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Thread Contributor: Adelaide ArmistedAdelaide Armistead
Marvel-X-Men MCU

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Job: Crime Boss/Businesswoman
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Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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Adelaide Armistead
full name: Adelaide Éléonore Colette Renée Armistead III
nicknames/aliases/code name: Madame Boss
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: Yes
species: Mutant
gender: Female
age: 45
date of birth: October 13th
place of birth: Alsace, France
starting location: X-Men MCU
originating fandom: N/A
fandom universe: X-Men MCU
pronouns: She, her, hers, etc
occupation: Aristocrat/Businesswoman/Crime Boss
languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.
playby: Helena Bonham-Carter
height: 5'5
weight: 145 pounds
hair color: Can vary
eye color: Can vary
distinguishing features: N/A
sexual orientation: Bisexual
family: A Son & Daughter
relationship status: Single
powers: Snake Physiology: Adelaide's Metahuman Powers all share a theme, in that she has snake physiology, and thus have snake-based powers. However, this has also switched her from being warm-blooded, to being coldblooded. While this does give her a number of advantages, this also gives her some fairly significant disadvantages as well. The upsides are that the she does not have to eat anywhere near as much as a mammal to stay full, and can go weeks between meals while still maintaining a good sense of fullness. This also gives her the boon of benefiting from hot temperatures, where instead of overheating like a mammal would, she actually becomes much healthier and stronger the hotter it is. The hotter her surroundings are, the better she feels, the stronger she is, and the more stamina she has.

Camouflage: Adelaide has the ability to camouflage herself like some snakes, making herself appear invisible to the naked eye. Since she's also cold-blooded in nature, she can't be tracked by Infrared scanners and such. However, this is purely a means of escape, she cannot use it and attack at the same time. She can switch out of her camouflage in a second, though.

Enhanced Climbing/Clinging: Adelaide can stick to any surface and climb up places unhindered, even vertical surfaces and climb to places that would put her opposite the floor.

Enhanced Agility: Adelaide is very agile and quick on her feet, always able to maintain perfect balance, with reflexes so instant she can react instinctively, not even having to think on how to react.

Elasticity: Adelaide is capable of stretching her body across vast distances, and because of this elasticity, she is capable of bending and flexing in boneless ways, and can extend out pieces of her body like her tongue, which she can also use as an additional limb, jaws and throat as well. This even grants her the interesting ability to twist her limbs at any odd angle, and turn her head around in a perfect 180 degree spin to look behind her. This also makes it harder to properly restrain/subdue/tie her up.

Enhanced Smell: Adelaide has a sense of smell rivaling that of a canine, making her an excellent tracker, though it does have the same limitations as that of a dog.

Enhanced Strength: Adelaide is much stronger than the average person, her full strength allowing her to lift 500 pounds with a single hand.

Poison Generation: Adelaide has access to her own poison that her body naturally produces, and even has fangs complete with poison glands. She can either milk her poison to coat her weapons in, breathe out a cloud of venom, spit liquid venom like a cobra, or bite her enemies and poison them that way. Her poison is a hemotoxin, it prevents blood from clotting and makes the afflicted bleed out from every hole until they're completely drained. However, any normal hemotoxin antidote will work with curing it. She is immune to the effects of her own venom, but she is still susceptible to other toxins that enter her body.

Seismic Sense: Adelaide can feel vibrations in the ground to know what is going on, and combined with her burrowing ability, she's able to know what goes on around her vicinity.

Night Vision: Her eyes automatically adjust themselves to grant her perfect vision in any area, even in complete darkness.

Esophagus Storage: Adelaide can store a single item in her stomach and use it like a pocket, but nothing bigger than a sword.

Body Shedding: Adelaide can shed her old body like a snake, which heals her wounds like regenerating a new limb after one was cut off, as well as purging oneself of a poison, though this doesn't cure her of a disease nor does it restore her youth. She can use this about three times in a single day, and after that she's done and needs to recharge. Alternatively, she can use this to escape from bindings.

Partial Shape-Shifting: Adelaide can change parts of her body around in ways similar to that of a snake, like turning her hands into snake heads, turning her hair into a nest of snakes, or morphing her lower body into that of a snake's to resemble a Gorgon. She is also capable of smaller-end shape-shifting, like changing her eyes, hair, teeth and tongue, and skin in different ways to allow easier moving around and blending in with her surroundings.

Burrowing: Adelaide can meld through, and when combined with her Seismic Sense, this allows her to always be aware of what goes on around her. She can also extend her arms out of the ground, or shoot herself out of the ground like a missile.

Resistance to Knockout Blows: Adelaide has developed a way to force herself into staying conscious even after taking blows or winding up in ways that she would have been koed otherwise. However, this is just a resistance and not an immunity, so continued pressure can still do her in. This is meant to help her get off an emergency Body Shed in the event she's temporarily disabled, or placed in bindings of some kind.

Honed Danger Sense: To compliment her slippery nature, Adelaide has developed a built-in danger sense that alerted her to anything coming her way that is either coming towards her outside her field of vision, or attacks that she cannot see with the naked eye, making her that much more elusive.

strengths: Extremely Rich: Due to her ownership of various profitable businesses, both legal and illegal, Adelaide is extremely rich, much more well off than most of the world's population.

Business & Political Savvy: Due to her years of tutelage under her parents before she attended college, she learned how to conduct oneself in public, how to grease palms, how to adapt to trends with the public, how to best fill niches and desires of customers, as well as how to properly manipulate politicians into complying with what she wants to do.

International Criminal Syndicate: Although her criminal organization has no actual name, she has an international criminal empire that runs various things like human and drug trafficking, smuggling, multiple black markets, and other such fabulous things.

Medical Knowledge & Human Anatomy: Due to her years of study, combined with her many more years of traveling around and kidnapping people to carve them open, she has extensive knowledge on the human body, how it reacts to various stimuli, and other such things. Of course, this also makes her much deadlier because she knows all the weak points on the human body. So with a single good contact hit, she can land a fatal blow or inflict soul-searing pain on an opponent.

Scientific Knowledge on Human Biology: To go along with her knowledge of medicine and human anatomy, she is a bit of a scientist, although not a certified one, someone who can make various kinds of medicines, drugs, and other such things.

Stealth & Assassin Training: Due to her years training in an assassin organization, she is very fleet-footed, and is excellent when it comes to the art of the silent kill.

Excellent Acting Abilities: To go with her poisonous words and silver tongue, she is very excellent at faking emotions, putting on facades, and playing up to people she talks to. She never gives away what she actually thinks, and uses these skills to manipulate others.

Mastery of Multiple Martial Arts: Having extensive knowledge on how to fight, she makes use of various fighting styles that involve on tricky, slithery movements, counters, being fast and evasive, as well as uses a lot of hit-and-run tactics. She knows she's not very durable, and will always try to keep her opponent off balance or out of range.

Knowledge of Swordsmanship & Throwing Weapons: Having learned how to wield a sword with various styles, as well as know how to wield throwing weapons, her skill repertoire is increased very well, making her all the deadlier.

Contortion, Parkour & Gymnastics: To go along with her incredible agility and inhuman ability to bend and flex, she is capable of many breathtaking feats of contortion and gymnastics, and when combined with her climbing skills, she even has intricate knowledge of Parkour.

Seduction: Adelaide can be quite a flirtatious woman when she has to, and is not opposed to seducing someone to get what she wants. Male or Female, she is alright with using her body if it means getting her the results she wants.

weaknesses: Cold Temperatures: Due to being cold-blooded, very much like a reptile, she is adversely affected by the cold. Whether being sprayed with cold water or being in a cold place, she can be weakened drastically by cold temperatures. She can be weakened, knocked unconscious, and even have her powers disabled because of this.

Extreme Sensitivity to Overpowering Smells: Overpowering scents can disorient, as well as knock out, Adelaide.

Sensitivity to Attacks on her Sight: Things like flashbangs and mace going off in her face can almost instantly knock her out.

Human Frailty: Although agile, evasive, and strong when it comes to attacks, she is as frail as the average Human, and as such she tends to fight in ways that allows her to hurt her opponents, without truly risking her own health, via usage of hit-and-run tactics.

Limited Stamina: While she has a great many deal of abilities, she can only fight for so long, and if a fight goes on too long, she can tire out.

equipment: Carbonadium Longsword: Adelaide's pride and joy, last resort weapon happens to a longsword made of Carbonadium, so as to not only be able to slice through almost anyone, but also cancel out any pesky healing they might have at their disposal.

Throwing Needles: Adelaide carries an assortment of throwing needles on her person when under her Madame Boss persona that are all coated in various poisons.

Leather Bodysuit: Adelaide, when under her Madame Boss persona, wears a leather bodysuit that has an assortment of hidden pockets to which to hide various things on her person.

Adelaide Éléonore Colette Renée Armistead III was a girl born into France's oldest Aristocratic Family, the Armistead Family. They are descendants of the Merovingian Dynasty, an old world Kingdom that ruled France (back before it was called France) in the 5th Century. Being one of those old world-types of aristocrats, there were the ones who believed in keeping the bloodlines pure, being the elitist bigots they were. So, long after the noble lines stopped interbreeding and opened up their gene pool, the Armisteads were still practicing inbreeding with each other. Adelaide is no exception, considering her mother and father was also brother and sister, thus also making them her uncle and aunt.

Mutants being born into the family was a very common thing due to their weak genepools, and Adelaide was a prime example, her unique cold-blooded physiology allowing her to barely escape the repercussions of incest and still turning out fine in terms of genetics. However, that didn't mean she turned out fine socially, as her family were secretly involved with all kinds of nasty affairs, drug trafficking, human slavery and trafficking, mail-order brides, kidnappings, extortion, illegal gambling, and more to go along with the hotels, restaurants, cosmetic companies, pharmaceutical companies, plastic surgery offices, and other legitimate and legal businesses they owned, making them an exceptionally powerful family that even had connections to the various criminal operations going on there, and even links to French government and law enforcement. This has ensured that they became long-time members of the Hellfire Club.

Growing up under the strict tutelage of her parents, she was taught since she could learn to talk and walk that because she was an Armistead, she was above the law and had the full right to say and do whatever she wanted, and treat people however she wanted to treat them. Since her parents were complete bigots, they taught her to be a bigot right along with them, and had her exposed to all kinds of things like torture, slavery, and other human rights-abusing practices in order to get her to take over in their stead when it came time for her to take over.

Although she was a Mutant for many years, she didn't show any kind of powers, and her unique genetic makeup was assumed to just be a product of the generations of inbreeding going on in her family. She grew up alone and isolated in her family's manor, having only the various servants, who she abused and mistreated, and her parents around to keep her company, which lead to her social skills being horribly stunted and lacking in variety. She didn't even attend public or private school, instead being privately tutored by her parents like all Armisteads before here, since her family felt they were too good to associate with those she viewed as commoners. Their presence was meant to be an honor for others, and nobody was worthy of that honor, was what her parents would tell her.

Her home life for most of her childhood was uneventful, really just studies, studies, and more studies in between the lessons in business and investment that her parents had been instructing her with since she was small, but when she was late into her teenage years, Adelaide started having accidents involving the development of various powers with a snake theme, and she started to panic because it got harder and harder to hide these mishaps from her parents. It was only through research that she got the assumption that she was a Mutant.

Knowing that Mutants were regarded as complete freaks by her parents, she knew the moment they found out what she was, they would disown her. Not wanting to let this happen, she got into contact with an assassin organization through usage of the contacts her parents knew to train under them, and it was thanks to this training that she was able to keep her Mutants status secret from her parents until the time was right. When her 18th birth had passed, she had hired this group of assassins, to have her parents killed, under the condition that when she took over, she would continue the working relationship between the organization and her family. Her parents never saw the light of the next day, and their bodies had been disposed of. Since the Armisteads were a reclusive sort of folk who were only seen in social gatherings of the elite or through their various businesses and charities, no was particularly surprised when their daughter had come out of the woodwork and let them all know she was taking over since her parents had mysteriously vanished without even letting her know where they were.

Search parties were sent out, and there had even been extensive searches of their home manor, after Adelaide had hidden all evidence of any illicit dealings her family had going on, and to her expectations they had never been found. The disappearance of her parents became one of the most well-publicized cold cases in the history of France, meanwhile Adelaide stood in the light as the grieving young woman who was suddenly pressured into doing all the business, charity drives, and social gatherings her parents had been doing up until that point, but thanks to all the years of study her parents put her through, she managed to pull it off successfully.

Then she ran into a problem, she technically wasn't able to do all this herself since she didn't have the credentials or degrees necessary to do so. So, with extreme hesitance on her part, she had found someone trustworthy from her father's list of contacts to take over in her stead, she had gone off to France's most premier school, with a little bit of financial persuasion. She had taken courses in banking, medicine, and business that she managed to juggle expertly by being a social recluse, but her social awkwardness and frigid, rude personality forced her into that role, with only one person showing the patience to handle her.

Jean-Paul Fabian was his name, a hopeful brain surgeon with a bright future ahead of him. They had formed a relationship throughout their years in college, though any feelings between them were only in regards to Jean-Paul having them for her. Adelaide, on the other hand, merely faked the whole romantic interest in him for the sake of luring him into her clutches to the point he'd trust her implicitly. After they graduated, Adelaide and Jean-Paul married right after they graduated and had two children, named Julian and Odelette Armistead respectively after she requested she keep her name instead of changing it. Jean-Paul was a bit miffed about his wife keeping her maiden name, and their children having her name, but he understood how important the name was to her, so he eventually let it go.

Shortly after marriage, Adelaide decided to pull the plug on the whole farce of a relationship by issuing Jean-Paul's disappearance via the same group of assassins she had used last time to get rid of her parents. When the job was done, he vanished into thin air, and a letter was sent out to those he knew that he had insisted on going traveling since Adelaide had decided to fund his trips. She had even made sure that 'Jean-Paul' sent letters updating everyone on his travels, and then orchestrated an event where his body would be found in Nepal, having been gunned down by a pair of muggers who stripped him of all his valuables, which were actually members of the assassin organization that had taken his possessions and given back to Adelaide. Considering Jean-Paul was married to an Armistead, his murder had received nation-wide coverage, and that also became a cold case since the perpetrators had never been found.

With that foolish, pathetically soft man disposed of, she could raise her children in peace without him or any of his worthless, rat-blooded peasant family interfering in their lives. Despite her status as a cold, frigid, uncaring, bigoted woman, she actually did feel a large case of motherly affection for them, and raised them to think for themselves while also giving them lessons in how to run businesses for when it was time for one or both of them to take over. She stayed in France during these years so she could personally witness her children grow into fine adults, and when it was time to send them off to college, she had made absolutely sure they would be able to go to the absolute best school in the country, and it was only when they were gone she had started her travels.

Having grown fascinated with the human body over the years, she had traveled from country to country, setting up bases rigged with explosives to start facilitating kidnappings of people of various ages, genders, physical and mental health, etc, and then brutally cutting them open to personally learn every last bit of information on the human body, all of which had started becoming more and more obvious the longer she stayed. Regardless of whether she was close to being tracked down or not in the countries she set up shop, she would find a new place to set up in, but leave the previous ones on standby in case she needed them, creating a long list of disappearances in a number of countries but always avoiding capture due to her constant moving around from place to place. Around this same time, she had expanded the illegal dealings her parents had going on in France to cover a more global scale, leading the creation of both a French-based Crime Syndicate called the Nid de Deuil, Nest of Mourning. However, not wanting her civilian identity to be linked with this criminal organization, she adopted the alias of Madame Boss. In between these trips to different countries, she would return to France to see her children and continue running her various businesses, charities, and hosting parties for society's elite, which she continues to do to this day.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: No
knowledge level of multiverse: No Knowledge
fandom specific information: Not really
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Marvel
which universe: X-Men MCU
timeline: Takes place after the events of Days of Future past
where is the Hub portal located: On the grounds outside her family manor.
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: No
other: N/A

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Armistead Family Manor, Thick Forest, Gate/Wall surrounding the Manor.
RP Sample
Adelaide was calmly strolling through the streets of Paris, clad in a Victorian-style dress and holding an elegant umbrella-like parasol in her hands. She seemed to be able to meld through the crowd with ease, gliding across the sidewalk with such elegance that even a dancer would be in awe. As she continued on her way, she grunted to herself when she felt something slam into her.

Hissing in anger, she glared down at the offender, and wrinkled her nose up in distaste when she saw a dirty looking orphan, and to her horror, her silk dress had been ruined by the dirt the orphan had on him. Hissing again in anger, she glared down at the filthy little rodent of a street kid that ran into her, and spotted the wallet that used to be in her purse that he took. Ripping it out of his hands and looking through it to make sure everything was in place, she stored her wallet back in her purse, and hissed at the boy.

"Filthy rat-blooded little street punk. You ruin my dress, and you try to rob me as well?! Get out of my sight this instant before I make you disappear!" she hissed out at the kid, who paled and ran away crying. Fuming to herself in anger, she angrily ranted under her breath in French as she turned to head back home so she could change out of her dress and hopefully get it cleaned.

Personality: Adelaide is extremely egotistical, arrogant, and awfully smug in mindset. All her life growing up in isolation with her parents, she was told that because of who she was and what family she came from, she was told to believe that she was always better than everyone else, that she could say, do, think, and act in whatever manner she wanted, and that she should feel no regret for it. As a result of this, she has the personal opinion that she is better than everyone else, and is awfully quick to let people know what she thinks in regards to this particular subject if they get on her nerves.

She is a very vain person, often drowning herself in decadence and extravagance. Everything from limos and penthouse suits, to clothes of the finest silk, top of the line shoes and jewelry, she always desires to turn heads and stand out in comparison to any other high society person around her. She loves being the center of attention, and advertising as much as possible that is far above everyone else. However, when in casual conversation, she keeps her views to herself and maintains a level of politeness, her high-stock breeding demanding she use proper manners when speaking to someone.

A cold, ruthless, merciless, vicious woman by nature, she is very sociopathic in terms of her lack of empathy and sympathy towards others. She mostly just cares about herself, her own reputation, her own pride, and is utterly selfish. She is all about her own survival and her own benefit, and will go to as many lengths as possible without 'devaluing herself' in order to get ahead. She views everyone else mostly as disposable pawns, and not even as people, but rather as lesser beings, worms of the earth meant to be trampled on as she likes to phrase it.

On top of that, she is a huge bigot, looking down on everyone and everything that is different from her. She is of the belief that France and anything made by the French is superior to all other cultures, and if you are not white and French, you are inferior. On top of that, she tends to view all non-Humans as sub-human freaks, thus making her a hypocrite because she is also non-Human, but she excuses that as being an Armistead, and thus the sole exception to the rule of all non-Humans, non-Whites, and Non-French as being subhuman trash.

She is a very paranoid person, not one to trust anyone but her own children. In her eyes, everyone around her is just out to get her, to use her and then discard her for their own purposes, so she's of the mentality that she has to do it to them first. She keeps most people at arms length and is the first to slip the knife in their backs when their usefulness to her comes to an end. She is also very cautious and quiet about her movements on and off the radar. Madame Boss will never appear in the same city Adelaide has announced her presence in, and the same is true vice versa.

She views those of middle class and poor class as being worthless bugs to spit upon and mock for being less fortunate than herself. Delighting in the suffering of others, she finds amusement in the pain that others go through, and has a tendency to reward failure under her services as something to be punished for, which usually involves death and/or torture. A shrewd, cunning manipulator, she makes excellent use of half-truths and propaganda to twist someone to her cause and get them to do her bidding. She also has a penchant for backstabbing her allies, since she only cares about her own benefit at the end of the day.

She has a huge obsession with the human body, and one of her many quirks is kidnapping people to carve them open and learning how their bodies work, all for the sole desire of learning every last intricate detail of the human body. This, combined with her assorted skills and powers, makes her an absurdly deadly opponent to face. However, she also has a huge tendency to underestimate opponents and play with them, only taking them seriously if she knows for a fact she can't beat them. Quick to mock and put down people who stand in her way, she often tries to provoke anger and irritation in her foes to make them sloppy.

Extremely vain and egotistical, she takes any compliment towards her person with smug satisfaction, viewing it more as a fact than some opinion. While she generally shrugs off any insults or quips aimed at her, depending on her mood, she can be adversely affected by them, and fly into a rage herself. She also has a bit of impatience, and if her opponent manages to learn what her weaknesses are, or doesn't tire out fast enough for her tastes, she will also get very angry and start trying to kill them. If she feels her life is in danger or she seems like she's on the cusp of being captured, however, she has no qualms with swallowing her pride and running away.

While normally very foolish in a fight, with her rampant arrogance and egotism, there is an occasion where she takes someone seriously. If they discover any or all of her weaknesses, or she's facing an opponent she knows she can't best, she won't fool around and either quickly run away, or pull out all the stops and do her best to try and kill the would-be opponent.

Due to her self-professed blueblood status, she has an obsession with wanting to be Queen of France, and all of her activities and such are all out of the desire of overthrowing the French government and returning her glorious country to a Monarchy that she would rule with an iron fist. Her constant underground maneuvering and such has all been out of her desire to assume control of France and rule it with absolute power.

That being said, she isn't all bad. She has two children she loves dearly, one boy and one girl, and both are shielded from her darker nature because she doesn't want them to think less of her. She is extremely protective of them, and will genuinely risk her life in order to keep them safe. They are the rare exception to her rather sociopathic, selfish view on life, and will go to any lengths to ensure they are kept safe and happy.


Now as for the kind of plots I'm into, really I'm a flexible kind of person. I'm perfectly happy to do almost any kind of topic out there, and there's not really a whole lot I can think of that I would turn down if offered. However, you can always feel free to ask me first, just in case. Wink

There isn't really a single person that Adelaide can't get along with, although it is all pure acting on her part. It depends on which side of her you're meeting, the glitz and glamour aristocrat public persona, or the ruthless and vile Madame Boss persona. Adelaide is a woman with few friends, but can have many enemies, but that doesn't mean one can't potentially win her trust and/or love. If you're prepared and/or willing to do that, though, just be prepared for a very long series of interactions to get progress.

nicknames: Tony is a good one :3
age: 25
pronouns: Him, his, he, etc
timezone: Central Standard Time
contact: Skype & Discord are good ways to reach me.
triggers: None that I can really name
mature threading: here
other characters: None Right Now
about: Well, I'm a fairly relaxed person when it comes to RPing. I love to have fun and tell stories with my RPs over writing huge novels that I don't particularly enjoy. While I can pump out huge posts that could be 1k or more, that's usually only if I'm given a lot of material and I'm really enjoying the topic. Other than that, that's really all you need to know. OH WAIT, THERE'S ONE MORE THING! I like Waffles!
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Sexual Orientation: Undisclosed

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And of course, have fun!!

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