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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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Being able to listen well was a rather uncommon trait. Most people who would label themselves as such were simply capable of remaining silent while someone else spoke; that didn't mean they actually listened. Still, the fact that he asked a relevant question, she smiled at the fact that the wizard had listened. And quietly even! “When I say 'Incubus' I mean a demon; a male demon much like a succubus, yes." She nodded almost to herself as she continued, not completely surprised that his world didn’t know them, "They are not native to our plane, but they can be summoned, and are more often than you might think.” The news that his magic did not pull from the other planes was surprising, though. “Where does your magic pull from, then? Clerics on my world gain their spells from their gods, but wizards and sorcerers, we use our own energy or from the world to pull from the other planes. Sometimes, anyway. "she shrugged, "Depends on the spell." Most people had a problem with her parentage, and the ones who didn’t were all too often rather unpleasant.

There were so many differences between their worlds. And yet, there were also many similarities as well. It was in the sting; so many of the places (planes) she had visited were so very... Alien. Oryn was human, but he wasn't so dissimilar from herself. And he was pleasant company thus far. "The same goes for sorcerers on my world; they aren't terribly uncommon, but most can only cast the simplest of spells.”

When he showed her the book, the picture of what an elf was, the look she gave him was incredulous, "That," she told him, "Is not an elf He looks more like... Perhaps a goblin… Or an imp, only without wings. And with humanist colored skin. Those are another sort of demon.” Thrive on servitude. That sounded like something people told themselves to rationalize keeping a race of people trapped in servitude. She arched a brow, “Is that so? They have no yearning for freedom? I can’t imagine that sort of life.” The idea of being bound like that was horrific to Torynn, but there were those who were more subservient, who would prefer to live in security, with their lives dictated by another.

Just not her.

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