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August 3rd, 2017?

In a lot of ways the nature of the Hub makes it feel as though you are picking up from where you had left off in your own world. There are some major differences but sometimes things seem so normal that you can almost forget. And then you run into some interesting people and you are reminded that you are not in Kansas anymore. But that is half the experience, right? Peter, at least, thinks so and if he is going to be here - for who knows how long - then why miss out? Despite how some might urge him to the contrary, Pete had taken to exploring.

So he has ended up in Hub, the apparent center of this little world of worlds, so to speak. It seemed an interesting place to start. A big city, lots of buildings, lots of people; a variety of people even New York cannot boast when you can claim to have elves and spacemen and whoever else walking your streets or managing your shops. It is an endless amount of intriguing and Peter is every inch the tourist as he gawks about shamelessly.

The kid stares in wonder as he walks along, doing a three sixty to get a good look at his surroundings. He apologizes, face broken into a wide and excited grin, as he nearly bumps into someone as he turns forward again, raising his hand disarmingly. “Sorry, sorry!” Afterward he readjusts the strap of his ever present backpack on his shoulder, bouncing it a little higher on his back.

The sound of music draws his attention to one particular building. There are no windows to the place, only a name he discovers when he looks up. The Green Goddess. Odd name, but restaurants have music and that other place was called the Wandering Moon. Odd names seems to be a common theme around here and his curiosity gets the better of him. He opens the door and steps in. It takes a minute to realize his mistake, cheeks turning red.

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