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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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In the central part of the Hub, there was a small store. The store sold... well, Oryn wasn't really sure what it sold, he hadn't ever been in there. It wasn't a grocer, and it didn't have any reagents he needed for his own work, and that was really all of the attention that he paid to it. Well... actually, that wasn't necessarily true, he also paid attention to the dimensions of the building and how much business it got. It had a fair amount of business, it seemed to easily stay in business, but it wasn't doing so well that it would think of expanding, and that was all that Oryn cared about. You see... this store's building had a second floor that it didn't even know was there.

Oryn could see it, yes. Those who knew it was there could, as well. TO the rest of the people, though, there was the store, and then there was the sky. The floor between the store and the roof? Well, it simply wasn't there as far as they were concerned.

Today, Oryn was in his study, putting the finishing touches on a potion that he would set to its final simmer today. Stirring finished, he turned the heat up on it, watching as the yellow liquid began to slowly take on a golden sheen. yes, this was going to be a good batch. His new partner in crime might even be back today, if she'd had enough time to get the lay of the land. It would be a pleasant change, he supposed. He was finding himself eager to see the pink-skinned elf again, but he knew better than to try to put a leash on a woman like that.

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