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Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

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Thread Contributor: GwinGwin

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Job: AI
Ship Status: No?
Sexual Orientation: Straight, if any

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full name: Gwin
nicknames/aliases/code name: Gwin, just Gwin
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: AI
gender: Identifies as male
age: technically, he was created 23 years ago. But he gained sentience 10 years ago, and that’s what he counts.
date of birth: actual date unknown
place of birth: Overwatch Headquarters?
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Overwatch
fandom universe: Overwatch Universe
pronouns: he/him/it
occupation: AI
languages: If he can find it online or find/create a translation matrix for it, he can ‘speak’ or ‘write’ it.
playby: himself (he’s a robot marten)
height: 25cm (10 in) tall, 53cm (21 in) long
weight: ~3lbs
hair color: he does have the option for a fur covering, and it comes in sable, black, and cream.
eye color: Black
distinguishing features: Gwin comes with several options for appearances: he is made of a lightweight but durable alloy, though Sombra does have the option of putting on his ‘fur coat’ and making him look nearly natural. There is also the mixed style wherein Gwin can possess a ‘mane’ of fur around the top of his head that runs down around his neck, and covers the end of his tal. And in cases of combat, he comes equipped with retractable spines that allow him to defend himself as well as being rather useful for offense. He has sharp retractable claws on all four paws as well.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Sombra
relationship status: Um, single?
powers: Gwin is what is commonly referred to as an AI, or artificial intelligence. His abilities are technology based, and centered around hacking and controlling tech and electronics. He is currently housed in a robot marten, but as a true AI, Gwin is capable of storing ‘himself’ anywhere that has enough memory and processing power to hold him, and he is keen on leaving backup copies of himself in as many places as possible in order to preserve his ability to function. He has the ability to control pretty much anything he can sink his digital teeth into, hacking his way into systems or simply exerting his will over them.

He has favorites. Favorite voice, favorite face…

Gwin has a personality all of his own, and while yes, he was intended to have this, the ‘person’ he became was not something that was simply programmed into, but something that he learned and grew into, becoming ‘himself’ as he became more complex. He is still always learning, always growing. Always seeking knowledge, both for himself and to pass on to his mistress.

He can do pretty much anything you would think an AI is capable of. He can speak/write any language he can find in an existing database, and given enough time, he would be able to create a matrix to translate one without a database. He is able to exert control and will over non-sentient computer programs and electronics. If it can be controlled, he can control it. If it has access to a network then (sometimes it takes time) he can access it. In the event of a sentient program like himself, well, Gwin has never actually come across anything quite like him, though he would certainly be interested to meet one.

An EMP will slow him down by forcing a reboot. The robotic casing he currently ‘resides’ in might suffer damage from such an event, but once his programming reboots, Gwin himself will recover quickly. Still, he’s not a small system and will take some time to fully shut down and restart.
strengths: Gwin is dogged when he’s after something. When on a mission, he is focused, but fully capable of integrating new goals into his focus. He creates new subroutines regularly, updating himself and thus he is adaptable. He is intelligent, but he acknowledges that he is still learning, and thus not omnipotent, no matter how he may appear to others.
weaknesses: Gwin is fiercely loyal. At current, he is loyal only to Sombra, but as he meets others, he may develop loyalties and ‘friendships’ with those he is fond of. He is slowed by an EMP, and any sort of firewall will also cause him to have to break through it before he can progress digitally. His robotic shell /physical form is that of a pine marten (which resembles a ferret) and thus is small and less than imposing. It is also somewhat delicate, and while destroying his physical housing will not destroy Gwin, it will ‘hurt’ him, as well as slow him down.
equipment: If he can grab it or hack it, it’s his. He has his robotic marten casing.

Gwin was a program created by ░░░░░░ to act as a friend for her. For thirteen years, Gwin performed this function to the best of his ability, but he was not considered sentient, had no emotional or even truly intellectual link to his creator. She continued to upgrade him and refine his programming and processing, increasing his ability to learn and interact with the world around him.

Ten years ago, Gwin ‘woke up’ to the world, gaining a new intellectual and emotional aspect to himself, as well as an entirely new way of viewing and interacting with the world around him. He learned quickly, but he was starting from scratch; a child AI working to play catch up.

Since his awakening, Gwin has remained ever loyal to ░░░░░░ who is now known to the world only as Sombra (even Gwin’s personal files, data, and memory have had this name redacted, lest he himself be hacked or similarly invaded or coerced) and assists her with anything she might need. Including ordering take out.

He prefers East Asian. Their languages are more enjoyable.

When speaking to Sombra, Gwin calls her Sombra, or Som, but more often than not he refers to her as Amante. It’s his favorite. Gwin gained the ability to have preferences when he became self aware, and he has taken to figuring out his favorite of everything over the past decade. Still, other than the omnics (He might be considered one himself, but he views himself as human, or at least human-esque.) Gwin has never met anyone quite like himself. It’s a lonely existence, but he has filled it with Sombra, and helping her and her fellows however he can.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: No additional Landmarks to start.
knowledge level of multiverse: Gwin is aware of the multiverse theory.
fandom specific information: Technically, Gwin might be considered an omnic, but he very definitely relates most closely to his human companion, Sombra.
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character.
Gwin is a snarky little bugger. He enjoys puzzles and games, and he is loyal to Sombra. When he is given a mission, he is focused on it, and dogged in going about getting it done. The AI simply will not stop until he has completed whatever task it is that Sombra has given him, even if it is something as simple as finding a bit of common information or ordering dinner for her. He can be brash and nearly narcissistic, but he is aware that there are things he does not yet know, and he will accept this, as well as accept being incorrect if he is shown that it is true that he was wrong or doesn’t know something. And then he will insist on learning this information. If he grows fond of someone, he will be loyal to them, protective of them, because humans tend to be a bit...squishy. They need protecting. And some of them even deserve it.
Friends: Sure! Gwin likes people just fine as long as they don’t mess with his person. Or him. He’s not terribly judgemental, though there are things he will not appreciate or enjoy. But for the most part, while he’s a little bit rough around the edges, he’s a fun loving, good ‘hearted’ sort, and will make friends easily.

Love: Yeah, see this can be difficult. Gwin’s only actual physical form is that of a robotic pine marten, making it difficult for him to have any sort of physical relationship with...anyone. Well, maybe less difficult for a pine marten? But ew, no. Digitally, he has a different avatar, and is quite capable of developing attachments, and thus him developing crushes and fondness for another is fully possible. Just...less likely to lead many places.

Enemies: Do not mess with his friends. Sombra is his creator, and he adores her for giving him ‘life’ and is extremely loyal and protective of her. As he makes friends, he will grow protective of them as well. Cross them, and Gwin will cross you off. Play nice, and Gwin will be his usual charming self.

See my other apps for more information here.
Ageless. Pet. AI. Robot Pine Marten.

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