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Comfort Food
Tag: 616 Steve | August 11
Marvel-616 Universe

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Steve gives Christian a tiny smile. He knows better than most that it's not easy going back to sleep after a nightmare, and anybody who thinks it is just hasn't been unlucky enough to have had too many nightmares.

Then Mr. Stark is calling off the tour and Steve frowns. That's not fair. Christian isn't involved in the awkwardness between Steve and Mr. Stark and he shouldn't have to suffer for it. Steve really hopes Mr. Stark isn't trying to punish Christian for being Steve's friend. Mr. Stark wouldn't be that petty, would he? Surely it's acceptable for Christian to be friends with both of them.

"You don't have to do that Mr. Stark," Steve says, "I'm leaving. You and Christian can have fun."

Steve's sure that without him there some of the awkwardness will bleed away and the two of them will be able to talk shop. Personally Steve thinks both of them need a break from work for a bit.

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Steve was going to leave. And then Chris would be alone with Tony in Tony’s workshop, and Christian wasn’t really all that certain just how he felt about that. Intimidated? Worried? Awed? All of the above. Fear also came into play at the idea of being alone with the man he had idolized for most of his life, not because he was afraid of Tony doing anything (the man was a hero) but because he realized just how he measured up to the man, and really, what did Christian bring to the table? An impeccable sense of color coordination? Feh.

So yeah, Steve leaving, maybe not such a great thing. But Chris was perceptive enough to think that maybe leaving Tony on his own right now wouldn’t be a good idea, either. So he had quietly determined to stay, just for a little while. Hopefully long enough for Tony to find his center.

Tony’s sudden withdrawal of the tour (or not entirely sudden, as Chris had offered the man the opening) earned him a slow nod, accepting the statement without complaint. It wasn’t resentment or even disappointment in his brown eyes when he looked at Tony quietly as Steve left, not turning to leave yet himself. Sure, it was disappointing to not get the tour. Sure, he’d mope about it later. Tony was his hero, Christian wanted to learn about him, wanted to get to know the man. But more importantly, Chris understood that something was wrong, that Tony was hurting, and he was pretty sure he had something to do with it, even if he had only the vaguest ideas of what that something might be.

So Chris waited until Steve was long gone, out of even super soldier earshot before he spoke, his voice soft. “Tony?” It was easy to miss, the fact that Christian possessed a quiet but unshakeable strength, a steadiness that was often covered by deference and apology, but in this moment, he stood straight, and looked at the genius with that gentle firmness, “Don’t feel bad about the tour; I didn’t mean to press you for it. But…” And this was the hard part. Harder than others might think, considering how few friends Chris really had, “If it really bothers you for me to be friends with Steve… I...won’t be. He’s nice, and he’s thoughtful, which you know,” he offered the other man a small smile, “And I like having him as a friend. I’ve never had anyone just sit with me like that, let me fall back to sleep on them, other than Belle and Safi. But..” he shrugged, “I know how tangled and messy things can get with people. Steve is great, but you’re my friend now, too, and I value that. So if it’s going to hurt you for me to be friends with you both…” He trailed off, turning to leave, and more than that, to hide his face; Tony didn’t need to know how difficult it was, to make that offer, to distance himself from Steve, to pull away from someone who was becoming a friend who saw and didn’t mind his oddities.

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Tony was an idiot. The hot shame that came with realizing that Chris and Steve were only friends--hadn't been doing more than sleeping on that couch--should have been enough to make him feel better. Instead, it only highlighted how pathetic he was, these days, that the merest suggestion that Steve had found someone had nearly sent him over the edge.

He took several deep breaths, reminding himself that even if it had been something else Steve had always had other relationships. Tony had no claim over him no matter what his multiversal counterparts had had. But that wasn't really the problem, either, since he'd never expected that from Steve, especially not this young Steve. No, the problem was that he was losing it, as surely as he'd been losing it back on the helicarrier when he'd been hallucinating dead people. And he really, really wanted that drink. He wanted to not think about how many times Steve had offered him a shoulder after a tough mission, when they were both so exhausted they...

No. Stop it. He had to stop.

He was taking too long to answer, he knew that, and when he finally did it was only to snap at Chris's back in a tight voice, "That's noble and all, but why the hell would I care if you're FRIENDS?" He was on the verge of hysterical laughter and he swallowed it down with an effort. "Look. I'm fine. I'm fine. And even if I wasn't, you'd be an idiot to pick me over him. He's kind and good and gentle and everything and I'm not. Now I just--I need to--" He needed a drink. He really needed a drink. But he cut himself off because Chris with all his comics KNEW, and that was a conversation Tony couldn't have right now. "I need you to leave."

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