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July 5th, Tag 616-Tony

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Jasmine (starkly-tony)

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Close. Great. "I have nothing against your brother," Tony said. He'd yet to really tangle with him one-on-one. Though he had been against Registration like the rest of the X-Men, that was hardly something Tony held against anyone. "It's the...honest thieving I'm not so sure about."

As he spoke, his eyes followed the bourbon from the waiter's hand to Henri's hand, and then to his lips. He thought he'd gotten used to the idea of alternate versions of himself, including alternate versions of himself that still drank, watching Henri was something else. As if his brain kept registering Henri as a reflection in a mirror, or worse, as a memory or old footage of the days when he'd been pickled out of his mind.

"Uh...that's right," he said, shaking himself slightly. "I take it you've heard of me as well?"

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“Oh?” Henri’s eyes gleamed amused at his wife’s reveal of Stark's claim “An’ do yo’ t’ink we should sell Cheri?” Henri lifted her hand to his lips, brushing over it lovingly, it was not for show, in that moment he had eyes only for her. Henri adored his wife, and while he had in the past used her to distract a mark...there was no need for guile here. He wished to be affectionate, and so he was.

“Oui.” Henri turned his attention back to Stark, his friendly smile undimmed. “I have heard of you. Met a few o’yo as well. Es more suppriseing fo’ me dat yo are no from a world wit a Henri.”
Marvel-X-men Comics-1

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"Because de world of big business es so honest an' above board, mais?" Mercy asked with a raised eyebrow "O' es et no stealin' when yo' have yo' lawyer do et wit' a fountain pen?" she noticed his discomfort as Henri sipped his drink, and wondered at it. Her Henri enjoyed a few fingers of bourbon or a glass of wine-as she herself did, but he seldom drank to excess. She wondered if that had not been the case for this man who shared her husband's face.

"Non." she said, smiling back at her husband's jest "Ah t'ink we should keep de place. Et es comfor'ble , non?" smiling also at the brush of lips on her hand. Mercy enjoyed Henri's affection, whether it was done to distract someone or simply for the sake of doing it.

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