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Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Hannibal Cain
full name: Hannibal
nicknames/aliases/code name: Nergal, Seth (Set), Arawn, Cain, Sherlock Holmes
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: yes
species: Immortal (God, but don’t mention that, it’s a whole thing.)
gender: Male
age: Endless (very old)
date of birth: Unknown
place of birth: Dilmun/Eden
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Original
fandom universe: Original
pronouns: he/him
occupation: God/Warlock/Conqueror
languages: Yes, all/any
playby: Hrithik Roshan
height: 5’11
weight: 176 lbs.
hair color: brown
eye color: hazel
distinguishing features: Hannibal is distinguished in just how unassuming and not distinguished he is. At least, until you’ve angered him or earned his attention. And then he is far from unassuming.
sexual orientation: Whatever he damn well pleases. Primarily interested in women, thank you.
family: Pretty much all dead, has children everywhere.
relationship status: It’s one of those sort of complicated things. Technically, he is ‘with’ his Beloved, but that doesn’t mean either of them are completely bound by that relationship. Like I said, complicated.
  • Telepathy, and all that this entails:

    From reading minds to controlling them to just melting them, Hannibal is able to do it all. He is able communicate via his mind to others, as well as understand any and all languages, spoken or not. He can change a person’s mind or simply erase any or all of their memories. He can blast people, he can put them to sleep…

    Moreover, Hannibal is able to command someone to do his bidding.

    In order to focus on a single individual, he would need to be in the same universe and planet as his target. While using his abilities in a wider sense on multiple subjects, he needs to be slightly nearer. In a general sense, Hannibal is able to sense disturbances in the worlds where he rules if they are great enough to garner his attention. They just need to get his attention.

  • Immortality:

    Hannibal will never die of old age, disease, poison, etc. His avatar can be destroyed, and he might even lament it (he’s rather attached to this face) but he can indeed find another if the need should arise. There is always a way to kill someone, even a god, if it can bleed, it can die, after all, and gods have killed each other throughout all of history. Good luck figuring out how to kill an immortal creature of cosmic power, though.

  • Limited Magic:

    Hannibal has the ability to perform ritualistic magic. He is not the sort of deity that can snap his fingers and spontaneously cast a spell (though he does have a few tricks up his sleeve), but he can use rituals to gain the effects he wants and needs.

  • God stuff:

    There is just random stuff that gods and demi gods can do. Slow time in their immediate vicinity to slow walk? Check. Make impossible disguise checks? Yep. Random musical numbers and flash dance mobs? You know it. (Hannibal's life is a bad Bollywood movie. He accepts this.) Expect random acts of awesome and weird in the vicinity of this guy. Just... Expect weird shit to happen.

strengths: See his powers. Mentally, Hannibal is a force of nature, the god of the underworld and able to bring the hurt. Physically, he’s rather unimposing. He can be hurt, his vessel can be damaged or destroyed, and this will certainly affect him.
weaknesses: Hannibal is arrogant, expecting to be pleased, be it out of fear, respect, or love.. He doesn’t suffer fools, and can be quite temperamental. He is a mercurial son a bitch, able to chuckle at a joke one moment and be furious the next; this sometimes can lead to Hannibal overlooking things that he might normally catch, and combined with his overconfidence, this can create blind spots and points of vulnerability. Just because he has a power doesn’t mean he uses it, too. There have been times throughout history where Hannibal has neglected to take action simply because he didn’t deem it necessary, and either he or his followers have paid the price of it.

Hannibal is reliant on having followers. A god’s power stems from belief; this is a well known fact where Hannibal is from, but not necessarily a fact that is known everywhere or anywhere else. One of the reasons that Hannibal is constantly traveling the multiverse is that he is always looking for followers, people to believe in him, and with their belief, fuel his power.
equipment: Clothing, magical/tech amulet that allows him to open portals into the multiverse. Most anything he needs is available in some universe or another, and often in one he has at least a foothold in.

He has gone by many, many names. To the Sumerians and Assyrians, he was called Nergal. The ancient Egyptians called him Sekhet, Seth, or Set. To the Celts he was Arawn. The Greeks called him Hades, the Romans Pluto. In his more human times he has gone by many names. He has had many wives and consorts, and he has existed in some incarnation or form in nearly every corner of the world and throughout most of remembered time. Now, he calls himself Hannibal. It’s a good name, and he’s rather attached to it, so don’t insult the name.

In his home universe, ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ were many; immortal creatures who held vast almost unimaginable amounts of power and ruled their universe according to their own ideals. Their power came from the belief of their followers, which were a limited resource, and thus a resource the gods fought over as a matter of course. Gods killed gods, and in the meantime humanity began to...drift.

Like most of the gods of the world, Hannibal’s powers ebbed and waned as he gained and lost followers. At one point, he found himself no more powerful than a demigod (how humiliating) and took human form to walk the world amongst mankind, calling himself Sherlock Holmes. This was far from the first time he had done something along these lines, remembering that in order to win loyal followers, he had to read their minds and know their hearts, and this was more easily done when he walked amongst them. He met Irene Adler, who also had a spark of the divine about her, and fell in love once again. And then he fell from Reichenbach Falls and became someone else for a time, his own love murdered by his rival, Moriarty.

As time passed, Hannibal defended himself from his fellow gods, and grew more powerful once again, his power increasing with more followers. And then it was Hannibal striking out, killing others who thought to destroy him.

In the end, his universe consisted of himself, and his Beloved, the goddess Mumasa and their followers. From there, they struck out and have conquered many other universes, gaining more and more power as they gained more and more followers.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: the temple to Set (who is also Hades, Nergal, etc), his Palace, and the workshops/homes of his higher loyalists and priests/priestesses.
knowledge level of multiverse: full knowledge, he’s a god, and he’s been at this for a little while.
fandom specific information: He is, in fact, a god in his universe. He is not exactly so well known in Hub. Yet.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: OC
which universe: OC
timeline: Hannibal and his Beloved have been worshipped ‘forever’ by their followers, and they are the only gods left in any of the many pantheons. They have ‘won’ (read: conquered or won over) many universes since they had finished with their own universe, and are now coming to Hub to find their next universe.
where is the Hub portal located: There is no existing portal to their universe from Hub.
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Certainly
mythical creatures: Of course!
other: gods. Gods exist.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? the temple to Set (who is also Hades, Nergal, etc), his Palace, and the workshops/homes of his higher loyalists and priests/priestesses.
RP Sample
Not my first character! ^_^
Hannibal is a… Well, he is not a nice man. He is a god, what do you expect of him? He is powerful, he is worshipped in universes across the board, and on top of all of that, he is a god that is nearly universally feared and/or loathed. Yeah, he doesn’t expect people to adore him, but he does reward loyalty. He expects fear, hatred, loathing. He appreciates respect. Any sort of more positive response to him will be met with suspicion and if it turns out to be legitimate, surprise. He’ll read your mind without even considering to ask for permission, and he will manipulate you for his own entertainment. You’ve been warned.
Love: He has his Beloved, of course. But his attention can definitely be gained elsewhere. This may or may not be detrimental to the person who has gained said attention. But quite possibly it’ll be fun for at least a little while. For as long as Hannibal is kept interested or entertained.

Friendship: Friends? Can anyone truly make friends with a god? Perhaps. Unlikely, but it is not impossible.

Enemies: This is a category for the suicidal. Pretty much those who vex Hannibal end up not doing so well. Don’t fall into this category unless you can withstand the god of the dead. Not a good idea, really.

See Steve, Christian, Clint, etc.
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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

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