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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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There were moments that could help define a person’s relationship with another person. Moments that could build or break trust. Moments that could endear or estrange people. When Torynn had asked about where the magic in Oryn’s homeworld came from, she hadn’t realized that this could become one of those moments. And yet, there it was, showing up gently, quietly, and unexpectedly. It was genuine, how he looked as though he’d bitten into something too tart for his taste, and Torynn’s lips spread into a delighted grin. Honesty was a delicious fruit, one that she always came upon without realizing it, because there were precious few people who would be forthright and honest with a Fey’ri. It was precious, and it was meaningful to see him admit, obviously making him unhappy to do so, that he didn’t know where his magic actually came from. The sound Torynn made wasn’t a laugh or giggle, but it was a sound of delight nonetheless, and her tail twitched with similar emotion behind her before reaching out to caress his hand lightly. “If nothing else, the ability to use it comes from within. Makes you think, doesn’t it? On Toril,” she spoke the name of her home with a shrug, “We know where the magic comes from. Part of it is from within us, part from nature itself, and part from the gods.” The way she spoke the last word was with the confidence of someone who knew their gods were real, because the gods responded to prayers, they interacted with their followers. “I cannot imagine not knowing where my magic comes from. You might say it in jest, but I can believe that people could drive themselves mad trying to figure it out if there are no answers available.”

No ambition to be free or independent. Torynn made a face at the very idea, disgust the prevailing emotion here. She was the opposite of what his elves were; she would fight against slavery or confinement to the ends of her ability, until she couldn’t anymore. The idea of someone who would seek it out willingly, and ‘thrive’ in that situation was entirely alien to her. “Elves are softer things than goblins.” she said the words with a shrug, and then smiled at him, “I am both very glad that the elves of my world are not like yours, and simultaneously sad that they are not. My life would have been easier if so, but then I likely wouldn’t exist, and I do enjoy existing a bit too much to wish otherwise.” She looked at the goblins, they were slightly different than those she knew, too, but there were obvious similarities. “They do. I wonder if on your world they shared a common ancestor.” That would be interesting, and amusing. “But nothing like the Fey’ri on your world. Well, I can’t say that it’s not a little bit gratifying to hear that… Fresh starts in new places are too uncommon not to appreciate when you find one.”

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