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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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This place that Oryn Vance had brought her to was… Incredible. There were so many sorts of people, and she could feel the hum of magic in the air here, it was thick, palpable. No wonder he had chosen to make this place his home; this place gave him access to so much, so many resources, and knowledge, and people…

Sigil. This had to be, even if it didn’t quite look the way that the stories described it. Perhaps everyone experienced the place differently, or perhaps something had changed recently. Torynn wasn’t really certain, but this city had far too much in common with the fabled city amongst the planes to ignore. Be this place Sigil or something merely very close to that city, Torynn liked it here. There was open sky to fly in, and fly she did, swooping and twisting with aerial acrobatics, laughing happily the entire time.

Finally, she tucked into a neat roll and flew into the second story of the building that was Oryn’s home with a silently duck, her wings folding in neatly against her back as she entered through an open window. Once she had landed easily, she shifted her wings to keep them comfortable, her tail curling behind her as she gave him a smile. She didn’t disturb any of his things, used to taking care with alchemical creations of her own. “This place,” she spoke of the city at large, “Is it the city called Sigil, then? I had been told of the legends of the city, after all, though the legends say that it curls in over itself,” she gestured with her hands to indicate a hollow doughnut shape, “And yet, this city has a sky overhead. I flew as high as I wished, and could not see the other side of the city above me.”

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