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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Where did magic come from… That was an excellent question. As Oryn wracked his brain, there was only really one answer that came to him, and that answer made his face twist up as if the words were the most disgusting thing to ever pass through his mouth. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I believe that at least some of it must come from within. Many creatures on our world have traits that suggest that magic is an inborn trait, and I suppose wizards are no exception. Those who repress their power tend to destroy themselves rather spectacularly as their magic fights back against them, sometimes to horrifically destructive effect. I believe, then, that it is something unique about the wizard’s life, their essence, that contains their magic and lets them impose their will upon the world. It is, however, not something that is much thought about, because it is not a perspective that we have had reason to consider. A person has magic, or they do not. If they do, then if they apply it in specific ways, they will have a specific, known result. The thought of ‘why’ or ‘how’ is a question that is left to philosophers to wax poetic about until they’ve driven themselves mad with circular reasoning.”

On the subject of house elves, he was much less concerned with his lack of knowledge. “They generally don’t show any ambition towards it. Obviously, there are some who break the trend, but by and large, their peers look at them as misfits and fools. Obviously, some exceptions apply. If one is mistreated horribly, it will seek to be released, and may try to trick its way into being freed, but often they’ll seek work with another household where they will be treated more fairly. I have no idea if this is a habit that was born of their culture before their contact with wizards or if it has been a learned behavior. I doubt that anyone does anymore. Goblins have retained much of their own culture and values after integrating into the world of wizards, though, so I don’t know why the elves wouldn’t have.” As he mentioned them, he gave a flick of his wand, making the book turn to the page on goblins, for reference. “And yes, they do look quite a bit like them in some ways, I have to agree.”

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