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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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It had been a long time since she had had someone around who would be happy to see her after being apart for any length of time. It was...strange, but it was a nice sort of strangeness, reminding her of her adventuring days with Ivellious and Whitefyre. And at the same time, Oryn was nothing like either of those friends; where he brought her to this new place and let her go free, her more religious minded friends had sought to ask her to behave herself, as though she were going to run off and do something horribly bad or draw attention to herself. She had never walked into a town with her wings and tail, had she? No, but they had always seemed so worried that she would. Bah. Oryn, however, seemed happy to let her do whatever she wanted.

He hadn’t even messaged her asking when she’d return.

Wasn’t that a relief? Indeed it was! She grinned at him, “Why thank you.” With a laugh, she waved her hand at him, “Oh please, Master Vance, you’re worrying too much. You’re more interesting than that.”

Where they were, however, was one of those things she’d like to have a better grasp on. The inhabitants here didn’t really seem to have a definite idea of where ‘here’ was. It was possible that the wizard, from elsewhere and having found this place, might have a better idea. And it was every bit as possible that she’d simply been speaking to the wrong people. To drink? A slow smile stretched her lips, “If you have an elven wine… I haven’t had any in ages. Otherwise, I’ve no real preference.” Only called Hub. Interesting. “This must be a similar place to Sigil then, but not actually be Sigil.” It made a certain amount of sense, really; there had to be more than one city in order to accommodate everyone. “Hm. Interesting. I wonder if there is a limit to the number of worlds this place can offer access to, or no.”

She sat when he mentioned sitting and smiled, tipping her head as she watched him take his seat, “There are few things that manage to be more enjoyable than a good drink, a comfortable chair, and a warm fire all at once. The topic hardly matters so long as it is interesting.” She made herself comfortable, her wings simply disappearing as she shifted back against the chair, changing her form to match her environment, just enough that she were comfortable. Her tail, prehensile as it was, stayed. While she loved to fly, wings could become arduous and cumbersome, but her tail… Her tail was always useful. “Indeed I do. But I do enjoy my creature comforts. So, what endeavors shall we discuss today, Oryn?”

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