someone stay in a city or country that mistreated them? That made no logical sense, and yet…

He had found her in a crumbling tower from which, at its highest point, you could just barely see the city where she had called home so very long ago. Why had she stayed? Well, aside from looking for her staff, which had actually been one of the main reasons she’d crossed a damn dessert to get back to Cormanthyr. Or at least, that’s what she’d told herself.

That she hadn’t actually used the intricately carved wooden staff since she’d found it was besides the point.

Oryn, however, brought up the interesting topic of halfbreeds and interspecies breeding, and Torynn was grinning, “Oh, plenty of races interbreed where I’m from. Half elves, half orcs… Half ogres are a strange breed, but they can be quite useful. I am Fey’ri as you know, but then there are the Tannaruk, which are orcs and the Tannar’i.. The Tieflings.. Humans tend to breed with other species quite often, actually. I wonder if there’s ever been a half gnome…” She gave a full body shudder - the reckless intellect of a gnome combined with the self righteous ignorance and adventuring spirit of a human? That was actually just a tiny bit worrying. “I rather hope not.” Half giant? Hm. “I’ve never met a half giant. But if they’re bumbling and oafish, they sound more like half ogres than giants to me. Giants are…” she shrugged, “Not oafish. At all. Huge, but clever and more agile than you’d think.”

The use of magic was something that Torynn was accustomed to; she had apprenticed to an archwizard, and had learned plenty. And the tower, when it had still been maintained and bustling with the business of a wizard and his entourage, had been filled with magic spells and unseen servants and magical creatures. Magic was everyday, it was commonplace, at least in her life. She wouldn’t want it any other way. His question, however, was met with a thoughtful dip of her lips, not quite a frown, but approaching it, “There’s so many options,” and the almost-breathlessness she spoke with made it clear this had never been a problem before. As a Fey’ri, she’d only had so many options, and now… “There is no prevailing prejudice against my race here. People are fooled by magic more easily than they are in my homeworld. It leaves me with more options than I was prepared to weigh. I have my gifts; magic, swordsmanship, stealth, flight. Most of my kind were either villains in their own right, or worked for others. Those of us whose interests lay elsewhere had a harder time of things. I adventured with a group for a time, and that was very profitable, but I am not entirely sure if such a life is necessary here.”

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