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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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“Oh, I’m even speaking in jest,” Oryn said, “People have driven themselves mad with ill-advised delving into secrets they ought not try to contemplate. On my world, I worked for a department that researched all such secret knowledge, things that we might need not let the population at large know about. We’ve researched the flow of time, the process of death, the very makeup of magical forces… but one thing we’ve not been able to determine is where magic comes from. It was a study that was discontinued nearly a century ago, with a ruling to not re-open the subject until two centuries had passed so that other matters, matters which might cause progress for the practice of magic at large, could progress. The hope, I believe, was that if the matter was set aside for the time being, an answer might be discovered indirectly, or our base of knowledge might have improved enough that we could find some answer. Still… some didn’t like the idea, I suppose, and continued some last-minute experiments while the rulings to discontinue funding to that project was being processed. I’ve read the file on their results, the effect on them was… disturbing. Even distressing.” Oryn shuddered slightly, then shook his head. “But I believe I’m being long-winded again about matters which may be boring to those who don’t work too much as I do,” he admitted, casually waving his wand and causing their glasses to refill.

“It’s actually a fascinating phenomenon from an academic standpoint,” he put in regarding the house elves. “They show a loyalty to their household that is similar to the loyalty that a person shows to their country. A person might be driven down, might be mistreated by their government, but by and large they will refuse to leave, will retain their loyalty to that place, for reasons that would baffle most anyone observing the situation.” He regarded the book with her for a moment, then shrugged. “It’s possible… anything’s possible. I’ve never heard of any attempts by elves and goblins to interbreed, which would put some weight behind them having some sort of relation. But no, nothing like you on my world, my dear. Not to say that there aren’t some creatures that interbreed with humans… there are some people who have a few drops of giant blood or goblin blood or elf blood in them, although don’t ask me how those pairings occur, the answer is likely unpleasant. A few others, as well… Veela come to mind, though I’ve only heard of those. I had a genius of a teacher who appeared to have some goblin blood somewhere in his past, and my school employed a half giant as well… a big, bumbling oaf of a man, though admittedly brilliant when it came to handling magical creatures.”

He gave a wave of his wand when she didn’t seem interested in the book any longer and sent it gliding back to its place on the shelf. “So, I’m curious whether you’ve given any thought to what you’ll be doing after you’ve taken some time to spread your wings a bit and see the sights here?” he ventured, peering at her questioningly over his glass.

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