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Thread Contributor: TaopaipaiTaopaipai
Dragon Ball Z-Universe 7

16 Posts
2 Threads
Job: Assassin/Hitman
Ship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

All Accounts Posts: 45
Points: 285.72€
full name: Taopaipai
nicknames/aliases/code name: Mercenary Tao
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: Yes
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 350+
date of birth: October 30th, Age 459 (Dragon Ball Z Years)
place of birth: Blublu Village (no longer exists)
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Dragon Ball Z
fandom universe: Dragon Ball Manga/Anime
pronouns: He, him, his, etc
occupation: Assassin/Hitman
languages: English, Japanese
playby: Hwang Jang Lee
height: 5'10" (178 cm)
weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
hair color: Black
eye color: Small, beady black
distinguishing features: Long, braided ponytail tied back with a pink ribbon the end, pink chang pao with the kanji symbol for kill on the front and the phrase KILL YOU! on the back, small thin mustache.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Older Brother, the Crane Hermit Master Shen
relationship status: Single
powers: Super Strength: Taopaipai has shown off incredible displays of strength in the past that makes him an incredible threat to almost anyone he faces in hand-to-hand combat. His most exponential feat of strength came after he killed General Blue and accepted the contract to kill Son Goku, where he simply tapped a pink marble pillar with his index finger on the top and with his toe on the bottom, then catching it as if it weighted nothing. He then tossed this pillar, which more than likely would weight around 3 tons, into the air like a ballistic missile in one direction, then rode it 2,300 kilometers in a span of 30 minutes with it never slowing down or being affected by gravity. He did all of this without any visible sign of strain or exhaustion, making his strength so massive that it's possible he could lift objects in the tens of thousands of pounds, even up to 100 thousand pounds. This, obviously, makes him a force to be reckoned with, and oddly enough he can use this strength to attack with almost any part of his body, even using his braided ponytail as a whip of sorts.

Super Speed: To go with his incredible strength, Taopaipai is also extremely fast. He is capable of moving at speeds that to the average human eye, he is merely a blur, and with a particular pushing of his speed, he can leave images of himself in his previous location that slowly fade away. With his speed, he is even shown to not only be able to react in time to avoid being shot by a bullet, but he actually moved so fast that while he was walking away from a sniper that took a shot at him, he kicked his slipper off of his left left foot in a way that it launched up into the path of the bullet, and actually caused the bullet do be deflected back in the direction of the sniper. Since bullets travel at 2,500 per second, this essentially means that at his full speed, he can travel faster than 1,700 mph on foot.

Super Reflexes: To go along with his movement and attack speeds, Taopaipai's reflexes are top-notch, allowing him to instantly react to any threat that comes his way, at least so long as it's moving fast enough he himself is capable of seeing it coming.

On Guard Durability: So long as Taopaipai is on his guard, he can harden his body with the usage of Ki to make himself far more durable against the attacks of his enemies, even being able to bounce bullets off of his body when they come into contact with him, which is a technique that most fighters from his universe can do. However, even if he is on his guard, if the opponent launches a powerful enough attack at him, it will still harm him.

Energy Expulsion: In Taopaipai's world, the strongest fighters have access to an Energy called Ki, which makes them capable of supernatural feats such as flight and firing highly destructive energy attacks. Tao can use this energy in the form of throwing out blasts and spheres as basic maneuvers, or he can hone his energy into a single thin point, on the tip of his finger to be exact, and fires a superheated beam he calls the Dodonpa at his energy that can either leave fatal burns, explode on contact, or pierce straight through an opponent depending on what he decides. His skill with this allows him to fire this with little to no warning, and less than a second. While the Dodonpa is particularly powerful, if there's a big enough of a power difference between himself and his enemy, it won't do anything to them even if it's a direct hit.

Some Resistance to Telekinetic/Paralyzing Attacks: Taopaipai has shown off an incredible iron will, and can forcefully shrug off any attempts by an opponent to paralyze him, whether it be through Telekinesis or other means. However, this requires his own will and power being stronger than his enemy's for it to be effective.

Eternal Life: At some point in time during his life, Taopaipai found a way to make his lifespan infinite. While he can still die like the average person, his Eternal Life makes him immune to diseases, poisons, and the passage of time, making it virtually impossible for him to succumb to natural causes. However, he still needs to eat and drink like the average person.

strengths: Martial Arts Master: Being the little brother of an accomplished Martial Arts Master, Taopaipai learned how to fight as a small child. Combined with the centuries he's lived and his supernatural powers, he is a complete nightmare to face in hand-to-hand combat.

Weapons Master: Taopaipai may be a monster in terms of fighting ability and powers, but that doesn't mean he won't use weapons. Hidden on his person are many kinds of weapons, some hidden in capsules he can pull out. While his preferred weapon is a sword, he is just as skilled with other weapons, ranging from things like spears and clubs, to even modern ballistic weapons and explosives.

Intricate Knowledge of Anatomy: Taopaipai has such masterful knowledge of anatomy, and what with almost all beings in his universe having them, he can expertly strike pressure points to disable/paralyze, or even kill, a foe with ease. With just one finger, or even through usage of his tongue, he can knock out, disable, or kill an opponent with a simple poke to a pressure point, although his ability to kill a person with them depends on which pressure point he strikes. This also gives him the ability to know where exactly on the body to strike for maximum damage and pain infliction.

Assassin Training: Although he didn't learn these skills from anyone and instead was self-taught in this category, Taopaipai is an assassin of awe-inspiring skill, possessing even more subtle skills such as in the fields of stealth and pickpocketing. This, combined with his skills and powers, makes him an assassin with little-to-no competition.

Shrewd Businessman: Taopaipai is a man who knows he's strong and skilled, and also knows that his services are a godsend to anyone who can afford to pay him. As a result of that, Taopaipai will often demand high prices to get him to do a job, his usual fee being 10 Million, but he will occasionally offer special discounts depending on the circumstances. In the event his employer doubts his abilities, he is perfectly happy to show off his immense repertoire to prove he is worth the price he demands for his services.

Dirty Fighter: Taopaipai may be a Martial Artist, but he is not someone who believes in concepts like honor or fair play. Although one to typically rely on his skills to handle things, if they alone aren't doing anything, he will often resort to dirty tactics to try and gain the upper hand.

weaknesses: Human Frailness When Off His Guard: While Taopaipai is extremely durable when on his guard, the same is not true when he is off his guard. If he is in a situation where he isn't expecting an attack or some other kind of maneuver that puts him in danger, it can hurt him real badly, even kill him if it's close enough or powerful enough.

Coward: If Taopaipai loses in such a way that he realizes he can't beat the person who beat him no matter what he does, he will develop a severely crippling psychological fear of them, and will do whatever he can to avoid having to fight them, even if it means running away from jobs he was paid to do.

equipment: Tons of Weapons: Taopaipai carries so many weapons around with him that he is a guerrilla fighter's wet dream. He has everything from guns to rocket launchers and grenades, swords, spears, polearms and more, all of which he hides on his person.

Capsules: To hide all of the larger weapons he carries around with him, Taopaipai has a bunch of capsules from his universe that he can use to store large items inside of, even houses and cars, to make them easily portable, making it so he can keep a veritable armory of weapons on him without being weighed down.

Taopaipai was born two years after the first King Piccolo war began, his parents perishing in the conflict that his elder brother Shen served in, alongside fellow student Roshi and their teacher Master Mutaito. After Mutaito sealed King Piccolo away at the cost of his life, Shen became twisted by his grief over the loss of his parents and master, and formed a bitterly rivalry with his long-time friend Roshi. After taking a young Taopaipai in, Shen opened the Crane School of Martial Arts, and both raised and trained his little brother personally.

Right away it was clear that although Shen had more knowledge than his elder in Martial Arts, Taopaipai was by far the superior and stronger of the two when it came to fighting, so much so it formed a bitter rift between them that grew in size to such a point that they would argue over the smallest things, until something as insignificant as a spilled bowl of rice ended their relationship for many years, so much so the two men would go centuries without ever speaking to one another.

It was during these long years apart that, at some point, Taopaipai found a way to obtain Eternal Life, but for most of those years, Taopaipai was little more than something akin to an office worker, going day-to-day working as a salary man and living a relatively peaceful life. However, these years would drag on more and more for him, to such a point they became monotonous, and he decided to spice up his life by becoming an assassin, his training and molding during his time with his brother having given him a severe lack of morals.

For twenty years, he built up his reputation as the best assassin in the business, in the same time frame having reforged his bond with his brother Shen to such a point he helped his brother train the two star students of the Crane, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. However, these years would be uneventful, until he got a call from a man by the name of Commander Red, who was wanting him to take care of a problem he had.

After meeting with the man, he desired to show off his abilities so that Commander Red would know that his reputation was well-earned. So, to test him, Commander Red had Taopaipai face General Blue in combat as a form of punishment for Blue when he failed to defeat Son Goku. Before the fight began, Taopaipai said he would only need his tongue to kill Blue, and he did exactly that, poking the disgraced General in the left temple with his tongue, killing him instantly.

With him having proven his skills to Commander Red, he accepted the contract to kill Son Goku after offering the military commander a 50% discount on his usual fee due to it being his 20th anniversary since he began his career as an assassin. After ripping a pink marble pillar from it's support, he threw it in the air in such a way that it would cruise at mach speeds towards Son Goku, who was all the way on the other side of the world, and surfed it to Goku.

Once he reached his destination, he murdered one of the guardians of Korin's Tower, who's name was Bora, after the man tried to force him off of his people's sacred land. He then fought Goku, but dispatched him with ease. After taking his backpack to head back to Commander Red, he was midway through his travel when he realized that Goku had four Dragon Balls, but there were only three in his backpack. So, he quickly turned around, and beat up Bora's son Uppa for information on Goku's whereabouts.

Goku then came down from Korin Tower, having survived a direct hit from Taopaipai's Dodonpa because he had the Four Star Dragon Ball hidden in his Gi, and fought Taopaipai again. However, due to the training he got while up on Korin Tower, Goku dispatched Tao after he hit the man's grenade back into his face when the assassin tried to kill him while his back was turned.

He showed up a few more times after that, first popping up as a cyborg in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai as a Cyborg, and tried to kill Tien Shinhan due to him and Chiaotzu jumping ship to the Turtle School. However, even with his cybernetics he was inferior to Tien, and was bested, Taopaipai and his older brother Shen going off into hiding. Not much happened after that, aside from him meeting Goku and Gohan years later during the time of the Cell Games, but he quickly gave up and ran away before they could do him any harm. Sometime after that, he died along with his brother when Buu attacked Earth, but was revived later down the road, with his body fully Human once again.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Not really
knowledge level of multiverse: He knows a tiny bit.
fandom specific information: Nope
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Dragon Ball Z
which universe: Dragon Ball Z Universe 7
timeline: Dragon Ball Super Tournament Power Arc
where is the Hub portal located: Outside of the Crane School
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Yes
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? N/A
RP Sample
Personality: Taopaipai is, by his own admission, a complete monster and a killer completely lacking in remorse or decency. He is selfish and a massive penny pincher, he will charge exorbitant prices for his services, but is willing to take any contract necessary to kill anyone, whether they be man, woman or child. A complete sadist in every sense of the word, he sees his job as a Hitman not just as a way to make money, but also as a way to enjoy himself. Possessing a very dark sense of humor, he is no stranger to telling dark jokes that he delights in, and very much enjoys mocking and putting down his enemies.

A complete show off in ever sense of the word, he is quite happy in flexing his muscles and showcasing just how utterly above others he is. He tends to approach fights with most people very casually, shrugging them off as complete inferiors, and is often one to limit himself when in a fight, whether it be only using his tongue to defeat his enemy, or keeping his hands folded behind his back and just using his feet to attack. A complete dirty fighter, if his normal methods of fighting will not work, he will often resort to dishonorable methods to win, whether it be pleading for his life and then trying to sneak attack an enemy, or even resorting to such tactics as hair pulling, eye poking, and groin shots. He will also even go against rules in fights, even if it might result in his immediate disqualification.

However, he is also a huge coward, and if faced with someone who trounced him before, he will panic and run away to avoid having to fight them, though he will often make an attempt to try and distract an opponent with something, whether it be a logic puzzle or a riddle, all the desperate attempt to try and get away with what he did without having to fight them. If they happen to still stand in his way, though, he will give up and run away, even if he is in the middle of a job.

I'm willing to do any kind of topic with you guys as Taopaipai, though I'll most thoroughly enjoy fights between our characters. Just feel free to offer topic ideas to me, and I'll let you know my thoughts on them.

Friends: Taopaipai is naturally an anti-social person, making friends with him isn't outright impossible, but usually it'll only be towards people of a similar mindset as him.

Enemies: Tao's personality is naturally geared towards him making a lot of enemies. His snide mannerisms, his arrogance, his sadism, his cruelty, and his enjoyment of murder, he will not be liked by a lot of people.

Relationships: It is not out of the realm of possibility for Taopaipai to potentially form a romantic relationship with someone. If he manages to find a woman who is very much like himself in mindset, it is within the realm of possibility that he might fall in love.

nicknames: Waffles, Tony
age: 25
pronouns: He, him, his, etc
timezone: Central Standard Time
contact: Skype or Discord
triggers: None that I can think of
mature threading: I am open to them
other characters: Adelaide Armistead
about: Everything you need to know here is in my Adelaide profile.
350+. Assassin/Hitman. Rogue. Hwang Jang Lee.

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